BABYCUP- First cups for little teeth

Hey mamas! I am so excited to share this blog post with you because it’s all about an amazing new product that we recently tried with James. And we love it! 

When I first saw what was in the little package we had received for James, I laughed. As if, I thought to myself, there was the slightest chance my rascal of a 14-month old would hold a cup with water AND drink from it nonetheless. Well, let me tell you, I love it when I’m totally and completely wrong about something!

The funny thing is that since we started trying out the BABYCUP First Cups I’ve read up on children as young as seven months old using them! I’m not surprised, to be honest, as kids mimic everything we do and with these excellently designed little cups it’s easy for them to do so.

We received a pack of four, brightly-coloured 5 cm little cups, which by the way are brilliant stacking cups aka the best game ever. Watching James wrap his little hand around one and bring it to his mouth to sip rather than suck was an unbelievable cute moment.

One of the issues BABYCUP is passionate about is oral health. They are completely in tune with the message from leading healthcare professionals which is that babies and toddlers use an open baby cup. While this may not be as practical as we would like to think, we still have to consider the damage being done to facial and dental development through the frequent use of spouts and no-spill valves. That’s why I’m happy that at least we’ve got into the habit of using the BABYCUP First Cups at home and encouraging more sipping while we’re out and about whenever and wherever possible because they’re so easy to pack.

Check out the blog to see the little video I made of James using the BABYCUP. 

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