Jazzing it up

We’ve just returned from a family treat, a fantastic Jazz Brunch where we were once again reminded just how great live music really is. 

In today’s fast food, fast music, fast-everything-kind-of-world where everything is, how should I say…rushed and pre-packaged, it is so nice to be sitting down to sumptuous buffet and the sound of real, spontaneous, live music.

Over the past years the Londa has become the go-to place for the wonderful combination of Jazz and Food, and this month’s serving did not disappoint.

A piano, a trumpet, a contrabase and a seriously busy set of drums was all it took to transform the Caprice Restaurant into a concert venue. These musicians are so talented, and what I love about an afternoon like today is that our children get to see what music is all about, where it comes from, how it’s made and, more importantly, what it sounds like when played live.

It is rare to find concerts where kids are welcome and where they actually can walk around during the show and see the instruments up  close, and the Jazz Brunch offerings are a perfect setting for this.


The downside?
Our son now wants to be a drummer. Yep. A drummer. Hmmm.

Memo to self: Buy earplugs.

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