Our Job Board is our humble contribution to making Cyprus a better place for women looking to return to the workforce after having a baby.

Ideally, we would also like to challenge the local attitudes and current practices with regards to women coming back into the workforce after maternity leave. All too often, previously held full time jobs become unmanageable due to the change of lifestyle a baby’s birth brings to parents, a mother in particular.

What Cyprus needs is a thriving part-time job market, flexi-time agreements in the full time sector, shared childcare in the workplace and a departure from outdated patterns.

Why not open up one available job vacancy to two candidates? By splitting it one full time job into two part time jobs, employers will not only contribute to lowering unemployment figures, but also improve their company’s performance by utilizing the abundant wealth of knowledge and expertise which is otherwise sitting idle at home…literally. It’s a win win solution all the way and our economy benefits.

In the meantime we welcome postings for professional vacancies which are

  • part time
  • job shares
  • freelance
  • fixed contract based
  • one off mini jobs
  • full time

Postings are free. The Mums in Cyprus Job Board is simply a communication tool between those who need a job done and those who are looking for a job.

Post your vacancy today or have a look at our job listing.