MAM Baby

Sustainability with conviction

There is nothing in the world more sustainable than caring for babies and children. Since their foundation in 1976, MAM Baby have remained committed to this belief by combining the highest standards of design, health and function in their baby products. They even take sustainability a step further and this is reflected in their corporate structure and philosophy.

In the 1970s, parents buying baby products faced a question: appealing design or medically proven functionality? Attractive or good? Both in one did not exist in baby products at the time.

Then came MAM

Together with scientists, doctors and designers from the Vienna University of Applied Arts, trained plastics engineer and passionate family man Peter Röhrig developed a soother that set the standard for appearance and function.


“What is more sustainable than to work for the next generation, our babies? We are committed to the well-being, safety and health of babies around the world.”

Peter Röhrig – MAM Founder


MAM want to use their ability to make the world better. More responsible. More far-sighted. Because the babies of today are the parents of tomorrow!

We couldn’t agree more 🙂




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