MiC Product of the Week: MAM Oral Care Rabbit

MAM Oral Care Rabbit – Healthy teeth from the Start!

Good oral hygiene and dental care from the start are important for the dental health of your child later on.

Tooth development begins during the 6th week of pregnancy. At the time of birth, the crowns of the primary teeth are already formed. The first teeth are usually visible between the sixth and eight months. Primary dentition is completed with 20 teeth and most of the children are proud owners of all their baby teeth at about 3 years of age.

Oral hygiene begins at birth. The teeth are already in place in the alveolar ridge before birth. Once they break through, they are at the mercy of all external stimuli. The better the inside of the baby’s mouth is cleaned, the more effectively the first teeth are protected from caries.

Caries are caused by bacteria – they turn sugar from food into acids, which damage the teeth. For this purpose, MAM developed the Oral Care Rabbit together with paediatric and dentist specialists so that your baby can get used to daily dental care.

Parents can playfully use a finger inside of the rabbit ears to massage gums and remove bacteria. The soft microfiber cloth is best, in order to gently cleanse the inside of your baby’s mouth and is available in the colours blue and rose at pharmacies throughout Cyprus. You can view the range on the MAM Baby website here.

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