Dancing for Charity!

Children of Limassol district will be dancing in a sponsored Dance-a-thon to raise funds for the Cyprus Autistic Association. Supported by local companies, the Dance-a-thon takes place on Sunday, 14th January 2018 from 10.00am until 17.00pm at the Trakasol Cultural Centre at Limassol Marina.

Children can join the Dance-a-thon by registering online by clicking on this link, or by sending an email to danceathon2018ciwot@gmail.com. For the event on Facebook click here.

The Dance-a-thon aims to encourage children to learn about charitable giving. Just like in a marathon, where participants run a distance for their chosen charity, in the Dance-a-thon children seek donations from family and friends to dance a length of time. There will be 7 hours of non-stop music, DJ’s and dance performances on-stage from the Dance-a-thon dance team and other dance schools. There is a cake stall, café and other attractions. Taking part will be children from Limassol schools, dance schools, scouts and girl guides. Children bringing sponsorship will enter for free. Those not sponsored can contribute with a minimum €5-euro donation.

The Dance-a- thon is being organised by Cyprus International Women of Today, (C.I.W.O.T.), a Limassol based English-speaking group of multi-national ladies who offer community service and help women develop new skills.

Companies sponsoring Dance-a-thon 2018 include Bernhard Schulte Ship Management, Intership Navigation, Kickers, Garmin Cyprus, Swims Cyprus, and the Londa Hotel. The Dance-a-thon is also being supported by the family network and website Mums in Cyprus.com, Free Flight Dance and Cyprinters.

The President of the Cyprus Autism Association, Artemis Vlachou is excited about this event, “We welcome this opportunity to make children more aware of autism and help them to become sympathetic to children suffering this condition.”

Christine Keeble Watson, CIWOT President, adds that “Children learn philanthropy mostly by imitating their parents – but they grow up to be more community minded when their parents and teachers actually discuss these matters with them and engage them in charitable activities. We are grateful to the mothers and fathers, schools and local companies who have shared in this aim”.

So, go on and join this unique first for Cyprus!

To submit Dance-a-thon donations online

For the Cyprus Dance-a-thon 2018 Registration form

To join the event on Facebook

To ask for further information, to register or receive a sponsorship form email: danceathon2018ciwot@gmail.com

Photo shows the Dance-a-thon 2018 Dance Team
(left to right)
Mary Armenakian, Jessie Fischer, Natalie Fischer, Daniella Gimbos, Katarina Sebastiao , Juliette Papadopoulos, Jayla Paschalis– all from Free Flight Dance, a supporting Dance School

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