A bad time to be a Giraffe called Marius

After slaughtering a perfectly healthy giraffe last week for inbreeding reasons, despite being offered half a million Euros by another Zoo ready to save Marius, Copenhagen Zoo management is having to defend their weird logic to the world.


With regards to the actual killing, the HOW seems more important to me than the WHY. I can sort of understand that for the ‘greater good of the world’s giraffe population’ it was not possible to have Marius’ offspring. According to the scientific director at the Copenhagen Zoo, their giraffes are all part of an international breeding program that aims to ensure a sound and healthy population of giraffes.

I get that. I am sure these zoos know what they are doing. Selling animals was against their policies and by sterilising Marius he would still ‘occupy’ the valuable ‘male giraffe space’ needed for breeding purposes. Injecting the female with contraceptives would have too many side effects. OK. Conservation of species is important – though to me the whole concept of keeping wild animals in captivity is questionable…

But I cannot understand, no matter how hard I try, that it was necessary to shoot Marius as he was munching on a snack. And that his carcass had to be cut into little pieces? In front of an audience of Zoo visitors? INCLUDING CHILDREN? Please. And you know what happened afterwards? His bits and pieces were fed to the zoo’s lions, tigers and leopards. The clip on the evening news will stay with me for a long time.

As if that was not enough, now the life of another giraffe – coincidentally also named Marius – is at stake. Jyllands Park Zoo in Denmark has two male giraffes and management is thinking of killing off their Marius in case they receive a female giraffe for breeding. Arrrgh.

I can only hope that they just made the announcement in order to get the world’s attention as well as an increase in their visitor numbers, even if it is a poor PR attempt.

Someone please tell me they will not really proceed with the slaughter of yet another perfectly healthy animal.

Something is seriously wrong here…

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