A Pirate Adventure!

On Saturday the boys and I boarded the good ship ‘Tiny Acorns’ for a Pirate Adventure!

My boys have never been particularly interested in pirates for some reason but this didn’t stop them both having a fantastic afternoon.

The centre had been transformed for the day, and the usual ‘Big Kid’s’ group was replaced by the first of many ‘Children’s Adventure sessions’    With themed decorations, crafts, games, snacks and even a visit from a ‘real’ pirate it really was an afternoon well spent.

First up the ‘sprogs’ were given personalised eye patches, and made Pirate flags and hats.

Then each child was given a bag, and a scroll with a list of treasure to find – gold coins, nuggets and rubies were hidden around the place, and what was great from a Mum’s point of view was the fact that there was more than enough to go around so not a single argument occurred in the hunt!

‘Anne Bonny’ from the Black Pearl was the special guest, and with her pirate training all the children became real pirates after taking the special pirate oath (which involved raising one hand and putting a finger up their nose much to the childrens delight!)

There was so much going on, they made their own pirates, took part in an obstacle course in which of course they had to walk the plank and hoist a flag among others and learnt a Pirate dance.

Pirate tattoos were painted on those who wanted them (of course not my boys as they hate face painting or anything like it!)  and pirate snacks were given to all the crew.

There was also ‘Pin the Patch on the Pirate’, plus activity workbooks for everyone and each child got to dig in the sand to find their own piece of buried treasure to take home.

Of course us Mum’s all got a cuppa too!

From a Mum’s point of view I couldn’t find fault with the event at all – and that is rare for me! (Sam, who organised the event is a friend of mine so I’ve been really racking my brains to think of how I would have improved it so to give her some feedback but I actually can’t think of anything)

I can usually see room for improvement in most events (in my opinion of course!)  but I am struggling with this one!  For me, its not just the huge amount of activities that were going on it’s the little touches that make a difference….

The box at the door which said ‘Please leave ye weapons here, this is a peaceful voyage’,  which of course meant no sword fighting and chaos like you would usually end up with when you put a bunch of kids dressed as pirates together. And the assurance that all the kids would get an equal share of the treasure so they knew not to worry are just the type of thing that makes me love Tiny Acorns.

Long term readers of my blog will know that I have been known to bemoan the lack of activities in this area and become frustrated at the facilities available but Tiny Acorns I think is well on the way to changing things. 

Bring on the next adventure! 

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