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Calling all families with children who have a disability! Would you like to share your child’s story in a new positive book and help raise awareness?

We have received a message from Jonathan Roberts, author of the children’s book ‘Through the Eyes of Me’. The book is a sensitive description on his experiences of raising his own daughter, who has severe autism.

Jonathan has been asked to write a children’s illustrated book to help raise awareness about children with disabilities who live in the Commonwealth countries. The aim is also to highlight how similar and different their lives are compared to children in other countries.

Here is his message in full:

The age range of the reader would be between the age of 6-11 years old. I don’t want to make up stories about the children, I would prefer to spend time contacting teachers and carers who work with children with disabilities so I can write accurate stories about actual real people.

I won’t write anything that would identify the child, anonymity will be the utmost importance.

I’d like the book to be positive. To introduce a child who has a disability and to tell the reader what makes the child amazing, what the child loves to do and what they would love to do if they had the support.

I would also like to highlight that many of the commonwealth countries only receive 5% of the help and support compared to the UK so I’d like to include a second part that tells the reader what the child would like to receive as help such as more awareness of their hardship or financial support so they can have, for example, a 1 to 1 teacher at school to help them with their school work or to make sure they are safe, better wheelchair access etc.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a child who has a disability who might like to be in the book? I don’t have to give their real name and the book would be illustrated simply and positively.

What I would ideally like to write about is, to write a page about the child, about how they currently live their life and what they enjoy doing and what they are good at. I would like to mention what type of support they are desperate for to make their life better and about the lack of awareness.

I would like to finish off the story about what the child dreams to be, for example a football player or an explorer, a scientist or a conservationist etc. I want the book to be positive but also with a really important message about disability awareness.

Thank you so much for all your help, Jon

If you would like Jonathan to include your child’s story in his book, please get in touch with him directly via email by clicking here.

Many thanks!


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