Activism is not a dirty word

The jury is still out on whether activism divides a community or builds it.

In my opinion, activism is a very healthy way to exercise our right to free speech, draw attention to a cause that is dear to our heart and inspire others to question a status quo. By uniting our voices around a common cause, we build a strong togetherness that cannot be ignored.

As I wrote in my earlier post Stand Up, Speak Up, I was not always vocal, confident, engaged or even enraged enough to go out into the street and join a protest. For me to be stirred up, it took the heated debate about climate change, hours and hours of reading about the facts, and then truly realising that our children’s future is under threat.

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We are lucky enough to live in a democracy where we can express ourselves freely without the risk of being intimidated, threatened, abused or worse. We can say what we want, in the media of our choice and as frequently as we wish. We can praise, criticize, approve, oppose, inspire and protest, as long as we keep it legal of course.

Public opinion matters, politicians want to be popular, and everyone is on stage on social media. Let’s take advantage of this, get off our screens, take to the streets, listen to the scientists and speak the truth.

Governments and politicians are failing the climate goals they committed to in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. I believe there is nothing wrong with pointing the finger and reminding the current administration of their shortcomings. After all, our taxes pay their salaries.

The topic of climate change, crisis, emergency and climate fail requires more urgent attention. By increasing awareness, drawing attention to our movement and getting exposure in print and digital news media outlets, we increase the pressure. We blame and shame key decision makers into faster implementation.

Sadly, we can only prevent irreversible the damage done to our planet within the next 11 years, and the countdown has begun. We need action now, because politics is a slow-moving beast.

I have no hidden agenda, no desire to start a revolution or stir up trouble in any way. I simply hope to inspire other mothers just like me. We love our children. We want to be safe in the knowledge that they will have a healthy planet to live on.

By not becoming active, we are saying ‘I’m ok with what’s going on’. By not shaping the direction of our planet’s future, we are failing our children. By not contributing to the debate, we are endorsing the system. By staying silent, we are giving up our voice.

I often hear ‘what difference am I going to make?’. I always reply ‘a huge one!’. Greta sat by herself for months before the world was moved.

Get informed. Join Mothers Rise Up. Bring fathers, grandmothers, uncles and brothers. Aunties, sisters and grandpas, too.

Activism is not a dirty word and we should not feel awkward for advocating for change. Marching for our convictions does not need to be loud and shouty. Showing up is already enough.

We messed up. We need to fix it. It’s as simple as that.

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