Attention Deficit Disorders/Hyperactive Disorders’ organization

The “ADD-ADHD Cyprus” is a voluntary organization, supporting people with Attention Deficit Disorder with/without Hyperactivity (ADD/ ADHD) and their families. Members include parents, teachers, doctors, and specialists. The organization’s mission is “To improve the lives of all those affected by AD/HD by offering support, information, education and advocacy” with the vision of “An Empowered and Integra ted AD/HD Community”.

Goals are to advocate on behalf of adults and children with ADD/ADHD, to ensure that they are aware of their rights, and to support them and their families by providing information and skills to help them succeed in the home, in school and at work.

The association offers:

  • Lectures Seminars Support
  • Groups Guidance/Coaching
  • Advocacy
  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Hotline
  • Psychoeducational Assessments
  • Special Education Lessons
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Therapy

P.O.Box 12187

2341 Cyprus

Tel 22446592

Mail and Website

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