Are you one of 19%?

Plop. When I heard that sound I instinctively knew that something was not right. I broke out in a cold sweat and a multitude of four letter words filled my mind. I turned around to see and yes, there it was: my mobile phone. In the toilet.

The good news: it happened in the comfort of our own home, and before I actually did what I did my business. So at least it was going to be a relatively clean recovery. My hand darted into the bowl and I pulled the phone out, cursing all the way through. How many times did I postpone backing up my numbers, keeping a copy of all my contacts somewhere else but never actually doing it? Don’t ask.

I dried the phone with toilet paper, took out the battery and SIM card and raced to the kitchen. I remembered that a friend of mine had dropped her phone in the bath one day and she had put it in a bag of rice in order to dry out the phone. So, Uncle Ben to the rescue!

Once that mission was completed (and yes, I did wash that hand before handling rice!) I turned to my trusted friend Google in search of reassurance and potential alternative remedies. That’s when I found out that I was not the only one to have left my phone in the back pocket of my jeans when preparing to visit the loo. 19% of all mobile phone owners do this at least once!!! Now that’s a lot of wet phones!

To cut a long story short (because I did have to wait 24 hours before retrieving my phone): the rice did its job and absorbed any remaining moisture and humidity. I was extremely lucky and recovered all my data, neither the phone’s memory nor the SIM got damaged.

Bonus: when I take or make a call, I get no complaints about gurgling sounds. Hooray!

Now if you could excuse me, I need to copy my phone contacts.


End note: a friend of mine dropped his phone in the toilet yesterday, which reminded me of 2013, when I became part of the 19% statistics myself. I wrote the above blogpost at the time, so forgive the #repost alert, but it was so memorable!!

Have you got a phone-in-toilet-story to share? We’d love to hear it!

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