Come on baby, light my fire

To name but a few great things about our little island, Cyprus has wonderful traditions, a great safety record, an unconditional love for family and kids, and of course glorious sunshine, beautiful beaches, the sea and yummy halloumi in abundance.

But it also has an unusual custom: the Easter lambradja with its nightly youth gatherings, fireworks, overnight parties and random bonfires is guaranteed to rob you of your human right to a good night’s rest. Some years back, I wrote the “guide to sleepless nights” based on the happenings in our neighbourhood around Easter time.

This year, however, I am delighted to report, things were very different. The culprits of previous years have grown up, and this new generation is way less rowdy. While we thought things were off to a bad start about 4 weeks ago when a group of boys began camping out, lighting camp fires and gathering wood on the empty plot opposite our house, we were thrilled to see that it was just to be a couple of evening’s activity, not repeated until yesterday. Yes, yesterday – Easter Saturday! Bliss.

And so, to compensate for the late start in their effort to build the highest, most impressive lambradja in the area, the group of kids spent the entire day frantically collected wood, branches of trees, the odd piece of discarded furniture, firecrackers and other flammable items (yes, unfortunately some of the stuff also produces toxic fumes)…

Still, it turned out to be a civil affair. Contrary to other years, no one in the group was too trigger happy to be able to wait with igniting the constuction hours before midnight mass, and the mountain was only set alight minutes before the clock struck 12am. The fire brigade didn’t even have to come – unheard of in previous lambradjas. Fingers crossed this is the new normal now!

And so this morning at breakfast, while cracking our dyed eggs, we discussed the meaning of Easter again and spoke about the bunny…do you know what the Easter bunny, coloured eggs and Jesus have in common? Click to find out 🙂

Chronia polla!

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