Don’t sneeze and drive

Especially not in a curve. And especially not if you are one of these people whose sneezing has its origins somewhere deep down inside, sounds like an elephant’s tooting on its way out, and is accompanied by a strong, involountary downward tilt of the head.

Believe me, I am one of these people. You know that moment when you are compelled to close your eyes? Well, it is definitely not welcome when you are behind the wheel.

As is customary for these situations, everything usually happens in the blink of an eye. Or in a sneeze in this case: curve + ‘atcheeeeeew’ + head tilt + eyes closed + recover = front left wheel pavement hug and kiss + tire rim dent.

Not pretty. Not cheap. Not recommended.

Suggestions on potential future avoidance strategies welcome!

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Category:Diary of a Cyprus Mum

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