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Date(s) 09/06/2018 - 10/06/2018
Time 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Finikoudes, Larnaca


ART FIRST II Mission Statement:
Art First is a new concept of Art Presentation event that aims for:
-Presentation of the Artists’ & Designers’ work to the general public, press & buyers
-Create a strong Network and exchange Information on the Art Industry
-To be one of the highest profile Art Platforms in Cyprus

Each artist and designer can participate with:
-Exhibition Presentation in Booth Space
-Exhibition Presentation on Wall Space
-Exhibition Presentation on Table Space
-Exhibition Presentation on Floor Space
-Performance e.g. Dance, Music & Fashion Shows

ORGANISER: Blurred Magazine
DATE: Saturday – Sunday 9-10 June 2018
TIME: 16:00 – 23:00
PLACE: Europe Square, Foinikoudes, Larnaca
KIND: Art Presentation, Exhibition & Performances
PHYSICAL ART FORMS: Painting l Visual Arts l Fine Art l Sculpture l Installation l Ceramics l Mosaics I Illustration l Photography l Arts & Crafts l Fused Glass l Jewellery Design
PERFORMANCES: Fashion Design l Music l Dance
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Artists l Designers I Art Schools l Dancers l Designers Musicians
INVITED: Media, Sponsors, VIP, Buyers & General Public
ENTRANCE FEE: FREE for all l 1000 additional Invitations will be sent to artists, buyers & VIP
PURCHASES OF ART WORK: 100% of the revenue of each art work goes to the artist – no commissions. Artists can exhibit & sell their work.
BUYERS: Totally 40 big companies have signed up as supporters to purchase art works of the artists participating

Complete and send the application form. The application form is available upon request from Blurred Magazine’s page in Microsoft Word format.
Once the applicant has completed the application form will be reviewed and the candidate will be notified by email whether the application has been accepted.
Applicants may be asked to submit additional supporting information, which will be considered alongside the application to reach a final decision.

The Organizer’s Statement:
Blurred Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create the most related and reliable news product in the industries of Fashion, Art & Design. We provide network, directory and publicity exposure to the community of Fashion, Art & Design in order to add value to their work.
Means to achieve our Mission:
Blurred events: a variety of events to promote and exhibit Fashion, Art & Design.
Blurred magazine: a printed publication that aims to present Fashion, Art, Design & Lifestyle. a web site that operates as a news provider, directory & network in of Fashion, Art, Design & Lifestyle

Contact & Apply: 24 253945
Inbox: Blurred Magazine here
Email: l

PHOTOS: Provided for all the artworks and participants
VIDEO: Provided for the Event as a whole
INTERVIEW & PRESENTATION: Provided on request on

1. NO COMMISSION: Right to sell their artwork and designs to the general public without any commissions. 100% of the revenue of each art work goes to the artist.
2. At Finikoudes-Larnaca; one of the main spots in Cyprus near the town’s hotels and next to the most popular road of the town! Estimated 20.000 PEOPLE pass from there every weekend.
3. A committee will AWARD the most creative artist of the event; a special interview and presentation will be made in the next issue of Blurred Magazine
4. Opportunity to promote their artworks and designs to the general public
5. Networking with other artists & designers of any art form for future collaborations
6. Exposure to the media and press
7. Identification with one of the biggest Fashion, Art & Design events in Cyprus
8. Distinguished guests from the artistic, political, entertainment and business sector will be present. GALLERIES’ representatives will also be present for future collaborations
9. Support the Cypriot & International artists and designers community and promote the arts industry over the island & abroad.
10. Potential for artists or fashion brands to increase the awareness of their work.
11. Agreements with more than 40 big companies that have signed up as supporters to purchase art works of the participants

1. Approach potential new students and inform them about their services.
2. Networking with artists, designers of any art form for future collaborations.
3. Students can be informed about the ongoing art industry of Cyprus.
4. Students can showcase their work to the general public.
5. Generate publicity and social media buzz. Huge media coverage.

As mentioned above a committee will AWARD the most creative artist of the event; a special interview and presentation will be made in the next issue of Blurred Magazine.
The committee consists of 3 sections each section has 33% of the evaluation of a total 100% marking:
1. 3 Distinguished members of the artistic community in Cyprus with international career
2. 5 Galleries’ representatives
3. 40 Buyers of art work that are a part of the big companies that have signed up as supporters of ART FIRST II.

You can find the event online here.

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