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    1. aisha74 2023 years ago

      Hi Letty hope that you are well how are yhou finding cyprus moving out in a month…scary!! Hope that you are well, Regards Aisha

    2. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Did I really write that last night?! I stand corrected, the weather is CRAP!! At least here in Limassol, it’s raining cats and dogs! The formula IS right, boohoo……..

    3. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Very excited to be here!

    4. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Hi Ellie,Thanks for accepting me!
      Hope to chat soon! x

    5. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Come on guys, join this group. Polis may be small but we have great mums, so join the group PLEASEEEEEE!!!

    6. aisha74 2023 years ago


    7. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      LOL very cute story, hope all the poo is resolved. I found Ethan on the kitchen floor the other day, sitting with his nappy beside him , eating a lump of brown stodge! Of course … was poo! I turned my back for 2 seconds to wash the dishes and he manged to do all that!!! Keep up the great work Mama xxx

    8. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      What a great report, thanks for posting, I will be needing this in the near future, Ethan is obsessed with the toilet. I cant remember the last time I went to the loo on my own!!!!!!!

    9. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday tuuu yuuuu!Many happy returns and all the best.

    10. leelu1802 2023 years ago

      so adorable 🙂

    11. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      What a gorgeous baby, how old? xx

    12. leelu1802 2023 years ago

      Thank you 😀 she is nearly 1 month 🙂 xxxx

    13. Joeanne 2023 years ago

      Hi all, I was told by my pediatrician that children do not get the sensation of needing the toilet until the age of 2 years? I did try to potty train my twins earlier without success. As with everything, every child is different and you can only use any advise as a guideline. Once you get them potty trained as Hot Mama says the obsessions with toilets start!!!!

    14. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      That’s very true I think, Joeanne. Our son will be 3 in April and only recently mastered using the potty for his wee. The poo story is a different one, it will take a bit longer as bladder control is easier than bowel control at that age. I also tried him about 6 months ago with no success. There really is no age for it, whenever they’re ready, they’re ready. But the one thing everyone seems to say is that girls are ready earlier than boys. Having just been through it, the only advice I can give is arm yourself with a LOT of patience and if there’s an accident, don’t make a big deal out of it. Hope this helps!

    15. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Congratulations on the weaning, down to one feed – that’s excellent! Very happy for you. I agree, it can be really hard to keep them busy with this rainy weather and 17 months is a tricky age. Ours play a lot with Lego and have a train on tracks which is always a big hit, but I can also recommend building a cave out of a blanket draped over sofa cushions and pretend it’s their house. Have you tried the ‘slalom’? Place waterbottles apart from each other along a path and have him go around each one without hitting it over…good for their balance etc. Maybe he’ll enjoy it. Happy entertaining!

    16. KellyA 2023 years ago

      I know what you mean about the weather and I cant wait for summer now….although my nearly 3 year old still insists on playing outside even though its freezing :SMine love making tents too….also dress up….with mine its mostly army at the mo but it keeps them entertained for a few hours 😀
      They also love building models, painting, building stuff with lego, board games and being left to their own devices and making their own cakes or pizza… general they just love making a mess 😀
      On really wet days i’ll download them a film or their fave cartoons and they’ll sit quietly watching that
      Enjoy 😀 xx

    17. Michy 2023 years ago

      I have to admit, I hate the cold and can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive, especially as the kids are driving me nuts as they want to go out and play all the time….. another month or so to go………….I hope :o)

    18. KellyA 2023 years ago

      Just thought of something else, get a large cardboard box and let him play in it….it can be a car/space rocket/a den…..dont know what the fascination is about card board boxes but my kids have hours of endless fun with them…..dont know why i bother with buying toys for them really……hahahaha

    19. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Hi, I’d be up for a get together. I live in Derynia (Famagusta area) but now have a car 🙂 (Very happy about that!) I could only do a daytime meet as hubby doesn’t get back from work till gone 8pm. (He works in Limassol) Not sure which would be best, probably morning.


    20. aisha74 2023 years ago

      I am moving out to the village of Tala fly out 26th Feb just me and children and move in to villa 4th march I am keen to meet people for when Im out my kids are Amy 10 Jack 9 and Jayden 6 my husband will follow a few weeks later with my eldest boy…..I will be free in daytimes or evenings anyone interested please drop me a line…got to get the kids registered for school heard that may take me a while….any advise again would love to hear

    21. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Hi all,As I live in Polis and Ethan takes a nice long nap from around 10 til 12.30/1 ish, afternoons work best for me, especially as its in Limmasol. It takes about 90 mintes to drive there but it would be cool to meet up. Hey Aisha, sorry but I cant help you with schools as i am not at that stage yet and dont know anything!! Good luck with everything though xx

    22. cypriotnena 2023 years ago

      Hi All,Sounds Great but we are Living North Side than Nicosia is better choice for us….

      Best Regards

    23. Rachael 2023 years ago

      Hi i live in Chlorakas, so may not be able to make the first meeting as I don’t drive as yet! For future reference, I think mornings or afternoons will work best for me!


    24. gilly 2023 years ago

      Any of the above suits me! Won’t be bringing my 12yr old though! Hee Hee!

    25. Jo35 2023 years ago

      Hi all pm best for me have kids in school am, so would be bit of rush to get back. Ayisha my kids go to school in paphos so if you need any advise let me know, had no problems getting ours registered. Hope to see all soon !!

    26. cleo4 2023 years ago

      I would like to meet to.Any time is good I think, Mornings would be nice I would be able to chat without having to have eyes in the back of my head, but I am happy to go with the flow.

    27. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Congrats dear! I guess you will remeber as soon as you start hugging the porcelain throne two times a day 😉 In my case only a few days after I learnt that the cause of the severe pain in my abdomen was pregnancy I started throwing up all over. Hope you have an easy first trimester and everything goes well 🙂

    28. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi everyone (mums in nicosia) my children are grown up & i am a granma now, it feels great i look after my grandson, he now goes to nursery he has just changed his nursery and started today a new one. So far so good i pick baby up at luch time until mum finishes at 3.30. He is 2years 4months. Full of beans. Is there anyone else out there whos a granma? love to hear from you mums. Love to hear from anyone all over Cyprus. All the more the merrier Girls. Bye for Now xx Georgina

    29. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      Prefer morning or evening and no kids, so we can all really chat and get to know each other without getting interrupted! 🙂

    30. anastasia15 2023 years ago

      Sounds Great. What day of the week? Since I work in week till 18h00. Weekend afternoon or evening is fine for me..

    31. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi! Apart from being great mums, does anyone have any particular hobby. cooking any favourite dish. deserts to die for he!he! gardening secrets hmmmm!!!!!!!!!xxgeorgina

    32. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday toooo youuuuuuu….Many happy returns and all the best – have a fun day!!

    33. eviem 2023 years ago

      An afternoon 15.30/16.00 pm with child(ren)

    34. koo 2023 years ago

      hi i will not be able to make 1st meeting as in limassol, but great if you can have one paphos side :-).

    35. Laura14 2023 years ago

      when would it be? I am back in cyprus on the first week of march only…

    36. mamma christy advice 2023 years ago

      i am very glad i was accepted by you . i am a proud mum and need to share my happiness with other mums and dads why not! xxxx

    37. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hello EVERYONE….. i think its a great idea to meet up especially the mums who have just moved to Cyprus. Just think mums we should think how lucky we are that there are computers……..that can bring us or any other mum in cyprus to make friends. pip hurray!!!!!!i live in Nicosia but if i able i would love to meet you mums. IF, I am unable this time i would love to if any time you mums are around in Nicosia let me know and we can have a chat a coffee/tea. Please have a nice relaxing weekend. GEORGINA XX

    38. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      hell all, Its nice to know and to share each others way how to train their child for the potty training. I am now training my grandson to go to the potty. My children are now grown up so you can imagine starting all over again, but its fun. When training your child as all children are different. I think just after 2 years is a good age to start training at first getting them use to seeing their potty so they can get the hang of sitting of it. Apart from my grandson thinking its a football. I say to my grandson its time to go pee pee!! and at the same time i usually go so he can understand why he has to go pee pee.. But a child is never ready until the age to really understand about 2half years old. With my grandson is now begining to understand the word toilet hes getting their slowly but until they are in my understanding 3 years old they should understand the difference. You need lots of patience. Remember to reward them with something like a sticker to stick on their sweater they like that. But, as i said each child is different so have patience and without you knowing it they will say toilet mummy. But, as soon as they know they want to go toilet……. its wash hands all the time. JUST the other day i say to my grandson “what are you doing bending his little self over” “have you got a belly ache” he says no Nanny” he wanted to go poo poos!! that is a little more harder to train. But his little face knew he was going in his pamper. So mums Please have a little more patience for our little ones. Georgina

    39. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hello & welcome mamma christy!!!!! I’m glad you accepted me as a friend please feel free to share your joy and have a great time on this fab site. look foirward to hearing from you. Georgina

    40. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Just thought to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA”

    41. Linda20 2023 years ago

      Definately attending as my husband is in show!!

    42. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday toooo youuuuu! Best wishes, hope you have a nice evening.

    43. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Noelia, hanks for accepting me as your friend. Its a great site to join. Look forward to chatting with you soon. Georgina. xx

    44. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      HI girls,
      Well done! Cyprus Mum, your a great inspiration to the site. I love the topics you write. I hope the get together goes well. Its strange at first when you dont know anyone in cyprus and meeting for the first time in REAL LIFE ha!ha! thinking i wonder what their like so on. Enjoy yourself girls and a big welcome to you all. Dont eat too many cookies joke………regards Georgina.

    45. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Anne-Marie, Thanks for accepting me. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. What a smile! Georgina xx

    46. sparkle 3 2023 years ago


    47. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday tuuu yuuuu!

    48. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      You have a wonderful way if describing this awesome feeling, very nice. I remember I cried when I saw our sons on the screen for the first time, it was so emotional, overwhelming, and unbelievable to actually be able to catch a glimpse of your baby inside of you! It really is one of those magical moments in life, every time!

    49. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Well done! i didnt know that there was such history behind Mothering Sunday, i knew it was celebrated for a special reason but not about the late Anna Jarvis. Its nice to know the background for special causes and the history of each story. About com. is a great site to look up for any knowledge i used to use that site a lot for info. Its nice you give your time to research for this site which makes it more valuable to us users. I like to know that my children know this day is very important to celebrate especially us mums like to be spoilt and feel appreciated i know i do.

    50. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi & welcome to mums in cyprus. hope you enjoy this site for a chat or anything.. georgina

    51. cypriotnena 2023 years ago

      Hi Savvouri welcome to mums in cyprus 🙂

    52. cypriotnena 2023 years ago

      🙁 I am sooo sorry 4 U :(((((I don’t know what 2 Say :(((

    53. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Hi Chrisitna
      Yes you did take my profile picture and it was good work, as were all the photos from the party. I have been meaning to contact you to arrange a family shoot, i saw the photos you did for Donna and liked them very much. I will call you soon.

    54. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      I am so sorry to hear about your baby but be strong i always believe that there is always a reason this happens it has happen to me, i know how you feel. You & hubby need each others support and we do forget the hubby has their feelings too. Be strong hot mama. georgina xx

    55. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      this video clip of the babes are awesome it just makes you want to boogie yeah!!!!georgina

    56. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      and Greek of course, sorry!!!

    57. bizzybe 2023 years ago

      Are there any other Dutch (Belgium or the Netherlands) speaking mums here?

    58. cypriotnena 2023 years ago

      Are there any other Turkish speaking mums here?

    59. Noelia 2023 years ago

      Hi Tanica, I invite you for Mar 27 at 3pm at my brother’s shop in Nicosia for the first mum’s meeting. Call me for directions

    60. Noelia 2023 years ago

      I invite all of you for the mum’s meeting in Nicosia.It will take place at Utopia herbs & products shop on Mar 27 at 3.00 pm.
      Address: Areos 48 old nicosia, very close to wed fruit market. Call 99453260

    61. Maki 2023 years ago

      I’m Serbian speaking mum so would be great to know if there is any other Serbian speaking mum here.?

    62. mamma christy advice 2023 years ago

      thanks georgina , lovely to have met u! hope to see u on saturday down old nicosia!! i have grown up daughters though but still love babies!! xxx

    63. mamma christy advice 2023 years ago

      must all be there friends! xxx

    64. gilly 2023 years ago

      Did this last year when still living in UK. Great for raising awareness and have fun at the same time. Now where’s my tealights….x

    65. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Naomi and many happy returns – have a super day and get spoiled 🙂

    66. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Dear Carine,
      What a lovely story!
      I am a qualified hairstylist, with now 19 years of experience and although i am in the industry, I am the least fussy customer ever! I totally understand the scrunchy situation, i am living it and whenever someone asks what i do, apart from taking care of Ethan, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing cars! and laundry etc etc, i am cringe and say i am a hairstylist!
      The 1st thing someone automatically does, is look at your hair! People used to say, ooh nice, what would you do to my hair but now they look and must think, “well she must be crap, look at her own hair!!! I know I would do the same thing!
      Since leaving my proffessional world 4 years ago, to live in the states, I have not had one single good hair experience and I have taken to chopping bits myself, although I know this looks even worse!
      I am so happy you had a great experience, please post some photos! xxxxxx

    67. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Hi, Challenge is going ok, I’ve updated with a new blog post – been meaning to get round to it!I know what you mean about the weather, it’s a good motivator!
      Hope it’s going well 🙂

    68. debbie76 2023 years ago

      Firstly well done on the weight loss but tell me are you going to slimmers world or doing your own thing?? Im so desperate to lose weight but find it hard!! you mums are to blame all those loverly snacks I have to look at in the nursery!! and cakes you bring in for birthdays its sooooo hard to resist!! so please help if there is a group out there in the limassol area I’ll be first to sign up!!!!

    69. coffeebean 2023 years ago

      Any one know of any good activities for 4/5 year old boys? Too young for scouts, anything like arts or karate?

    70. Linda20 2023 years ago

      Hi I know this will sound a bit funny, but my son is slowly coming out of the teenage tantrum stage and HOPEFULLY is turning to a nice lad, when he did have his little tantrums I basically stuck to the same rules that applied to when he was a toddler, using time out, ignoring him and trying (not always successfully!) not to argue back with him, at least when they are older they do understand the concept of having pocket money stopped, computer taken away and ipod banned for short periods. Thankfully this stage lasts about the same as when they are toddlers and they and we do come out the other side. Rewards are just as usefully with teenagers as with toddlers it’s just the rewards that change! Trips to the Mall, ice skating, bowling even the odd Costa coffee helps! I am hoping the same strategy will help with my daughter who is heading in to the realm of pre-Teen (or tweenies)! I can only keep my fingers crossed but something tells me that she is going to be a completly different kettle of fish!!

    71. Linda20 2023 years ago

      Well done on the weight loss so far, I am sure you will reach your target. Keep it up! x

    72. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thank you for your comments, Debbie – unfortunatly I’m not going to Slimming World as they are not in Cyprus (I’ve heard there is a group on one of the bases – but too far for me to go) I went to a group in the UK for just over 3 years so I’m just doing what I did then. I would love SW to launch in Cyprus (they are now in Germany, Ireland and USA) I’d be first in training to be a consultant for them!

    73. Tina96 2023 years ago

      Hi there, I am one of the very busy working mums who miss out on all the organized “morning” events for young children! Don’t finish work until 4.30 pm and only have the weekends to really take kids out and have fun together! Any suggestions???

    74. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Pat is also a great with the kids! I took my 4 year old son and 22 month year old daughter to the salon in the Mall and they were great with keeping the kids entertained while Pat did her magic. We managed to come out of there with only a few tears from my daughter and so we took a detour to the kiosk and a bit of chocolate later she was all smiles again! My son now keeps checking his hair in the mirror and telling everyone that do you like my hair? Pat cut it!

    75. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Elli mou, happy birthday !! Wishing you all the best – have fun today!

    76. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Thanks Debbie,This is great advice, I am contemplating beginning potty training in the nest 3 months. We have a move to contend with 1st and then to get settled and back in to a routine and then I think I will do the morning potty time as you suggest. Our son is obsessed with the toilet and is obsessed with trying to wipe my bum!!! Sorry if too much info! Of course I dont let it get that far, but he is very determind and gives up, only to try and wipe his through his clothes!!!! Thanks for the info though, great help!!!

    77. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hello girls, i just cant stand the though of them let alone see them. My skin just starts to quiver!!!!!!!!!! you know the best thing is to get in a pest control it really helps last year we had quite a few cockroaches roaming around inside and of course there a few old houses we got the outide sprayed and down the sinks etc it really worked.. yeah no more cockroaches and no more ants. It does smell a bit but its for the best. I dont want to see another cockroach. Well before we built our house we lived in an older house which my mother-in-law gave us. Talk about cockroaches… upstairs was my daughter’s room so one afternoon i went upstairs there were not just one but three two of them had WINGS eeh! i could have died i was going to mop upstairs so i was swinging my mop in the air thinking i could swipe the (out comes the french words) it must have looked a sight all anyone could see was a mop swaying back and forth in the air what the neighbours thought i could care i screamed. can you imagine that. Well thats one episode the next episode was when we went to our flat in proteras there was never any cockroaches there until one day we went in their was several we was invaded by cockroaches i think i must have scared by hubby he saying dont panic i said what are you nuts i hate those bloody things kill em! kill em! it was the drains that caused them to come through our sink holes so every time i go there it just a habit i always look under my bed here and there my hubby thinks i nuts. He says just tread on them i say NO just hearing that crunch it curls my stomache up…… thank god they disppeared or have they. I also hate bees especially today i yesterday i heard a big buzzing it was a gigantic bee not saturating it buzzed like crazy i flew like the wind into my kitchen door. Phew!! has anyone else got some stories????

    78. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      You are so right, the flying ones are the worst!!!

    79. cathy101 2023 years ago

      Not coming to your house again.I’ll be frightened to open my bloody mouth, ‘oops’ thats goingto be a block of Lux in my gob!!!

    80. Lubna 2023 years ago

      Did not happen with me yet but i am sure little Clarbella in her way to this stage 🙂 Thank you Debbie for all ur advices, I found them very helpful.

    81. Lubna 2023 years ago

      Debbie, here is another idea to reduce the toe-curling public outbursts. SHOPPIN ONLINE 🙂 I found this great shop which you do all ur shopping online and they deliver to your home. I tried it today and am so happy with the prices and the services. It opens 7 days a week including holidays from 7:00 am – 21:00 pm. SO i thought to share this with you maybe it wil make mums lives a little bit easier. The website is and it cover whole Limassol.

    82. debbie76 2023 years ago

      Thanks Lubna think I will give it a try anything to not stand at the checkout on a friday evening 🙂

    83. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Best wishes, have a lovely birthday!

    84. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Good luck in your move Naomi and have a safe flight back to england. Will be thinking of you. Theres always something we complain about Naomi whether its the weather or not. Keep in touch i’m going to england in june for 2 weeks. Take care of yourelf and your family. Its not long now!
      all the best
      luv georgina xx

    85. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All packed up and ready to go? Have a safe journey, take care and keep us posted 🙂 Best wishes!!

    86. cathy101 2023 years ago

      Well one of my worst cockroach experiences is laying in bed in the dark and suddenly having a creepy roach sitting on my cheek (BEAT THAT) Talk about have a coronary!! I have since then got fly screens through out my whole house. The best money ever spent. They really help with all crawlies, including mossies. At least I can sleep more soundly in the summer. So whose got a worse ‘cocky’ story, that might even beat another member of my families story. He was sitting on the loo in Nicosia doing what comes naturally when acocky crawled up his bum! Talk about s–t yourself.

    87. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Well cathy, you certainly win!! I felt sick just reading your comment, d i s g u s t i n g !!!!!!

    88. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best – hope you have a great day!

    89. Laura14 2023 years ago

      Salut Elvire!
      Es-tu basee en Limassol?

      Je suis une Montpellierenne habitant Parekklesia pres de Limassol. Mon petit bout de chou Paris Adriano a presque cinq mois.

      Quelle age a/ont le/les tien/s?



    90. SOPHIA116 2023 years ago

      So pleased to read the May day events for this weekend. A great day out for the kids, I am planning to go to the Elias Hotel on Sunday!! Thank you mums in cyprus what a wonderful website.

    91. elpi 2023 years ago

      Hello! I am from Greece, my husband from Italy and we have a 26 month old son! We live in Cyprus since 2004.

    92. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    93. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      well you look a very nice bunch of ladies glad you all had a nice time meeting each other girls. georgina xx

    94. Janet121 2023 years ago

      My family will be moving to Nicosia this summer form the US and I would love to get involved in a Moms Group!

      Can anyone recommend any good part-time English speaking preschools for a 2 year old?

      Do you have any playgroups established in the area for toddlers?

      Any information on the local area would be greatly appreciated too!
      Thanks so much!

    95. Noelia 2023 years ago

      hi Aino. It gets veryyyyy hot in July August.
      You can go to prodromou park that it is close to the center or at athalassas park.

    96. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to you, all the best!

    97. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      hi kasia hope you enjoy joining this group and perhaps i will see you at the fun bazaar in lanarnca i am selling my handmade cards so if you just want to come and say hello and introduce yourself my name is georgina. please have a plesant day. georgina xx

    98. Soulla70 2023 years ago

      Hi guys – don’t forget that the Family Fun Day at the library is this Saturday – free bouncy castle and face painting for all children plus the chance to look around our library and browse round the stalls. Please come along and introduce yourselves! Call me on 99801141 for more details.

    99. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday!

    100. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Best wishes on your birthday!

    101. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thanks for your message Georgina, great that you will be at Soulla’s too – looking forward to meeting you all.

    102. coffeebean 2023 years ago

      this made me laugh! just back from the beach with my family and my accessories are carrefour ‘bag for life’ brimming with arm bands, goggles and an array of buckets, trucks and various superheroes!
      I do agree with the big sunglasses tho – perfect for people watching 😉 xx

    103. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Carine
      It was certainly a delightful pleasure in meeting you at last face to face on saturday morning fun at Larnaca. Keep up the good work Carine and you have lovely good looking boys. Soulla is a lovely person so active i admire her for her chairty work she is so busy and the way she reads the stories its amazing she has the children so captured. It sure is a nice way to take your children to listen and choose some lovely books.

      Oh! i met Tina too there it was nice meeting you too. Thanks again Carine for taking the time in meeting me too.

      Take care and i will get back on the site after i come back from the uk.

      happy holidays girls.
      lov georgina xxx

    104. Soulla70 2023 years ago

      Hi Sophie -so nice to hear from you again! Sounds like things are going well for you and your family – I’m so glad. Did you hear that Andria went back to Florida last week? She seems to be doing well over there but I know she was very sad to leave her family and friends again. We’ve all been well – it was Stella’s 6th birthday last Friday and I’ve been keeping really busy with my library too. You should come down and check us out one day – would be nice to arrange something for the kids to get together too. How’s Angela? Do you still see her? Take care. Xxx

    105. Lu 2023 years ago

      Thanks for you positive feedback :)I’ll be happy seeing you at my workshop, and all mums are welcomed to come, spend usefull 3 hours, learn how to benefit from changing simple daily routines and how to understand “signals of our body” 🙂


    106. Lubna 2023 years ago

      Its no rule that wives and girlfriends can’t enjoy the world cup. For me I postponed my wedding 4 years ago for this event 🙂 so my suggestion is buy loads of beer and pop corn and watch the game … Its very interesting event and if you want invite your friends home and make it the world cup night 🙂

    107. Val 2023 years ago

      Good point, especially if Ronaldo is playing 🙂 But for me every night is too much, last night I put on headphones and listened to my favourite CDs. These vuvuzelas are driving me nuts, good thing they don’t exist here!

    108. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns, best wishes!

    109. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday to you!

    110. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the best wishes for your birthday!

    111. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Good tips, I’m flying with Leo (and no Daddy – argh!) in August and not really looking forward to it. We flew here when he was 6 months old which I thought was difficult, now I wonder why as he sat reasonably happily in his car seat and slept a lot. Now he’s going to be on my lap (extra seat too expensive!) and will want to get down and crawl!

    112. Lubna 2023 years ago

      They are great tips:) Thank you… I am travelling next Sat with 20 months and 5 months … I really liked the trunki luggage for the 20 month. Do you know from where i can get it and how much does it cost? Thanks again

    113. martinbingo 2023 years ago

      Hi, is here anybody from Slovakia or Czech Rep. ?

    114. Yorkshire Pud 2023 years ago

      Hello, I’ve just found this website and looking for other mums in Paphos, saw your profile so just thought I’d say ‘hi’!!

    115. Yorkshire Pud 2023 years ago

      Hello there, I’ve just found this website as I’m looking to find other mums in Paphos, saw your profile and so thought I’d just say ‘hi’!

    116. Elena113 2023 years ago

      I travelled with my 2 year old son in the past and it was a nice experience but the flight only last for 2.30 hrs. Now we are planning a trip to USA, he will be 2 yrs and 8m then and I am really worried due to the long distance of the trip. Has anyone had similar experience?

    117. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday tooo youuuu!

    118. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Here’s another tried and tested hot tip from a friend of mine:Tire them out. Let the children run around in the airport as much as possible while you’re waiting to board. It may be exhausting for you to run after them constantly, but it will make them tired and gets rid of all the built up energy. They won’t mind being strapped into the seat as much after a good running session!

    119. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      The newspaper website has been updated, here’s the link to the article: If it doesn’t work, cut and paste this into your browser:

    120. LadyLovesCyprus 2023 years ago

      Me posing with steel bull , water fountain in Zurich Switzerland. All the fountains there so refreshing

    121. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Yay! Congrats!

    122. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Welcome back Naomi! Great to read you, and very glad to hear you and your family have settled in. Super nice of you to stay in touch, we missed you too 🙂 Keep well!

    123. tashu 2023 years ago

      hello! r u?can v be friends?

    124. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Thank God for Ikea! My husband like to go there on the weekend and then have dinner there as he loves the meatballs and then says to me ….”Dont ever say that i dont take you anywhere!” ….!

    125. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    126. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Herzlichen Glueckwunsch und alles Liebe zum Geburtstag!

    127. Notseeb 2023 years ago

      What a lovley sunny day outside? how nice it would be if I weren’t working to go to the beach !

    128. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Pat, hope you had a brilliant day!

    129. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns of the day and all the best!

    130. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    131. Nectaria 2023 years ago

      Are there any playgroups after hours or on saturdays?

    132. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns of the day!

    133. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday toooo youuuuu!

    134. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the very best on your birthday, have a nice one!

    135. kittykat 2023 years ago

      Hi Susan I can really recommend the Montessori Centre in Nicosia. Although it is not in Lakatameia it is in Agios Dhometios and my son has just finished there (He is 5 1/2).

    136. Yorkshire Pud 2023 years ago

      So you’re arriving in Paphos in August, think i’ll not be out there till October now-can’t wait! Where abouts will you be?

    137. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Argh, how annoying is THAT?! So sorry to hear you now have all that hassle to go through until you’re refunded. Just goes to show that even if we are super careful with credit cards, there are some things that will always remain uncontrollable…

    138. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Fingers crossed for you 🙂

    139. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns of the day and best wishes!

    140. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Joyeux anniversaire Elvire!

    141. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    142. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Here’s hoping it all works out 🙂 It is a great idea, but sometimes things kinda get screwed up when they try to put them into practise!

    143. Cheryl 2023 years ago

      Hello,Are there any dropoffs in Larnaca?We used to donate things all the time in the states and I am sure we will have some things to donate before Christmas.Also,do you have a lot of second hand books?


    144. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Cheryl- i went today, and there were loads of books- 1 euro each- i was in hog heaven!

    145. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Best wishes on your birthday!

    146. fransje 2023 years ago

      Hi hi I would like to join as well if the course is being given on a saturday.
      Thanks Franciska Schaapman

    147. cathy 2023 years ago

      FOR SALE ……LR AND ORIFLAME PRODUCTS…..CONTACT ME…99988006 OR EMAIL ME AT for any enquiries…..thanks alot…..

    148. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      Hi,I would like to attend the course in Nicosia.For me Saturday is perfect,however I will try to make it in any other day.

    149. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday!

    150. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      hi stacey, have you found a hairdresser yet, or can i help you out?

    151. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      Hi, i read your bulletin. how is your quest for a pen pal doing? i live in cyprus, born and bred, maybe i can help out 🙂

    152. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      hi, can you post a picture of the cot you’re giving away please? that is, if you still have it 🙂 thanks.

    153. Addie 2023 years ago

      For the internet payments we are using a special Internet card, from Visa, we made it through Bank Of Cyprus, but you can do it at any other bank and you deposit only the amount you want to spend. It’s pretty easy.

    154. michelle152 2023 years ago

      I would attend the Nicosia training, please can you let me know the dates so that I can plan ahead! thx 🙂
      A weekend course would be just the ticket 😉

    155. Marie-Ange112 2023 years ago

      i would like to do the 1st training but I will have to leave at 13h30 as I have to pick up kids at 13h45, do you think it will do?

    156. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday touu youuuu!

    157. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Anyone who is planning to come to this event, and has not spoken to myself or one of the other Women of Today- this event is now being held at La Boca restaurant at 7:30pm tonite. I will be there, so come over and say hello 🙂

    158. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Just wanted to remind you that bookclub is tonite and that the location is La Boca restaurant in Limassol, at 7:30pmI hope you are still interested in joining us. Please get in touch is you need direstions,

    159. nicole185 2023 years ago

      very interesting 🙂

    160. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Please be advised- venue has changed 🙂 Thanks

    161. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns of the day! Happy Birthday!

    162. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thanks very much for your feedback, Tina. I guess I will just have to go for it then!! 🙂

    163. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      This is now the only course that will be held in Limassol, the one scheduled for 13th+15th had to be cancelled due to insufficient interest. Please confirm your attendance at this event if you wish to join! You can leave a bit earlier if you need to collect your child(ren) from nursery/school.

    164. ann186 2023 years ago

      Cot mobile with lights and music.Tommee tippee nappy bin.

    165. ann186 2023 years ago

      Baby walker.

    166. ann186 2023 years ago

      Highchair that screws on to table.Door bouncer.

    167. ann186 2023 years ago


    168. Irene191 2023 years ago

      My boy still sleeps with his soft doll, named Alexandra :), and he’s 8 🙂 I guess I’ll just have to wait…:)

    169. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to youuuu!

    170. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday!

    171. kalimata 2023 years ago

      It was a much needed gathering, sorry for missing the previous three times. At the beginning like many of the mums in the site I was wondering what if nobody shows up , I am too early or too late, if there would be any silent moments where nobody talks, etc.. all these worries were just for nothing as all the mums were super confident with an open perspective ready to share and support.. To Cyprus Mum I am very grateful for initiating such a website and even cosier get togethers. Hoping to meet another time… xoxoox

    172. kalimata 2023 years ago


    173. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      It was lovely to finally meet you, ladies. I will be in touch and hope we can get together again soon 🙂

    174. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the best on your birthday, many happy returns dear Natalie!

    175. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    176. Nutell@ 2023 years ago

      Baby is something you carry inside you for 9 months,in your hands for 3 years,and forever in your heart…

    177. Tina188 2023 years ago

      very funny!!

    178. Irene191 2023 years ago

      I saw it yesterday at the news, I cried a bit, I was so happy for them! It took the rescue team much less to take them out than it was stipulated. Good job!

    179. Lubna 2023 years ago

      I totally agree with your blog Kalimata and understand how you feel. I face this problem in daily basis. I am married to a Scotch Cypriot and i found it tiring and sometimes confusing to talk in English all the time. I found myself sometimes lacking words or expressions to express my self especially if i am angry or tired. Can you imagine going through an argument or a fight and you stop in the middle of the sentence looking for the right word ?:) Anyway, I am trying now to teach my daughter Arabic but most of the times i just forget to speak with her in Arabic and just speak English as i don’t use the Arabic in Cyprus at all. I just use it when i call home.

    180. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Oh poor thing!!! They truelly are resiliant though!!!

    181. Vanja 2023 years ago

      this is gorgeous and such a great idea. now i wish i lived i limassol 🙂

    182. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Hi to all the moms in Larnaca :o) This is a great site and a really good way to stay connected with other.

    183. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Oh by the was, Soulla, I looooove the library…. emma’s got swimming on Sat mornings now so we missed a few sessions but will definitely come back as soon as the course is finished 🙂

    184. cleo4 2023 years ago

      Oh Bless him, I hope he is feeling better today.

    185. Soulla70 2023 years ago

      Look forward to seeing you and Emma again soon, Vanja! Xxx

    186. Lubna 2023 years ago

      I can’t tell you how useful the info you provided here … and also the website. I have 2 years old daughter and we still don’t have a plan on how we speak with her. I speak Arabic and my husband speak English and she goes to English kindergarten. We both speak with her in English when we are all together. The issue is that most of the times i forget to speak with her in Arabic as i don’t use it in Cyprus and i also found it easier to speak with her in English becuase she responds. Just during the last month i start using more Arabic and she is getting some words but sometimes i feel that she resists learning new words. I have a 9 months old son and i don’t want to make the same mistake so thanks again for the blog.

    187. Vanja 2023 years ago

      I’m so glad it was useful for you 🙂 its still not late with either of your children so just start talking in arabic with both of them and no other language. And like I said, pretend you dont understand anything else. You’ll see how quickly they’ll adjust. But you HAVE to be consistent. Good Luck! 🙂

    188. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Lizzie, happy birthday! All the best to you 🙂

    189. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best on your birthday, Sarah!

    190. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Thanks Vanja, its good to see a real example rather than reading just theories on the net. I am feeling bad talking some other language while there are people around who doesnt understand but from now on I ll keep your advice.

    191. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Yes, you put your finger on a hot spot Lubna, during an argument thats the last thing you want to do, to avoid that I prefer arguing in English than Greek ehehehe 😉 But this time after the argument if I REMEMBER something he says he immediately tell me that ‘oh English is not my mother tongue, I meant something else’… All in all Shopgirl pointed out one has to have opportunities and circumstances to use all the languages available as interactivlye as possible because languege is a live thing and prone to fading easily

    192. Xen 2023 years ago

      ….word on the streets is the opening in Limassol is on 28th October (Bank Holiday)!!!!

    193. Maha 2023 years ago

      I totally agree with your tips Vanja. I too have a multilingual family. My husband is Cypriot Im Arabic Canadian (father is Algerian and mother is Syrian and have Canadian nationality…..a total mutt!). My little girls are exposed to 4 languages in the house because of my mixed background, hubby speaks to my girls in Greek and I speak to them in Arabic, English and French. My older baby (2 1/2) speaks all 4 languages although she usually opts to use English most of time due to the ease of pronounciation. And my little 1yr old, when prompted to point to objects in different languages, she can identify all them in 4 languages. People were telling us that our kids will speak late etc…. hmmmmmm…nope! They are both chatter boxes! So yes, Vanja you are right, kids are like sponges and can absorb languages very well, in fact it is when tkids are under 5yrs old that parents can take advantage of teaching their kids a language(s) as synapses in their brain are at max production during this time and dwindle after this key period. Thanks for sharing your great tips!

    194. Lubna 2023 years ago

      I have one question though… Can multilingual kids learn how to read and write in several languages and if yes how this should be approached?

    195. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Of course they can! Now I don’t have first hand experience with this but this is how I plan to approach it. Emma goes to an English Kindergarten, but I will definitely be sending her to Greek dimotiko (junior school). The reason for this is that I cannot justify my child being born and living in Cyprus but not knowing the Greek language. She will learn Greek reading and writing in predimotiki and dimotiko, she will learn Serbian with me. I plan to do it with her at home. Now, as for the English I am still debating what to do. I can do one of 2 things. I can:
      1. Drop the learning for English writing for now and only start English lessons around 7 y.o. (because she will need to do English anyway since I plan to send her to English high school)
      2. Leave her in the English Kindergarten to start learning writing in English and then when she goes to dimotiko she’ll learn Greek and then start English Lessons later anyway

      I am leaning towards number 1 because I’m afraid that when she starts writing she’ll be mixing up all the characters. I prefer to add additional writing languages when she’s a little more mature. But I think I’ll know better as she grows and develops, when I’m able to better judge her development and ability at that time.

    196. Vanja 2023 years ago

      I mean not knowing the Greek language properly. I believe if Emma had full education only in English, no matter how much the family spoke to her in Greek she would not know it as well as the language she’s been educated in.

    197. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      Vanja, thanks for the blog, it’s been so enlightening! I am Cypriot, i have Cypriot parents, but grew up in Australia. So, i went there at age 5, speaking and understanding only Greek, and came back at age 9, speaking and writing only in English, but having a full understanding of Greek. I went to an English primary school, and only heard Greek an home. Now, at 28 and having lived in Cyprus from the age of 9 until now, i’ve “relearned” my greek, so much so that i only feel comfortable writing in English, rather than speaking it. Or if i do speak with someone, i have to feel really comfortable with that person so that i wont mix up words, or get “speaker’s block” and forget the words i want to use.
      So, now that i’m pregnant, i want to influence my daughter to learn English so she wont have a hard time understanding it later on. My boyfriend, also greek, agrees with my plan but we had no idea how to enforce it! so, now, knowing how to work on the matter, will make things much easier for us. So, thanks again!!!

    198. Vanja 2023 years ago

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

    199. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      It’s official! The billboards display an opening date: November 4th. Ready, steady, GO!

    200. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Hi! Good Luck with the move…. which city will you be moving to?

    201. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Emma had her pacifier until about 2 years and 4 months old. We cut it cold turkey and there have been no problems. One Friday we told her, if we plant our pacifiers in the back yard and water them etc something wonderful will grow. She agreed to do it… We did it all together…. The first night was tough but we got through it, it was all worth it the next morning when a brand new slide was waiting for her in the spot where we planted the pacis! Her face when she saw it was priceless!
      We planted a blue and white pacifier and the slide was blue, red and a tiny bit of white. It was accidental but very helpful in the end because after she played a bit she said ok now I want the paci. I told her that the blue paci became the blue part and the white became the white and that there are no more pacis.

      After that she only asked for it a handful of times and every time I’d tell her we now have the slide. For a few more days after that she would say “I want my…” and then stop in the middle because she remembered that her paci is now a slide and would say something else. I knew that she was going to ask for the pacifier because I know the tone she uses when asking for it.

      And, that was it… no more trouble with the paci 🙂

      but! Emma does have teeth issues. Her top teeth sick out a little bit and I do think its because of the paci because all of us in the family have teeth straight as an arrow… I do wish we never used it but I was petrified that she would use a thumb or a finger…. in which case how do you stop that!?? you definitely can’t bury it! 😛

    202. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Wow that’s great! May be getting these for myself… although, I use the supermarket bags as garbage bags… that way i don’t have to buy additional bags for trash…

    203. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      HI Naomi,
      Its always nice to hear from you again glad you are settled in nicely and you feel at home and meeting new mums. Take care and its nice when you keep us updated with your news back home.

      Georgina xx

    204. Dolce Sorpresa 2023 years ago

      Buon giorno mamme Italiane. Dove vi trovate. Io abito a Limassol e mi piacerebbe fare parte del vostro gruppo!

    205. Mani 2023 years ago

      The comment didnt surprise me at all! But it helps to remember Cyprus’ positive aspects now and then! 😉 Grass is always greener…

    206. TriClaire 2023 years ago

      Many people reuse their plastic bags for trash liners. While its good to reuse your plastics its better to reduce the use of plastics as much as possible. An alternative to plastic bags for trash bins is to line them with old newspapers, easiest on square bins. And to compost as much waste as possible to reduce the volume.

    207. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Aww i got goose bumps! I love Cyprus. It really is what you make of it, as is any place really. I lived in New York City for many years and a friend of mine ended up being my roommate for a year. She’s English Cypriot and she came over from Cyprus to do a year of studying and working. She had such a lousy time there. Stayed in the apartment most of the time and made very few friends.
      I always bring up that story when someone tells me something bad about Cyprus. As I said, its what you make of it. Even NYC can be boring/rude/fill in the blank, if you don’t try. Its up to you to make your own experience, and if its a bad one, its your own fault.

      At least that’s how I see it.

    208. Cheryl 2023 years ago

      Hello,we are new to the area and wondering if my little girl who will be 7 in January is too old to participate?Are there other children ages 5-7 that come to these events and the story times on Sat?Thanks so much!Cheryl

    209. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      I can totally identify with this. I used to love walking round the shops, trying on whatever took my fancy…but now I either have two kids in tow (so it is in, buy what you came to buy, out again) or else I walk into a shop, adn walk past all the clothes to the children’s department to rifle through the clothes there in search of something gorgeous to put my daughter in! And you are SOOO not alone-not even in the husband who doesn’t ‘get it’. I think part of the problem is that this is how WE see ourselves, and not at all how they see us-My husband loves to see my with the children but once they go to bed, he likes to snuggle and remind me that he still sees the girl he fell in love with (I however have changed so much, that i can hardly identify with the girl he married!)
      So you are definitely NOT feeling stupid. Don’t be so hard on yourself-we all go through this, at some point in time, but just know that it is a phase…what I am trying to say is that if you have identified the problem, you can start to make changes- even little ones like wearing lipstick, or even buying something small for yourself.
      When I had my ‘crisis’ a few years ago I signed up for night classes- once a week I had a reason to dress nicely, adn put some makeup on. It really made a difference to how i felt about myself!
      Now I am involved in a charitable group-and that gets me out of the house, and into a different mindset. I have grown so much in the last 2 years that I have been part of this group. (for example- when i first joined, I had not organised an event more taxing than a childrens birthday party in years-Now i organise events left right and centre, and am mentoring others to do the same 🙂 )
      Thats just my take on it-chin up, and know that you at least have support here- you can always find someone who is going through what you are going through or better yet been through it!

    210. kalimata 2023 years ago

      As for the dilemma why we dont wear make UP or dress UP, I think it depends of ones social upbringing; in most societies women are expected to put their offsprings before anything even themselves and these ideals are vowen our subconscious deeply through motherly images, pure, devoted, heavenly, etc. Our duty is to put our children high UP on our shoulders and support them. It is a very thin line to respect yourself or to be accused of being selfish. Thus, most of us including me accept to look a little unkempt and a responsible mum to well groomed all- in -one envied super mum because the latter requires strenght and confidence. Just this afternoon we were discussing with my husband the same issue. Although I reached back to my pre pregnancy weight I cannot wear any of my clothes due to the fact that they are not breast feeding friendly 😉 The other day I was eyeballing some very nice stilettos when the reality slapped me on the face “how on earth am I going to carry Aurora in my arms while standing on my fingertips?” Well, I have to admit that its heartbreaking to descend from the eye catching sexy lady to just another woman and I do miss looking sizzling. But I think again and go “I dont want to look like Posh pulling on the kids with her too tight to bend too high to run dressing”. I believe Cyprus mum’s quotation above is well fitted. So Hot Mama we have to come up with a new style in which we both feel sexy and mother at the same time.
      The bad point is I havent found one yet, so I cannot be of any help, but the good is all mums here are either had been there or are struggling to get out of the rut you are in. There is light at the end of the tunnel, dont say that 2 years passed and you are not doing anything yet as every person needs a different span of time to adjust the changes happening around her, you ve been HOT GIRL for 35 years and HOT MAMA for only 2 years.


    211. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday touuu youuuu!

    212. kalimata 2023 years ago

      i guess you are lucky or you know a trick i should learn as i everytime i attempt to buy something from e bay or amazon they ask transport charges nearly as much as the item 🙁

    213. smduah 2023 years ago

      Oh how you remind me of my self 2 years ago.Get out there girl! Do that more often, get dressed and go out – “If you got it flaunt it …” says an old saying :)))- for a cup of coffee or a drink. DONT FEEL GUILTY. You are a woman first and you need to be a happy one to be a happy mom. Arrange babysitting at least once a month and take your hubby and go out! These are basic rules to keep you strong, confident and away from depression. (talking from experience here) And above all to keep the flame in your relationship. If you need babysitting i am here!!! We can figure something out.
      Love Marina.

    214. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Thanks to all the Mamas who took the time to reply to my blog!!! What a clever, wise bunch you are and I completely took your words on board!I have yet to have a “date night” with my hubby but I have been getting out and about alot more and been using my Wii Fit + rather than looking at it as a dust collector!!! Just doing 30 mins every morning whilst my son eats his breakfast helps to put me in a positive mood for the day and its helped my old jelly belly a little!!! Little black dress, here I come!!!!!
      Thanks for your support xxx

    215. LucieGrace 2023 years ago

      Hey, are there any single mums in paphos or limassol? x

    216. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Thank you 🙂 Looking forward to seeing them when you get around to it!

    217. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      Actually, no glove needed, as the bag can be used as one, slide your hand into the bag, grab the stuff and turn the bag inside out. Check out the environmentally friendly bags from 02onya. Maybe Claire can give some more info on this?

    218. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Wow you are a super mom! I read it imagining every step you described vividly, mine is only 5 and a half months old and I dont work and the house is upside down at the end of the day

    219. Cyprus with Babies 2023 years ago

      Sounds like an excellent idea!
      Wonder how long it will be before we finally get the dog beach too?

    220. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Love it, how do you manage to write your blog and make such brilliant lunches in amongst all that running around!

    221. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      As per website & invitation the meeting will start at 7.p.m.

    222. Vanja 2023 years ago

      @ Kalimata, I’m no supermom…. I think the trick is to just forget about the house. There are more important things, like spending time with your kid…What will you remember later? The fact that the kitchen was messy or all the milestones you experience

    223. Vanja 2023 years ago

      @ Emma, lol i think after they turn two you get some kind of an energy boost! Extremely necessary with a head strong toddler trying to exert her independence…. and you realize that this is forever so you might as well make the most of it! 😛

    224. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Now if only I could get one of these in my neighbourhood….

    225. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Yesterdat at the meeting a mum was also complaining that her 4 year old doesnt sleep as she used to and the coclusion was that because of the move and or change of environment her daughter needed more assurance and comfort.. As your child is much younger and the babies are creatures of habit I believe he formed habit. In case he is plain hungry they recommend shadow feeding, feeding the baby before he wakes up to demand for it, and breaking the cycle of awakening. Well, you are going to wake up some more time but as you said you are now trying to change a life long habit for him. Please post if you find some answers.

    226. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Emma, may I ask some questions pls: What is Leo’s nap pattern during the day, when/what (i.e. how much) does he eat during the day and do you have a set evening bedtime routine? In my experience all these things are totally connected with a good night’s sleep and it would help to get a bit more info on Leo’s daytime activities.

    227. Vanja 2023 years ago

      wow! that looks like a lot of fun… didn’t know it was going on…. definitely looking forward to january 🙂

    228. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Thumbs up!

    229. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday touuu youuu!

    230. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best on your birthday!

    231. Vanja 2023 years ago

      wow…. this story made me cry.

    232. Emma21 2023 years ago

      We only have a vague pattern of naps really, it varies with what we’re doing, I know that can be a big part of the problem. We had a bedtime routine but that started going a bit astray too, I think it’ been a bad couple of weeks!
      Last night we tried a new tack, I suppose a combination of controlled crying and baby whisper’s pick up/put down method. Basically once he was in bed (after bath, bottle etc) he DID NOT come out again. He cried like it was the end of the world but every 2 or 3 minutes we just went back in, laid him down and gave him his cuddly toy and walked straight back out.

      He went to sleep after about 20 minutes, we did it again when he woke an hour later, and again at 3.30am when he woke. He then woke at 7am 🙂

      We are going to do the same tonight and hopefully he will quickly start to understand that bedtime means bedtime!

    233. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thank you for sharing that!

    234. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Well, sounds like you’re on the right track then, super. The bath bottle burp routine is so important. I agree that the trick is indeed not to interact much during night time awakenings and to keep eye contact to a minimum too. Though I found it extremely hard to do at the time, I must admit it works. You may also want to try to establish a controlled nap habit so that Leo gets into a routine. The more they sleep in general the better they sleep, overtiredness can be a cause of night time awakenings. Though the line is very fine between too much daytime sleep and night time interruption too… A couple of hours or so somewhere between noon and three should be enough at his age, keeping in mind that all children are different – maybe Leo still needs a 1/2 hour just after 9 am in order to get to the noon nap tantrum free?
      Don’t feel bad if you need to wake him from the morning snooze in order to get him adjusted in the first week or so – it can only be beneficial.
      Fingers crossed for tonight!

    235. Metalizze 2023 years ago

      I would love to add one of my own: “My little nephew, aged 5 was at a birthday part, when my dad bent over to pick up something from the floor, and lots of things fell out his shirt pocket – mobile, glasses, coins, and some sweets he had to hand out to the grand kids. Little Demetri ran over to his mum and asked – Why is papou (granddad) jumping around like a pinata?” Laughed for days with the thought of my dad as a pinata!!!!

    236. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      thats a great idea vanja my grandson loves drawing and he loves tracing his hands onto paper and we draw funny faces on the fingers!!
      georgina x

    237. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and best wishes!

    238. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Thank you! Its a really simple and fun craft to do 🙂

    239. marianna228 2023 years ago

      fantastic read!

    240. Emma21 2023 years ago

      That’s what my Mum told me when I asked how he could be in two department stores at the same time. It worked, I believed her!

    241. Little Angels 2023 years ago

      I used to say something similar too. I told my children that all the Santas that they saw before Christmas were all Santas helpers coming to find out what the children would like for Christmas, as he was very very busy getting the presents and his reindeers ready for Christmas Eve. This worked very well, but I think I’ll be pushing it a bit hoping they’ll believe it this year as they are now 13 & 16!

    242. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and best wishes!

    243. Basia 2023 years ago

      Yes, I also say the truth. I also explain that we all love Santa so much that people dress up like Santa. My boys are waiting for the Christmas so much. Adam is too much excited. We drew a little calendar with days to Christmas to calm them down. Now I understand the idea of advent calendar :). It is really hard to make the idea of Santa true. I told boys that the Santa has special gnomes who are small and very fast (so fast that we cannot see them – this is Pratchett’s idea!). My boy asked what language they speak. So I told them that they are magic and understand all languages. Of course this makes a problem (I am waiting for that question) that magical means not real. That what I tell them about fairy tails. That it is only a story and magic is not true. That those tricks are not impossible in real world. So let see when the boys will ask about Santa magic!

    244. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    245. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the best on your birthday and many happy returns!

    246. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday and best wishes!

    247. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to you!! Your first birthday as a new mum 🙂

    248. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Have to try that!!! I usually just leave the pot soaking till my cleaner comes and than have her scrub it for me lol!!!

    249. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Woohoo 6th time lucky for me! See you there and thanks!

    250. lydia_m 2023 years ago

      Where is this??

    251. kalimata 2023 years ago

      Congrats for your baby girl Zuriel!

    252. Emma21 2023 years ago

      It’s the luna park in Agia Napa. It’s open from 3pm during the week and 1 at weekends (but it’s chaos at weekends!)

    253. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Oh no, hope all’s well and back to normal soon for you.

    254. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      i Hi Emma its true though they do say that January is a funny month. I have recently just come back a couple of weeks from England and my sister said that most people say that January is the month for the blues…. i think that after Christmas there is such a build up to make this festive season then all of a sudden its over i feel a little down especially when i take the Christmas decorations down then its passes. Its also the longest month grey skies etc….but then i say to myself Emma buck yourself up put on some music and start planning ahead with something different from the year before but for me this month is sad for me as my mum passed away last January so its so and so but as my mum would say bless her put your make up on and dress yourself up and feel good about yourself. I myself i like to do different things and try always to help other people that need help or go for a good walk thats adventurous.
      Georgina x

    255. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Oh I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope everything is going well for you and things are back to normal. You are in my thoughts.

    256. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Oh my god I love this post! It is so so so refreshing to hear such positive words about Cyprus. I’m sick of the constant Cyprus & Cypriot bashing and complaining. If you don’t like it…. just go back to where you came from.
      Just a disclaimer…. I’m not a Cypriot, I’m Serbian, and I spent 7 years living & working in NYC. So one of the comments I get all the time (which I hate) is: Oh my god! how could you leave New York for this place?!

      I love it here, its a great place to raise a family. There are so many things to do, and so many places to explore…. if we’d just get off our butts and do it.

      Congratulations on starting out and I’ll definitely be reading.
      Good Luck!

    257. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thank you very much Emma and Vanja! All much better now 🙂

    258. Veshali 2023 years ago

      It’s great how everything here can be solved….if you pay a deposit!!!!!

    259. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Applause! applause for Melissa for starting out her new blogging……..cant wait to read something new……. when i first came to Cyprus that is years ago there was not hardly anything to do but within the years it has improved a lot. But, everyone is different there are the pros and cons like most countries its how you make it. Think positive and do something that will make you happy. I always go back to the England every year but when i am there i always think of Cyprus as my home. There is so much to offer today in Cyprus and with this fab site and without our lap tops where would we all be he!he!
      Look forward to reading Melissa’s blogging and good luck and well done!


    260. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      I just love your ideas Vanja i will try this out with my grandson its such a good way to try new food with your children making sure they have all the correct nourishments ones child should have bravo!!

    261. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Definitely! Its great for introducing new foods! They get so excited about the presentation that they don’t mind trying it, especially if it looks like a car or an airplane! 🙂

    262. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Ugh Man flu is the worst!!! I would rather deal with puking children than listen to my husband moan about his sore bones and pathetic little cough LOL!

    263. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      Bravo Vanja,excellent idea.I am definitely going to try that.Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

    264. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Well! you should see my husband girls even when he sneezes its oh! my god! oh! my god ugh! hes like a dying duck quack! quack! can you imagine when he has a cold, i pretend i can’t hear not being rotten or anything men are just weaker than women;) put it like that

    265. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I’ve also found out that she has been nominated for a “Heart of Gold’ award in recognition of her charity work, hopefully what goes around comes around and now people will help her.

    266. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I believe the account goes live tomorrow. I’ll post the details of how to donate when they go on her site.

    267. canadian chic 2023 years ago

      there are 4 receipes
      !) creamy salmon pasta
      2) Red lentil & vegetable soup
      3) roast chicken & vegetable soup
      4) mediterranean bean casserole

      Purchased at Alpamega & Be Natural nicosia
      and Alphamege Limmassol

    268. Ulrika 2023 years ago

      God morgon allihopa!

    269. Emma247 2023 years ago

      It sounds good…I will go and check it out though let me know when the Mic meeting is!

    270. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      There is now an island wide website that details all the bus routes and timetables for Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca and Famagusta called – great! I have added it in our Links We Like tab for easy access.

    271. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Word of advice, they do not sell hot food! Only snacks like chips and criossants! I would suggest bringing something with you if your child will be there during a meal time

    272. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Who won? And where for future knowledge can I purchase them?

    273. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      What are the prices like Carinne? 🙂

    274. Eleniii 2023 years ago

      That’s great news…i hope they don’t do it again.
      Last week the Municipality painted the wall grey to cover up old graffiti here in Ayia Fila round-about area. I was like wow !!great i won’t have to see graffiti scribbling anymore …unfortunately a few days later the graffiti came back…Hopefully they will come back and paint it again.

    275. Eleniii 2023 years ago

      I brought my daughter there yesterday and she loved it. I even asked to do her birthday party there. Its 130 euros to rent the place and then if you want to cater it only with their food it is 6 euros for adult and 3 for kids with a juice and invitation and You can bring your own desserts. It includes all utensils.
      You also have the option to bring your own food…I am assuming maybe ordering pizza or what ever else you want, but you have to bring your own utensils for everything.

      Time slots are from 11-1pm, 2:30 to 5, or 6 to 8:30pm if you want it until 9pm it’s an extra 50euros.

      doesn’t sound that bad right?

    276. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Did you have the kids with you? They must of thought it was the coolest thing!!

    277. kittykat 2023 years ago

      Can anyone give directions to the Carnival from the highway? We will be coming from Nicosia and don’t know Limassol. A map would be great!

    278. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      The parade is along Makarios Ave and it is always very busy and crowded for parking. The easiest would be to exit the highway at the roundabout towards Mesa Geitonia. That exit leads to Agias Zonis Street, drive all the way down, cross the traffic light (Makedonias Ave) and keep driving straight. At some point there will be Sigma Bakery on your right, as soon as you pass it I would recommend turning off into one of the side streets and look for parking. You then just have a short walk towards Makarios Ave which is situated across from Agias Zonis Street. Hope this helps, sorry can’t guide you towards a map though.

    279. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Yes, the kids were withe me and yes, it was the coolest thing for them, LOL 🙂

    280. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      i want to come, but there is a big chance i might have to bring baby Natalie with me as i cannot know for sure that someone will be able to take care of her while i’m at the seminar… is that ok?

    281. supermum198 2023 years ago

      Hi ya all,
      I’m new to cyprus based in Oroklini would love to meet up with other mums in cyprus and any up coming events.


    282. Natasha173 2023 years ago

      I will bring my sister with me too

    283. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Sounds like a success, wish I could have joined you!

    284. sophie77 2023 years ago

      My husband wants to attend too. I assume it’s OK.

    285. paris 2023 years ago

      That sounds fun ….Are there any meet a mum events in Paphos or nearby area by any chance? I would love to come and meet some mums in the area too.

    286. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      How fab! And how was the expo? I wanted to go as I now have a baptism to plan, but didn’t make it 🙁

    287. Eleniii 2023 years ago

      Do you have an email? Would like to use them.

    288. Vanja 2023 years ago

      I’ll be there although I may be a little late. 🙂 Cant wait!

    289. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Not sure if I can make it as it’s my Mum’s birthday.

    290. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Ooorrrr get induction and boil water in 30s. 😛

    291. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago
    292. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Hey guys! Did you go last night? I went a bit late around 9.30 but everyone was gone… I asked to check reservations but they didn’t have any. I walked around looking for women speaking English but nothing.
      Did you leave early or it was canceled?

    293. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I’m coming now! Where abouts in Larnaca is it?

    294. reis-oliver 2023 years ago

      does anyone know of a good childminder pernera area needed for summer season 6 days a week for 3 hours anight 4-7

    295. Tina188 2023 years ago

      I did the reservation this afternoon for 20.30, table for 8-10 persons on my name Tina.Looking forward to meet you all in real! Have a nice evening, Tina.

    296. Veronika240 2023 years ago

      Hey, I am coming as well, but won’t make it before 9:30.

    297. Vanja 2023 years ago

      You’re Even Steven! (Its a Seinfeld reference, its OK…..I’m a bit weird that way :P)

    298. supermum198 2023 years ago

      Helllo all,
      Miss the meetiing 🙁 when will there be another?

    299. Emma21 2023 years ago

      We’ve been wondering what all the loud bangs have been! (and we live very close to a big church!)

    300. Noni274 2023 years ago

      Hello there dear Mums. If you are interested to offer your young angels unforgeable memories through learning, playing, dancing, singing and music in general join my classes at Kindermusik with Noni in Limassol ( or visit my FB page

    301. nat1 2023 years ago

      haha – lets hope our boys dont turn out to be hormonal irresponsible teenagers 😉

    302. linjialin 2023 years ago

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    303. Maria250 2023 years ago

      Hiya, nice reading about you…My name is Maria we are moving back to Cyprus in September from London. We lived there for 2 years but had to move back to UK for a year. I’m half Swedish half Cypriot but I’ve lived in London for 10 years we live in Larnaca so if you wanna meet up when you get there let me know. x

    304. Destinations Mom 2023 years ago

      Congratulations on your nomination ,,, this just goes to show that all your efforts and ideas are comming together and for the service that you provide for all the MUMs out there… well done and All the best for the awards !!! 🙂

    305. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      My votes for you! You deserve it!! If you dont win I think we might have to start a riot lol!!

    306. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Oh the boys must love them!! Anax is begging me for a cat, but George refuses, maybe I will have to just sneak one in……

    307. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Chanchi said it right, only in the States!!!

    308. darkp 2023 years ago

      Hello All;wher are all d Single parents up here?hope evryone is enjoying the parenting task so far.What ever the case just a quick note to say we all should stay cheerful cos the kids needs to see us so!
      One love to all.
      Warm regds

    309. nat1 2023 years ago

      Good luck!! I think we should have a big party to celebrate if you win xx

    310. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      @Destinations Mom @Melissa @nat, thank you so much for your messages of support! The suspense is on 🙂

    311. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Congratulations on your nomination, that’s fantastic! Good luck 🙂

    312. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thanks Emma!

    313. Eva201 2023 years ago

      So what time exactly do I have to be outside to see this? 8pm or later?

    314. petrazmarz 2023 years ago

      Ahoj 🙂

    315. Emma21 2023 years ago

      The luna park usually opens at 5pm but is opening for us at 3pm 🙂
      Food will not be available until the evening but drinks can be brought

    316. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      I love this area, you are right about how wonderful it is. Truly one of Cyprus’ many beauties indeed! Thanks for the nice photos, it all really looks just like that!

    317. Vanja 2023 years ago

      wow! I love it… makes me want to go to Hamburg!

    318. Vanja 2023 years ago

      or just use Condor airlines…hmmm

    319. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago
      Our thoughts are with Alethea’s family and we wish them strength for the difficult times that lay ahead.

    320. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Great tips Carine, thanks 🙂

    321. Eva Stylianou Zumba Instructor Salsera 2023 years ago

      Dear Cyprus mum, how about organising a peacefull meeting in a publric place for supporting justice regarding the Monday facts. It would be highly apreciated if you used your site and your site’s name for informing all Cyprus moms. I know you are not cypriot, but your assistance would help this island. If we all attend an event we might be able to do something for our childern and their future. We dont support any political party. We supprt justice, peace, and the right to dream for our children. This past week, we have stopped dreaming. We need to be united in order to succed something.Your reply and recomendations would be highly appreciated. All mums can do much! Thank you in advance. Eva Stylianou

    322. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Dear Eva, thank you for your honest feedback and for suggesting that we use our MiC community to make a difference. I may not be Cypriot but Cyprus is my chosen home and I feel as betrayed as you. I love it here and to see what is happening lately just does not seem right.While I would very much like to organise a protest gathering and give all mothers a united voice I fear that potentially low attendance could weaken the impact we would strive for. MiC has members all over the island and it would be hard to choose a venue suitable to most interested.
      May I suggest that we spread the word on this online petition instead where we all can sign and call for the immidiate resignation of the president and government officials, either openly displaying our name or keeping it anonymous if preferred.
      We can also join the gatherings taking place every night in Nicosia, strength is in numbers. Something must be done, you are right!

    323. Maria250 2023 years ago

      Sounds fun…anyone else planning to go?? :))

    324. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Ah, you want to go to Car Wash in Agia Napa. You can’t NOT dance to their music! ( I may have even been known to dance on the bar, although that *may* have been due to drinking cocktails rather than the music!)

    325. Elfi 2023 years ago

      Hi Mums,
      I would like to suggest the Park Cafe for this meeting. Its opposite the mall in nicosia, its never crowded so there is no problem to park a stroller inside :-}
      I am new in this community and iam looking forward to meet some mums …

    326. suzyy 2023 years ago

      Hey there!
      Park Cafe is a little bit small and out of Nicosia actually so my suggestion is Acropolis Park, where kids can enjoy playing & running around or some indoor playground like Madisons Mall or Animal Party but of course I am looking forward to hear other suggestions.

    327. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      I suggest Presse Cafe ( they have a small playground for those who wants to bring their kids, although 8.30 p.m. is kind a late, so I am not going to bring mine.Other suggestion is Cafe La Mode on the top floor of Marks and Spencer Acropolis(

    328. lovepets 2023 years ago

      Experienced Babysitter at your service! For Nicosia area mainly. Fluent Greek and English speaker. Contact or visit

    329. lovepets 2023 years ago

      Experienced Babysitter at your service! For Nicosia area mainly. Fluent Greek and English speaker. Contact or visit

    330. lovepets 2023 years ago

      Experienced Babysitter at your service! For Nicosia area mainly. Fluent Greek and English speaker. Contact or visit

      I am a single mum myself 🙂

    331. lovepets 2023 years ago

      Experienced Babysitter at your service! For Nicosia area mainly. Fluent Greek and English speaker. Contact or visit
      ?????? ?? ???????? 10 ???? ????????? ??? ????????? ??? ?? ???? ??????? ?????. ??????? ????????? ????? ????? ????????? ??? ??? ??????????????!
      ????????????? ??? email: ? ???????????? ??? ?????? ??? ???????????? ???????????!

    332. Rita - Mind Body Spirit 2023 years ago

      Have you heard of the law of attraction, if not read The Secret or The Power of the Secret.This is a good start, I am in Limassol if you need to borrow mine.

      Good Luck

    333. joulez 2023 years ago

      ‘The Secret’ changed my life..Fantastic…!!

    334. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hello Ladies, our Larnaca Meet-a-Mum is scheduled for Wednesday evening 8.30 pm at the Viale Cafe Restaurant. It would be great if you can come! Please confirm your attendance via the event here if you are coming. I am looking forward to joining you from Limassol 🙂

    335. pigglet 2023 years ago

      Hi guys,
      Do you know where we are meeting yet? How about starbucks?

    336. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thank you for your active interest in this event! The intention is to make this a Meet-a-Mum just for MUMS ONLY, otherwise we will end up looking after on kids instead of getting to know each other :-)I have received several mails with suggestions and we have now decided on the Park Cafe opposite the Mall as the easiest location for everyone to find, park their car etc.
      Looking forward to meeting you all next week.

    337. Irene191 2023 years ago

      …plus my 2 strong kids :Dp.s. do we need to bring something, like rubber gloves and plastic bags?

    338. Irene191 2023 years ago

      I wish I’d had something like this in Paralimni…You are so lucky for having Aqua Gym there!

    339. Irene191 2023 years ago

      Please, Famagusta Ladies , do attend or this event will be cancelled and my new and beautiful shoes will never come out of the boooxxx! 😀

    340. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I don’t know! I saw the event in Daxi Magazine and it didn’t say.

    341. suzyy 2023 years ago

      Konkret, az 7 nas i zadna nie ma nic do powiedzenia 🙂 Pozdrawiam

    342. Emma21 2023 years ago

      We are thinking of changing this event to the 12th October, (as there had been no replies) Would that still be a suitable date for all those responded so far?

    343. Lina136 2023 years ago

      would be really nice to meet other mums. i just have a question – is this meeting without kids? 🙂

    344. Irene191 2023 years ago

      I still want to come, even with the date change.

    345. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I’ll look out for it. Limassol is a bit far to go to borrow a book but thank you 🙂

    346. Destinations Mom 2023 years ago

      Im gonna call you ;Cat Mommy Carine !!! from now 🙂

    347. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      KitCats Part II:They are gone! After that night they stayed on for breakfast too, but we never saw them again since. I hope they are alive and well and that someone took them in. At least I can safely say that they have not been run over…the streets are clear 🙂

    348. Marie-Ange112 2023 years ago

      I agree I went there last summer and really enjoyed the privacy and the beauty of the surrounding as well as the little port next to it, it brings a bit of “how it was in the old days!”. It is also very safe for children and clean. Definitely a beach I recommend too!!

    349. Emma21 2023 years ago

      An ice cream cow??? I need to know more about this!

    350. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      That same thing has happened to me once too. Since then I place the raw eggs in a pot of cold water prior to actually using them…if they stand upright it’s usually limit…if they float towards the surface you’ve got to bin them…Fresh eggs stay at the bottom of any container filled with fresh water.
      Such a shame, I don’t understand why that has to keep happening. There must be a system in place somewhere to keep unfresh eggs from reaching the shelves.

    351. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      Carine is right. When I use eggs I always crack them, put them in a bowl and smell them very carefully or I boiled them for 15 minutes. I don trust the free range or organic eggs here, I buy the normal ones, as I think that they are fresher.

    352. Mani 2023 years ago

      onya poop bags?

    353. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      That would be great, maybe the municipality knows?

    354. Emma21 2023 years ago

      That’s my kind of shirts, I just don’t ‘do’ ironing so they’d be perfect!

    355. krucha85 2023 years ago

      jest tu ktos jeszcze? 🙂

    356. krucha85 2023 years ago

      Dziekuje bardzo 🙂

    357. Vanja 2023 years ago

      love this idea! Emma ruined her first pair of jeans last week, this will definitely come in handy!

    358. Maki 2023 years ago

      Dobrodosla Zouzous, sa malim zakasnjenjem! Pozdrav i za sve ostale mame, malo kaskam sa porukama ali evo potrudicu se da budem malo redovnija.
      vanja tvoja ideja od pre mnogo meseci o vidjanju je super i ako bi se jos neko javio bilo bi lepo da nesto organizujemo!

    359. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Sounds like you are now spoilt for choice in Limassol, there are just the two to choose from on this side of the island so we could do with some more options!

    360. mama09 2023 years ago

      Where is hula hoop?

    361. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Off Makarios Avenue close to the fire brigade. Direction out of town, turn left after the ‘pyrosvestiki’ and it’s on that road about 200m on your right.

    362. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Congratulations on more than 1000 members, that’s a great achievement!

    363. Happymummy220 2023 years ago

      Any indoor activities anyone can recommend for toddlers in Nicosia?

    364. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      We have extended the closing date to January 6th for your chance to WIN! It’s been very quiet on MiC lately due to the Christmas holidays, so here’s another opportunity to try your luck 🙂

    365. Tina188 2023 years ago

      Today we had only 2 degrees in Larnaca, one of my client had frost on her car window!

    366. SparkleCyprus 2023 years ago

      Well done Sarah on a great feature, I have been a customer of Phoenix products and of Sarah for a few years having discovered her business here in Cyprus. Last Xmas I held my own Phoenix Party in my home which was very successful – I will be doing the same again this year! Lovely cards, giftwrap and accessories which are all of the highest quality, I always stock-up on cards to last me throughout the year and have something in the cupboard for every occassion, but if there is something I need Sarah is always very helpful and will go out of her way to get it to me asap!

    367. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      Thank you SparkleCyprus, your comment is very much appreciated…..I am taking delivery of the new Brochure and cards tomorrow……Open Day at my House, Friday 3rd February 10am-5pm. 🙂

    368. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your story, it’s good to see companies like this operating in Cyprus and giving people these opportunities. Well done on running a successful business!

    369. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Sounds great, it’s so nice to see kids being properly catered for. It always surprises me that in a country where they are so welcome in restaurants and pubs (unlike the UK) that more often than not you are lucky to find a highchair and a sunfaded and cracked plastic slide!

    370. 1sttimemum 2023 years ago

      HiI have an 8 week old baby boy and live in Levadia, I am interested in your baby massage classes if you still do them. Thanks

    371. anastasia15 2023 years ago

      We also enjoyed it. Agree on the menu – kids were occupied which was the main thing!!

    372. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      I agree, very good exercise. My husband and I do this often 🙂 HA! Muscle control, anyone?

    373. Mihaela291 2023 years ago

      Well done Sarah! Was a pleasure reading such a positive story as I preparing myself for the opening of my first business. Lots of luck and success in the future 😡

    374. Chantelle 2023 years ago

      Hi Helen. As your website is not up and running i was wonderign if you ahve an email address i can contact you on?

    375. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Yay, more Meet-a-mums good idea 🙂

    376. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Sounds like a great business idea. Do you have a website /facebook page yet?

    377. elene 2023 years ago

      Hi yes you can contact me on 99542889 or email can’t wait to hear from you

    378. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      OOOOOH so intereseted in where you bought this stuff!!!

    379. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Yes, please share where you bought such a wonder product 🙂

    380. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      My two love playing too- Tina particularly likes calling out “rent please!” 🙂

    381. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Here is the company, they are in Paphos. Just give them a call:

    382. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Yay! I noticed that too 🙂

    383. Soso 2023 years ago

      Nobody at Hula Hoop at 15pm…People there not even aware of any kind of meeting or event…
      Was my first mumsincyprus event:-(a bit disappointed!

    384. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Soso,
      thank you for your interest in coming to the playdate, I am so sorry you were disappointed!

      I was running late and should have called to inform them, I apologize. As to the people there not knowing we were having a get together was a mis-communication from their side, because I had phoned them the day I posted the event on MiC to inform them.

      I hate to admit it, but in any case you did not miss meeting many mums as in the end it was just me, myself and I. And of course my two children.
      I had time to read a whole magazine, though I too was disappointed!! 🙁

      I hope this will not put you off from joining another MiC event in the future, we also do evening drinks nights out.
      Best regards,

    385. caroline 2023 years ago

      What good news : )

    386. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      We now have 10 pairs of tickets to this event up for grabs! If you would like to receive a set of two, simply post a comment to this blog and I will contact you via private message to confirm.
      See you at the Expo!

    387. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      I hope that I can make it next weekend, I would love to meet you again 🙂

    388. Erasmia 2023 years ago

      I would love to come to this event with my kids! i think it will be fun 🙂

    389. Penelope254 2023 years ago

      yes please. i would love to go

    390. judy320 2023 years ago

      we also love to see you there.

    391. fani365 2023 years ago

      I would love to come to the expo! 🙂

    392. nicknack 2023 years ago

      Definately attending this event, my sone will absolutely love it & ill love it even more is i win the free mummy makeover fingers crossed ;o)))))

    393. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Only 3 pairs of tickets left….hurry!

    394. sophie77 2023 years ago

      We would love to attend!!

    395. PMG 2023 years ago

      We would love to attend too!

    396. joanna154 2023 years ago

      We would like to come too, as my son is turning 5m, so it’s a good place to celebrate! Also, we have issues with sleeping and I would like to hear some advices.

    397. Eleniii 2023 years ago

      Where in Limassol? Are there tickets still up for grabs?

    398. ElenaK 2023 years ago

      Have just joined MumsInCyprus and would love some expo tickets! Are there any left? 🙂

    399. PMG 2023 years ago

      Hi, I haven’t heard anything back about the tickets, will I be able to get them? Thanks

    400. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      I was reading this blog, and it reminded me of a conversation i had had earlier this week with my sister..namely, that with the event of the internet, there is no excuse for being ill informed. Just this week, i have found out why my pressure cooker was not building pressure like it used to (apparently i had the rubber gasket in wrong after the last time i washed it up) My son has found out how to make another origami creation (a hobby he picked up solely from watching Youtube videos) and my husband found out what was wrong with our lemon tree(it need iron!). I love the internet and having all this information at my fingertips 🙂

    401. krucha85 2023 years ago

      If somebody wants to meet i’m every day in harbour around 14:30-15, big blue pushchair with little handsome inside 🙂

    402. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Thank you Carine for the interview 🙂

    403. cosmi 2023 years ago

      Good luck with your new challenge!!!!

    404. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      Thanks you ladies for your comments. 🙂

    405. Carrie 2023 years ago

      great job Vanja! x

    406. Carrie 2023 years ago

      Thank you Carine for your lovely post! We really do love what we do!:)

    407. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Vanja i wish you all the success of your new business and i admire your ambition…. keep up the good work:) x

    408. Elfi 2023 years ago

      Hi Emma,
      Congratulations… I gave birth last year in Cyprus. I can report you about my experience

    409. Elfi 2023 years ago

      Hi Tuba,Iam also a motherless daughter and i had the same feelings immeadiately after giving birth and i can say they still hold on, some moments stronger some not that strong but still there… Faith of motherless daugther

    410. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Yes, her name is Stacey, mobile 97679912.

    411. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Glad you had a successful meet up, so nice to see people getting togther.:)

    412. Sarah227 2023 years ago

      Thank you for organizing Carine!! Really enjoyed it! X

    413. Eva201 2023 years ago

      Thanks Irina for the good tips. There are some ideas I can definitely use for my own child who is also growing up in a multilingual home 🙂

    414. irina406 2023 years ago

      Thank you, Eva! I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂 You might also find it interesting reading similar piece on trilingual kids by Vanja, here is the link
      Also, this issue provoke a great deal of discussion on facebook, in Larnaca Parents Network Group, and a lot of moms shared various useful and insightful opinions, you can also have a look.

    415. cosmi 2023 years ago

      Hello everyone. I would like to register my 4yr old son to swimming lessons. Any recommendations in Larnaca? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply. Cosmina.

    416. charlie 2023 years ago

      Hi there, I think this post is great. As a new resident to Limassol I have been checking out all the local supermarkets and have found that E&S in Ayia phyla to be the best for fresh fruit and veg. A great selection that covers both local and imported produce. Shopping around has made a big difference to the cost of my shopping and your right about cutting out the processed packaged high fat stuff, and buying more local produce.

    417. Julie399 2023 years ago

      Hello Mums in Paphos! I am new to this group! I am French and I have a little 18 m.o. boy. I am starting my WaH business, selling baby Baltic amber teething necklaces + bracelets, as well as Totseat fabric travel high-chair. Classified to be posted soon on WaHM page I hope! Contact me if you want more info, I’ll be happy to answer your questions 🙂

    418. cos 2023 years ago

      Hello Everybody,I have recently joined this group as I now have a 3week old baby girl….. Im startong to look for child care in the Larnaca area as i will be going back to work in November….If anybpdy can recommend somewhere good!!!!!

    419. elene 2023 years ago

      My website is now live so take a look

    420. Happy Mama 2023 years ago

      Hello wish I’d known about you dear a year and a half ago. Will keep u in mind for my pregnant friends.

    421. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Interesting info about what they do in other countries, I remember getting 50p for my teeth and then I negoitated with my Mum who obviously was very good friends with the tooth fairy and discussed inflation with her and in the end I used to get a whole pound – it was so exciting!

    422. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      Congratulations Ema, or as they say here ” Na sas zisi”. Such a cute, big boy 🙂

    423. Maria33 2023 years ago

      not the best photo but this was for a little girls christening.

    424. Maria33 2023 years ago

      I created this for my daughters birthday, something different and colourful.

    425. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      i love butterflies i use them a lot in my creations x

    426. Penny431 2023 years ago

      Hi there, Where is the mums to be and baby day taking place? What time etc?

    427. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the relevant information can be found here:–baby-day_1875.html

    428. vasilissa 2023 years ago

      How wonderfull and so amazing!!!! Enjoyed the reading so much and remembered my own story before 6 months. Thank you!

    429. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      This campaign was launched today with posters on billboards all over Cyprus’ towns. We are proud to be supporting Milupa’s initiative. Please help us make it a success!

    430. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I’ve sent my application off already 🙂

    431. vasilissa 2023 years ago

      AMAZING!!!!!! So wonderful!

    432. nicknack 2023 years ago

      I made this for my sons room to brighten up the walls

    433. nicknack 2023 years ago

      This is perfect for any girly ballet dancers,

    434. nicknack 2023 years ago

      Beep Beep my son loved this

    435. nicknack 2023 years ago

      This was a gift specially for baby Petros

    436. nicknack 2023 years ago

      Special gift for a baby boy

    437. irene490 2023 years ago

      hello i want some kerastika for the clinic. Any ideas?

    438. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi irene, we did different versions of Ferrero Rocher at the time, people seemed to like it 🙂

    439. vic 2023 years ago

      is the email correct above?

    440. MartaN 2023 years ago

      Well done for following your drem! I am a stay at home mum and am just brainstorming all the time what could I do to start something on my own:) hopefully it comes to me soon. All the best for you and keep going!

    441. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Vic, sorry, you are right! There’s an ‘n’ missing – apologies! It should read Have fixed it above now 🙂

    442. sammyj 2023 years ago

      Just a shame I couldnt get on the bouncy castle too 🙁 Am very impressed with the play area but wish that it was undercover so we could use it all year and during the day in the summer. Maybe next year they will do it 🙂 xx

    443. Ivelina Makedonska 2023 years ago

      could you give us directions where this place is? or tel number maybe

    444. Tina188 2023 years ago

      Thanks for that article, it is very important to inform the new mothers about post natal depression.

    445. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Great news: this is being organized again by the Cyprus Women of Today! 2012 Deadlines for delivery to a European address is Friday Nov 23rd, for in Cyprus deliveries is Friday Nov30th. Santa’s helpers can be contacted on Did this for our boys last year – they loved it, and we will be doing it again this year to help CWOT in their efforts of raising funds for the local registered charity, Stop Trafficking, dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking here in Cyprus. Super initiative!

    446. Sarah3 2023 years ago


    447. vasilissa 2023 years ago

      Hello!!! I’m Elena, also russian, living in Nicosia with my two boys 3 years old and 9 months old. Married to a cipriot. Will be very glad to meet!

    448. SandraM 2023 years ago

      Hi to all Cyprus mums. I moved to Cyprus 5 months ago.I have 2 boys aged 3 & 9 and am expecting another baby in May. Would love to meet other mums who are near Parekklisia, Limassol, for coffee and /or playdate with children.Hope to hear from you,Sandra

    449. Kate513 2023 years ago

      Mama 4letniej dziewczynki, planuje przprowadzke na Cypr z UK. Wszelkie porady mile widziane. W ktorej czesci roku najlepiej sie przeniesc pod wzgledem mieszkania, pracy?? Wszystkim mamom z gory dziekuje. Kasia

    450. Katia143 2023 years ago

      Hi to all Cyprus mums. I was born and raised in New York but I am Greek Cypriot, living in limassol now for 8 years. I was wondering does anyone have a child that is bilingual speaking English first (mother tongue) and Greek at the same time? I’m concerned how easily my 5 year old son will get adjusted in a greek speaking class and not be so shy to speak..

    451. Donnella 2023 years ago

      Hi all looking for mums with children under 3 to join us in the pre-easter limassol carnival – please email me or call me 96401498 if you would like to take part – as I need to order custumes.

    452. Miranda129 2023 years ago

      All parents, please have a look at this new services available in paphos

    453. Suzy511 2023 years ago

      Are these meetings held in English?

    454. MartaN 2023 years ago

      Hi, weekend would be great. Thanks

    455. Elena113 2023 years ago

      Weekend is more convenient for me as well!

    456. Bubble 2023 years ago

      weekend please

    457. Despina381 2023 years ago

      Weekend please

    458. Lauren 2023 years ago

      Hi ladies. I have moved to Nicosia 5 days ago and found out 7 days ago i am expecting my first. I am 6 weeks along. Can any of you mums recommend a gynaecologist for me or where to go or what to do in Nicosia to ease me into my first pregnancy?
      Any help, ideas, coffee meets etc wuld be highly appreciated.

      Thank you

    459. Karolina 2023 years ago

      Hey, I live in Kolossi and have 14 months old daughter Aliki and she doesn’t have many chances to socialize with other kids of simillar age. Any mums nearby with children in simillar age who would like to meet and give the little ones a chance to play?

    460. hum 2023 years ago

      hello all, i just notice the page and immediatly signed up. i am non-eu living in polimidea limassol since three years. i have a girl age 4, who attends the public kindergarton n a son age 3 who resides at home. i am looking for some kids to be friends for my kids. i despratly want them to b socialize, as they are alone here. it would b nice to come at my place or urs place and some out door planned picnics too. if anybody having kids with same problem, then plzzz do contact me. thanx

    461. Karolina 2023 years ago

      Hi georgous Mums! I am starting a personal enrichment group “In Full Bloom” in Limassol with meetings twice a month. If you are interested contact me at

    462. Jo 2023 years ago

      Hi there,
      Does anyone know where I can sign my daughter up for Scouts? She’s 8. Any info will be very much appreciated 🙂 x

    463. Katia143 2023 years ago

      What elementary school do your kids go to? And what do you like best about it?

    464. Judy557 2023 years ago

      Hi all, could any body recommend a paediatrician, i have just moved to Limassol and have a 8 week old boy along with two older girls. Also does any body have experience of either Heritage, Foly’s or Silverline schools, am still deciding where to send my two older girls (9 & 7) have appointments set up for after the Easter Holidays. But would appreciate any info / feed back in the mean time. Thanks Judy.

    465. Judy557 2023 years ago

      Am looking for a paediatrician, does anybody’ have a recommendation, it would give me more confidence if I knew the doctor had a good reputation.

    466. Anthoula 2023 years ago

      I resinate with your plight over in Cyprus and Carine great insight. What might also help is bending together and helping others that might be in a far worse than than us. Please don’t mis interpret this comment, I just think at times of our own need there’s always someone else in a far worse situation and by getting together and helping them we in fact help ourselves.

    467. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      A little wave and a quick hello from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 🙂

    468. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      A little wave and a quick hello from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 🙂

    469. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      A little wave and a quick hello from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 🙂

    470. Katia143 2023 years ago

      I am getting ready for summer and planning trips and activites my 5 year old son and i can do. I Put together a schedule (it helps me to be organized) to include swimmind lessons twice a week, beach fun saturday, baking thursdays,and made a theme for every week. I work in the mornings so need to schedule around afternoons. What kind of ideas do you guys have or sone great field trips around limassol?

    471. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      Hello Dear Parents and Carers.
      A Little Wave from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol.
      Now that the summer has made its appearance, we would like a change of scenery for our toddlers;-)

      Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 until 11.30, Little Einsteins, will be organizing a Summer Beach Pic Nic, for our Parents and Toddlers.

      We will have Little Cut Triangle Sandwiches and fruit for our Little Todds, paddling pools, sand and water sensory activity sets, amongst other fun water games to play with;-)

      Our first Pic Nic, is on the 4th June, Tuesday at 9.30 until 11.30.
      Those interested to come along and enjoy a morning of splish splashing, quality time with their children, and lots of chit chatting with other Parents, then please call us for bookings on :
      99-714662 (Maria)
      Price: 10 Euros

    472. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      Hello Dear Parents and Carers.
      A Little Wave from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol.
      Now that the summer has made its appearance, we would like a change of scenery for our toddlers;-)

      Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 until 11.30, Little Einsteins, will be organizing a Summer Beach Pic Nic, for our Parents and Toddlers.

      We will have Little Cut Triangle Sandwiches and fruit for our Little Todds, paddling pools, sand and water sensory activity sets, amongst other fun water games to play with;-)

      Our first Pic Nic, is on the 4th June, Tuesday at 9.30 until 11.30.
      Those interested to come along and enjoy a morning of splish splashing, quality time with their children, and lots of chit chatting with other Parents, then please call us for bookings on :
      99-714662 (Maria)
      Price: 10 Euros

    473. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      Hello Dear Parents and Carers.
      A Little Wave from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol.
      Now that the summer has made its appearance, we would like a change of scenery for our toddlers;-)

      Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 until 11.30, Little Einsteins, will be organizing a Summer Beach Pic Nic, for our Parents and Toddlers.

      We will have Little Cut Triangle Sandwiches and fruit for our Little Todds, paddling pools, sand and water sensory activity sets, amongst other fun water games to play with;-)

      Our first Pic Nic, is on the 4th June, Tuesday at 9.30 until 11.30.
      Those interested to come along and enjoy a morning of splish splashing, quality time with their children, and lots of chit chatting with other Parents, then please call us for bookings on :
      99-714662 (Maria)
      Price: 10 euros

    474. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      Hello Dear Parents and Carers.
      A Little Wave from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol.
      Now that the summer has made its appearance, we would like a change of scenery for our toddlers;-)

      Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 until 11.30, Little Einsteins, will be organizing a Summer Beach Pic Nic, for our Parents and Toddlers.

      We will have Little Cut Triangle Sandwiches and fruit for our Little Todds, paddling pools, sand and water sensory activity sets, amongst other fun water games to play with;-)

      Our first Pic Nic, is on the 4th June, Tuesday at 9.30 until 11.30.
      Those interested to come along and enjoy a morning of splish splashing, quality time with their children, and lots of chit chatting with other Parents, then please call us for bookings on :
      99-714662 (Maria)
      Price: 10 euros

    475. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      Hello Dear Parents and Carers.
      A Little Wave from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol.
      Now that the summer has made its appearance, we would like a change of scenery for our toddlers;-)

      Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 until 11.30, Little Einsteins, will be organizing a Summer Beach Pic Nic, for our Parents and Toddlers.

      We will have Little Cut Triangle Sandwiches and fruit for our Little Todds, paddling pools, sand and water sensory activity sets, amongst other fun water games to play with;-)

      Our first Pic Nic, is on the 4th June, Tuesday at 9.30 until 11.30.
      Those interested to come along and enjoy a morning of splish splashing, quality time with their children, and lots of chit chatting with other Parents, then please call us for bookings on :
      99-714662 (Maria)
      Price: 10 euros

    476. Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol 2023 years ago

      Hello Dear Parents and Carers.
      A Little Wave from Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol.
      Now that the summer has made its appearance, we would like a change of scenery for our toddlers;-)

      Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 until 11.30, Little Einsteins, will be organizing a Summer Beach Pic Nic, for our Parents and Toddlers.

      We will have Little Cut Triangle Sandwiches and fruit for our Little Todds, paddling pools, sand and water sensory activity sets, amongst other fun water games to play with;-)

      Our first Pic Nic, is on the 4th June, Tuesday at 9.30 until 11.30.
      Those interested to come along and enjoy a morning of splish splashing, quality time with their children, and lots of chit chatting with other Parents, then please call us for bookings on :
      99-714662 (Maria)
      Price: 10 euros

    477. Christina K 2023 years ago

      I was lucky enough to win car seats for both my children via Esso’s initiative. They were born 3 years apart and I could not believe it when my daughters birthday also came up. A bit of luck for a change. Now they are both safe in the back thanks to Esso.

    478. Andreea586 2023 years ago

      Hi! is it going to be in Greek or English?

    479. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      This is usually presented in both languages in order to accommodate all participants.

    480. Kerstin 2023 years ago

      I’m looking for a French teacher for kids (for a friend). Anyone know of anyone?

    481. Vikulia 2023 years ago

      Hello mums,Please share with me how do you spend your time with your kids. My daughter is almost 3 weeks, and we are at home feeling tired and sleepless. Not goiing out is depressive. Any idea what to do?

    482. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Editor’s note: Rosemary has launched the website and continues to campaign for all things ecological in Cyprus.

    483. Natalie 2023 years ago

      Hi, I am English lady living and working in Nicosia. My partner and I are expecting our 1st child 16th December and im trying to find English speaking antenatal classes; does have one know of any? any help would be much appreciated 🙂

    484. Natalie 2023 years ago

      Hi, Im an English lady living and working in Nicosia. My partner and I are expecting our first child 16th December.Im finding It hard to meet like minded foreigners do you know of any classes, meet ups etc I can start meeting new friends in same situation to me?
      also I would like to find antenatal classes in English have you heard of any?
      thank u 🙂

    485. Kerstin 2023 years ago

      I will definitely keep this in mind for when my little one is old enough to understand. We have just entered the world of “I want what he has”, and it’s not always easy 🙂

    486. Anthoula 2023 years ago

      Hi Veronica,
      Welcome to Mic’s, my name is Myrianthi Anthoula. Nice to come across someone who’s been to Australia . I’m a Greek Cypriot and live in Melbourne, migrated to Australia as a child with my parents, and visit Cyprus on a regular basis, in fact coming early September. where is Oriklini?

    487. TJ 2023 years ago

      Maxi-Cosi Priori XP front-facing toddler car seat for sale! An excellent car seat with: Belt-tension system for an extra solid fit (no wobbles!), Side Impact System, 4-position recline options, removable/washable seat cover.
      We loved this car seat and the cover is in a well-loved condition, but has been washed twice to ensure it’s clean and ready-to-go and is fully functioning. Suitable for 9-18kg (9 months- 4 years approximately). It’s never been in an accident and is from a smoke free home. Asking 25 euros for quick sale.

      If you’re interested, please give me a call on 96541029. Nicosia pick-up.

    488. Dominika 2023 years ago

      Mam coreczki 3,5 i 4,5, szukam przedszkola w Limassol. B?d? wdzi?czna za jakie? rekomendacje 🙂

    489. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Brilliant advice, I love Christmas and am lucky I guess that ours is never complicated but I’m quietly confident I’d still be able to cope it if was with organisation like that!

    490. MrsKing11 2023 years ago

      Hi, we are looking into moving to cyprus (probably paphos) in the next couple of years. We have a 2 year old son and ness lots of advice on things and it would be great to meet other parents in lovely Cyprus 🙂

    491. MrsKing11 2023 years ago

      I can see that no one has commented for a long time so I would like to say hi. I’m Sarah and I have a 2 year old son. We and my husband are hoping to move to cyprus over the next two years and it would be great to meet other parents in cyprus 🙂

    492. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      I posted this some time ago, but we were talking about the Christmas Tree tradition with our boys today, so I thought it was relevant to re-publish this blog. When do you take your decorations down?

    493. Junebug 2023 years ago

      I am interested in the pediatric first aid course. I’ve done CPR, but a review never hurts if it’s combined. I live in Limassol. Thank you.

    494. Cupcakefactory 2023 years ago

      Hello, I would like to take part in this course please. I’m in Limassol, weekday mornings would be best, thanks.

    495. mona 2023 years ago

      Hello!! I am a mother of twins and would be interested in participating in this course. I am in Limassol too 🙂

    496. Melina85 2023 years ago

      I would like to take part! I live in nicosia but if its on a weekend morning I can make it to limasol!

    497. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thank you for posting this, I had a look at your site today again. Love the art corner idea – we have something similar in the boys’ bedroom, they change their displays all the time!

    498. Nelly 2023 years ago

      Hi Lisa, I am actually also called Lisa !! We move to Oroklini in 19 days eek! Container coming next week, after 2 years in planning the big move is here, we are so excited and slightly scared! We have 1 nine year old boy, so are really keen to make friends in the village and round about, and find lots of family friendly activities! I will let you know how if goes!Any idea which part of Cyprus you planning to move to yet? X

    499. Lisa 2023 years ago

      Ohh that is so exciting, I just can’t wait to get out there! We have a temporary place in miliou, pahos, that will be staying in the in-laws villa until we find our feet, we are looking at closer to pahos. I feel your excitement and nervous feeling, but such a great thing to do, but so scary! where are you from? X

    500. Lisa 2023 years ago

      Oh I just saw you are from Manchester 🙂 where will you send your little boy to school? That’s another issue with us right now, we have 5 children, 4 of them will need education, but obviously can’t afford private fees, very tricky situation, thinking maybe home schooling until they feel more confident speaking and weighting greek, I don’t want them to feel abandoned in a school where they don’t fully understand the language, but any info or tips will be greatly appreciated 🙂 X

    501. Hannah3382 2023 years ago

      i am urgently looking for temp work in limassol if anyone can help please please please let me know 🙂

    502. MrsKing11 2023 years ago

      Hi. I am experienced mum, my son is 3. Thanks for the add :-)We don’t live in cyprus YET but plan to soon 🙂

    503. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Ah that’s a shame, I’ve just tried searching for it in case I’d written the link wrong but it seems to have been moved 🙁

    504. MrsKing11 2023 years ago

      Hi. How R u? Where in cyprus will you be moving to? We are hoping to go there in the near future 🙂

    505. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Eleni, another very nice post, many thanks! I find points 3 and 4 to be very true for my boys. Glad to see you’re settling into the new routine! Best regards, Carine

    506. Penny431 2023 years ago

      Based in Nicosia. Either Tuesday, Thursday morning or Saturday any time.

    507. Penny431 2023 years ago

      Will the course be in English?

    508. Michelle655 2023 years ago

      Nicosia, Weekdays afteroon or Saturday any time

    509. Loasa 2023 years ago

      Limassol please. Mornings or Saturdays thank you.

    510. Anja 2023 years ago

      I’m very much interested for Larnaca and I’m very flexible about times.

    511. Niki685 2023 years ago

      Limassol, Saturday morning, English or Greek ok

    512. sammyj 2023 years ago

      Is the 6hr course please? I’m definitely interested. Larnaca or Nicosia please and in English. Anytime available 🙂 x

    513. Pennie 2023 years ago

      Larnaca or Nicosia. English 🙂 and anytime is food for me 🙂 x

    514. MartaN 2023 years ago

      Limassol in English please. I’m very interested and few other mums. X

    515. michelle152 2023 years ago

      Preferably Nicosia. In english please. At the weekends I’m available.

    516. LMC 2023 years ago

      Weekend, any time, Larnaca, english

    517. Danielle 2023 years ago

      Limassol at the weekend and in english. very interested

    518. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      The course is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 8 from 8.30 to 15.00 hrs, in English. It will be held at the Lighthouse School, please sign up for the event here:

    519. Muppet 2023 years ago

      Hi there, can somebody please please help me with how to apply for Single parent benefits and what i am entitled to as a single full time working mum. My ex and I were not married and living together but practically separate lives but he has never supported us financially and its been a real struggle. Ive been told i need to get a lawyer and go to Court to get a certificate saying i am the sole guardian of our child. I dont want it to get nasty and thought we could do this without the courts, is this the only way???can someone please let me know? I also need a child psychologist who speaks good English. Please contact here or via my email. (Larnaca and Nicosia based)

    520. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thanks for posting, this is great Eleni! ‘Spot the car’ is one of our all-time favourites and a great game to pass the time in the car 🙂

    521. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      With only 25 days to go I now feel slightly (note the word ‘slightly’!) tight for time… Considering I wrote this in 2010 with six weeks left in the countdown, I can only shake my head at myself and come to the conclusion that I obviously do not follow my own advice. Better luck next year! Meanwhile though, please excuse me, I have some lists to write 🙂

    522. Olgita 2023 years ago

      Hey,thanks for add,i m pregnant ,but all moust in the end….i would be happy to make new friends with coming babys;)

    523. Kerstin 2023 years ago

      Contact Kerstin at 99115214 to sign up.

    524. Olgita 2023 years ago

      Hey,we moved to paphos a mount ago.We have a 2mounts girl.I would like meet young moms,for some time spendings,Maybe nice chat and coffe time,or simple go for walk. We live in universal;

    525. ellla 2023 years ago

      Hello. I am 15weeks pregnant for the first time. Are they any first/second/third timers 🙂 wanting to meet up for walks, talks or other activities in Limassol?

    526. ellla 2023 years ago

      Hello. I am 15weeks pregnant for the first time. Are they any first/second/third timers 🙂 wanting to meet up for walks, talks or other activities in Limassol?

    527. kungfumother 2023 years ago

      Hello mums. I m looking for a good kindergarden for my 2,5 year old. Any suggestions?

    528. Mariam 2023 years ago

      Hi ladies im so happy to have found this group. Im a mum living in Cyprus who is working alongside Forever Living Products, providing all natural 100% pure Aloe Vera products for adults as well as our toddlers/babies 🙂 if you are like me and like to use healthier and more natural products for your family then contact me to view our range and get free samples :)I am also looking to help other mums who want to work from home and create an extra income 🙂 xx

    529. Mariam 2023 years ago

      Hi ladies im so happy to have found this website! Im a mum living in Cyprus who is working alongside Forever Living Products, providing all natural 100% pure Aloe Vera products for adults as well as our toddlers/babies 🙂 if you are like me and like to use healthier and more natural products for your family then contact me to view our range and get free samples :)I am also looking to help other mums who want to work from home and create an extra income 🙂 xx

    530. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      I loove this post! Tried and tested several of these, and being positive / rewarding good behaviour with additional time of something they like (staying up 5 min later/more reading time/more TV time etc) really does work better than screaming and shouting. Whispering works, too! Love the job jar, had not heard that before – will do one 🙂 Thanks for posting!

    531. Chantelle 2023 years ago

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    532. Chantelle 2023 years ago

      by Chantelle just now
      Hi. I’m chantelle I am a working mum and I find it very hard to make my money stretch with two kids. I signed up for oriflame and I am selling it to friends, family and colleagues. I get all the skin care and beauty products I want at 23 percent cheaper than the catalogue price. If your interested in signing up to get your own things for great prices or to sell oriflame email me

    533. Chantelle 2023 years ago

      by Chantelle just now
      Hi. I’m chantelle I am a working mum and I find it very hard to make my money stretch with two kids. I signed up for oriflame and I am selling it to friends, family and colleagues. I get all the skin care and beauty products I want at 23 percent cheaper than the catalogue price. If your interested in signing up to get your own things for great prices or to sell oriflame email me

    534. Helen 2023 years ago

      Hello team mum! Can anyone recommend antinatal excessive classes in Limassol?

    535. Helen 2023 years ago

      Sorry typo that should have been excersize – not exessive hehe

    536. Helen 2023 years ago

      Hi mum’s in Limassol! Can anyone recommend prenatal excersize classes locally?

    537. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Beautifully written, Kat! And you are so right, they DO listen to every.single.little.thing we say!! I just wish they would actually act accordingly every now and then 🙂 No, but seriously, they really DO. I found this feeling of realisation totally rewarding. Thanks for posting!

    538. Kat206 2023 years ago

      It is the most rewarding feeling when you realise that your children have absorbed and processed everything that you’ve been telling them – and even more so, when they act on it! Thanks Carine x

    539. Zhenia 2023 years ago

      Hello, Kat! Your article about Good Life (I dare to say it is not just a post!) made an obvious “upload” on my mind! Though I seemed to be a “pro”, in raising up children, but some things seem to loose their colour with the years pass by for some reason… Thank You for reminding me of the most important in being a MUM!?

    540. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thank you so much Zhenia for your comment – I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. I’m so glad that you liked my ‘post’ 🙂 – and that it resonated with you in some way x

    541. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thanks for posting this Georgie. We fully support the wonderful work being done by Birth Forward in trying to change the birthing culture here in Cyprus and in informing women that they do indeed have a CHOICE in how they give birth, whatever that choice is. Looking forward to hearing more from you again in the near future!

    542. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Jenny from the MiC Team! We hope that you’re having a good one! 🙂

    543. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Eleonora from the MiC Team! Hope the sun keeps on shining for you this weekend 🙂

    544. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday RT from the MiC Team! Hope the sun keeps on shining for you this weekend 🙂

    545. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Elena from the MiC Team! Have a wonderful day and a great week 🙂

    546. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Shell from the MiC Team! Have a wonderful day and a great week 🙂

    547. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy birthday Ria, from the MiC Team! We hope it’s a good one 🙂

    548. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy birthday, from the MiC Team! We hope it’s a good one 🙂

    549. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Kairy from the MiC Team! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    550. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this Eleni. We’re sure that this post will be really useful – both for those parents having gone/going through this but also to help raise awareness amongst others.

    551. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      I agree, thanks for posting, Eleni! I am one of the 1 in 4, my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and my whole world collapsed at the time. Trying to cope with the loss I started reading about the subject and was surprised to learn just how common miscarriages are, apparently almost half of all first time pregnancies do not have a happy ending! Why is it still such a taboo? I am so very grateful that I was able to go on and have two wonderful boys, 8 and 7 today, and most women who suffered a miscarriage actually do, too – but no one tells you that! Grieving is important, and it’s true, we need to raise awareness more – can’t emphasize enough that it is never the mother’s fault when things go wrong. Guilt has no place in such a situation, and neither does shame. Just like in the subject of post natal depression. Thanks again, Eleni.

    552. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Mmmmm… I’m going to be making this very soon! Thanks for sharing Eleni! 🙂

    553. ccdd 2023 years ago

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    554. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy birthday Angie from the MiC Team! Hope it’s a fabulous one!

    555. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Absolutely LOVE this Christina! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to more WonderDoughfulness soon x

    556. Matilda 2023 years ago

      Are there any mums with young children in Episkopi, Erimi, Kolossi or Souni? I have a 2,5 years old child and I would like to connect with some mums in the area. Thx!

    557. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday nadya from the MiC Team! Hope it’s a good one 🙂

    558. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Drouli from the MiC Team – hope it’s a lovely one x

    559. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Happy Birthday from the MiC Team – hope it’s an enjoyable one! 🙂

    560. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thank you so much, Kat, for such a fantastic summary! A must-read for those who were unable to attend, and who knows, hopefully your post will encourage even more women to attend the next conference. Ladies: To change the way women are perceived and treated in the local society, we must begin with the change in ourselves, be confident, stand tall and speak up – always! We can achieve anything if we truly want to – Together!

    561. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thanks Carine – so true. We still need to fight for women’s rights – there’s still so much inequality in the economic sector, but also elsewhere… Teaching our daughters that they too can be leaders (or teaching our sons that women should also lead! :-)) and working together are the only ways to achieve this!

    562. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Lu! Hope you have a lovely day – from the MiC Team

    563. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Dora! Hope you have a lovely day – from the MiC Team

    564. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday from the MiC Team!

    565. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday, from the MiC Team! Hope the sun holds out for you! 😉

    566. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday, from the MiC Team! Hope the sun holds out for you! 😉

    567. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday fransje from the MiC Team! 🙂

    568. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday anya from the MiC Team! 🙂

    569. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Hey Veronika mas! Happy happy birthday! See you Saturday xxx

    570. Chris651 2023 years ago

      Thanks for this wonderful account of the Yin Alithea Conference. I really enjoyed the conference and this article is such a great reflection of the inspiration that went on there. Well done Kat on pinning it all down!

    571. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thanks so much Chris mou! So glad you enjoyed my ‘summary’ and I’m really glad to have connected with you and all of the lovely women at the conference 🙂

    572. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Brilliant! Those pictures made me chuckle – thanks for sharing Eleni!
      I love my kids’ imagination and am so thankful they have so many things to teach me about how to view the world… and how to introduce a bit of magic in to our daily lives.

      My favourite game that my kids play, is ‘exploring’ in the garden… my older daughter gets them kitted out in exploring clothes and kitbag, cardboard binoculars and notepad – then they choose a country and go looking for the native animals so they can study and draw them… This can take them hours on a good day, complete with carrier pigeon- (my younger son :-)) -delivered messages with updates on how they’re getting on! I could use the time when they’re occupied to catch up on my own stuff but often find it much more interesting to join in their game, or at least watch them secretly from the kitchen window with a smile on my face… xxx

    573. Kat206 2023 years ago

      I am in love! Thanks for the tip Eleni – haven’t been to Nicosia in a while but must make sure I get there soon. And such reasonable prices for handmade clothes… even more of a good reason to shop local!

    574. georgies mummy 2023 years ago

      I love that! Especially the carrier pigeon! Haha. That made me laugh out loud. x

    575. georgies mummy 2023 years ago

      You know Kat I find it incredibly important that we support people like this and what they do. You should def check them out. And don’t forget to tell the designer how you found out about her designs! xxx

    576. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago


    577. Kat206 2023 years ago


    578. Kat206 2023 years ago

      I will definitely tell her!
      I am really passionate about supporting local small businesses, particularly when you’re buying goods that are made locally as well. That’s made even easier when they’re such good quality goods at such reasonable prices – it makes the choice to shop local even easier! 🙂

    579. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday SophiaMarie from the MiC Team!

    580. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Chanchi from the MiC Team? Are you still thinking of moving to Cyprus? If so, I can put you in touch with the Department of Nursing at Tepak (State Nursing School) who may be able to help…

    581. Kat206 2023 years ago

      You are completely right Tania! Our children give us so much, one aspect of which is the ability to connect more easily with strangers or as you said, to reconnect with friends and sometimes even, family. Thanks for this post. Looking forward to hearing more from you again soon!

    582. Kat206 2023 years ago

      My kids love this too – in fact, they love just blended frozen fruit for a quick cold snack in the summer months – for instant strawberry or banana ‘icecream’. I buy fruit in bulk when it’s in season (like strawberries are right now) and wash/cut a lot of it, stick it in the freezer and so it can be blended and eaten within minutes when needed. Thanks for this Tania! My kids also love frozen peas and sweetcorn straight from the freezer in a bowl – it’s their favourite snack 🙂 Does anyone else’s kids like that?

    583. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Mmmm… looks good! 🙂

    584. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday Kirsten550 from the MiC Team! Hope the dust is not as bad in Larnaca as it is in Limassol today?

    585. themomsway 2023 years ago

      My son stopped eating a couple of weeks ago due to teething, so my doctor suggester smoothies. He loved it… I never tried freezing fresh fruit to be honest, but it’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    586. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      You’ve got to have a powerful enough blender or food processor but it’s fantastic as a quick alternative to waiting for lollies to freeze. You can freeze your coconut/almond milk as well in ice-cube trays and pop a few of those in for a creamier result! 🙂 Let me know when you’ve tried it! I’m going to have a go at your almond milk lollies at the weekend 🙂

    587. Kat206 2023 years ago

      You’ve got to have a powerful enough blender or food processor but it’s fantastic as a quick alternative to waiting for lollies to freeze (which we also do – they like the instant ‘icecream’ and their lollies). You can freeze your coconut/almond milk as well in ice-cube trays and pop a few of those in for a creamier result! 🙂 Let me know when you’ve tried it! I’m going to have a go at your almond milk lollies at the weekend 🙂

    588. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Eline! Are you still running your practice? If so, you might be interested in being listed in our new MiC Directory of all child/mum/family related businesses and services on the island! If you are, drop me a line at: to discuss!

    589. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy sunny Birthday, from the MiC Team! 🙂

    590. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday helen, from the MiC Team! 🙂

    591. themomsway 2023 years ago

      Hi Eleni, I really want to decorate eggs with my son but I think he is still too young 🙁 (16 months)… I don’t think he will be into it.. what do you think should I try it?

    592. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Lovely ideas – thanks Eleni! I love all of them – especially the super cute simple (i.e., easy & quick! :-)) face one with the flower wreath! 🙂 We usually do the traditional method of tying daisies and leaves on to the egg with cut-up old tights and dying them red… I’ll post some pictures later in the week. Was thinking of trying something different this year – thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 xx

    593. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Love these! Thanks Tania – they’re so cute! 🙂 x

    594. georgies mummy 2023 years ago

      Hi Tania! 16 months is such a cool age. Georgie was 18 months when I gave him a paintbrush and some paints and he went crazy on a blank canvas! So I recommend putting him in some old clothes, laying down a plastic mat and giving him a paintbrush and paints and a few hard boiled eggs and just let him go! You could also try the whisk dip where you place an egg inside the whisk and help him dip it into a bowl of paint. I put a link up on this in my last STUFF post if you want to check it out. Let me know how it goes! I would love to see what he comes up with. x

    595. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      HI Tania, thanks so much for your post – I like two things about it: the tribute to all our single parent friends out there who do such an amazing job, day in day out, AND the fact that it reminds us how everything is relative in life. If we think we’re having a challenging day with our little ones once in a while, we need to think again…it’s the kids that are having a challenging day, not us 🙂

    596. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Perfect timing for this post! We are just about to start our annual dye-fest and now I am spoilt for choice – thank you!

    597. themomsway 2023 years ago

      Thank you for the ideas!!! Ill take pictures and let you know… Thanks mama xx

    598. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday Anna, from the MiC Team – enjoy the Easter weekend! 🙂

    599. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday Nonaki, from the MiC Team – enjoy the Easter weekend! 🙂

    600. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy birthday maraki, from the MiC Team! 🙂

    601. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy birthday Janes, from the MiC Team! 🙂

    602. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy birthday from the MiC Team! Hope you have a good one 🙂

    603. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy Birthday from the MiC Team! Hope that the sun comes out for you! 🙂

    604. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy happy Birthday from the MiC Team! Hope that the sun comes out for you! 🙂

    605. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday from the MiC Team!

    606. georgies mummy 2023 years ago

      I spent many summers in Platres as a teenager. Such a great place. But haven’t been with Georgie yet. Going on my list of things to do this summer. x

    607. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Yes, it is a great place Eleni mou and it’s just getting better… With the rope park and new businesses opening in and around the area. It was about time, Troodos has so much potential, especially considering the numbers of people they get visiting in the summer and winter, but the really good quality places are few and far between…

    608. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Sounds like you’re TOTALLY making the most of your last week of pregnancy… Good on you Eleni mou! 🙂 Wishing your little guy a peaceful, safe and speedy delivery to all of you waiting to welcome him – enjoy your moments as a new mum of two! Kisses xxx

    609. Kat206 2023 years ago

      I always say that being a Mum is like having constant guilt – especially when anything happens to our little ones. Wishing your little guy a speedy recovery – sounds like he’s doing super well already! I had severe burns like that down my entire side as a child (from boiling water) and made a full recovery, if that helps at all – young skin is magical in it’s healing capabilities! Hope you’re managing to put it all past you now and enjoying some special Mama and Son time together. Thinking of you xxx

    610. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      OMG, what a story! Thank you for sharing 🙂 So true, life can change dramatically any moment, and it really does only take a second. Wishing you and your family continuous strength and positive vibes, may RG have a full recovery very soon! Best wishes!

    611. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      ???? ????????? Eleni! xx

    612. themomsway 2023 years ago

      Thank you so much! We actually had a visit with the surgeon today to remove the gauze from his hand and body but RG decided to scratch his side and so they decided to leave it on for another week! they only removed the gauze from his hand and it does honestly look like he got a sun burn… I am truly amazed by how different it looks in just a couple of weeks! the progress is fantastic and I am sure the stuff we will use on him now will work towards him not having any scars. The blog was really hard for me to write because I did honestly write down how I felt and even though I cried through the entire thing it helped… It’s one of the reasons I love my Blog so much, it is really my own personal diary!!! 🙂 Thanks mamas for all your love and support xxx

    613. Unise 2023 years ago

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    621. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      So glad you two found each other! Nancy’s range is great! And what a cutie James is – na sas zissi! 🙂 x

    622. Kat206 2023 years ago

      So glad you two found each other! Nancy’s range is great! And what a cutie James is – na sas zissi! 🙂 x

    623. georgies mummy 2023 years ago

      Thanks Kat. And yes we love MamaBear Designs!

    624. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thank you Eleni for sharing your beautiful story with us. I have tears in my eyes as I read this (birth stories always make me really emotional – especially knowing how amazing women are and how powerfully strong their bodies and spirits can be!). A great read for anyone but particularly for women considering a VBAC – to know that it is possible, with the right doctor and supporting team. Bravo Eleni mou – big respect!!! x

    625. tressaz 2023 years ago

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    635. vinscy 2023 years ago

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    637. Emmett 2023 years ago

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    638. Geordiehandbag 2023 years ago

      Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy teenage boy clothes from? Not too expensive (because he’s growing so fast!) in the Limassol area. Many thanks 🙂

    639. manou 2023 years ago

      Ciao Mamme. Mi chiamo Emmanouela e sono madre di due bambine, 2 e mezzo e 1 anno. Sono Greca. Ho vissuto in Italia per quasi tre anni. Ora abito a Limassol e mi piacerebbe fare amicizia con una madre italiana per poter parlare in italiano! Aspetto le vostre risposte!

    640. Bhalirndaon 2023 years ago

      Worrying that baby is awake all night and you cannot get a good night sleep. Here is your place to get all the guidance and motivation in a true sense. Life cv writing professional cannot get any easier than this.

    641. ANIA 2023 years ago

      Hi ladies, I have just moved to Limassol, mouttagiaka. I am looking for a day care for my 15 months old. Preferably Greek speaking. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks

    642. Camilleparks 2023 years ago

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    643. MelissaField5840 2023 years ago

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    644. ArleneGregory 2023 years ago

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    645. LillianClayton 2023 years ago

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    646. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Thanks Eleni for sharing this with us… I also use coconut oil on my skin – love the smell and it’s really economical as a little goes a long way. I haven’t tried it exclusively for stretch marks though – will have to see if this little miracle will work on mine! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Kat x

    647. Kat206 2023 years ago

      Welcome to the MiC community Tracy! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us… and such honest ones at that. Some great advice for all new Mums (and even for the more seasoned Mums amongst us!). We’d love to hear more of your insights from your parenting journey – please feel free to share. Thanks Tracy, Kat (MiC Content Manager)

    648. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Ok Ladies, one day to go until our first get together! Tomorrow Tuesday, March 2nd, 15.30 – please confirm your attendance if you can make it so that we know how many to expect 🙂

    649. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Hi Mums, I am so sorry but I wont be able to make these initial meetings due to my inlaws being here but i really hope to catch you on the next ones! Have fun xxxxxxx

    650. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Well i think your doing well, its better to take it off slowly then quickly and doing the walking etc tones your body. I usually lose weight slowly but get good results i suppose it depends on how strong minded you are in wanting to look good first and feel great about your appearance!! I always have a chocolate bar or a cake at the end of the week. That keeps me happy emsyjo. The weather helps me a lot i want to look good in my clothes no way do i want to see a bulge. Keep up the challenge you will make it stick to your goals and send a picture of you when your satisfied with your results. happy easter georgina xx

    651. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      Hi Elvire. We met last night at the Londa and talked about teh CPR/First Aid Course. Hope we can arrange this. Sarah

    652. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      Hi, We met last night at the Londa and talked about the First Aid/CPR course. I hope it can be arranged this year. Bye for now. Sarah

    653. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      This is the first time I’ve been into the blogs….. just thought I’d wish you all the best for your new life in Hampshire….its a beautiful County. Which town will you be living in? There’s so much to do with kids – you’ll have a great time. Sarah

    654. Sarah3 2023 years ago

      Hey you’re quick off the mark with the photos….what a lovely evening it was. See ya soon. x

    655. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday touu youuuu!

    656. Soulla70 2023 years ago

      Hi all. Please note that the library will be closed from 17th July until 4th September. Hope you all have a great summer!
      Soulla xxx

    657. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Naomi its nice to see your back and you have settled in the uk i have just come back from the uk i spent nearly 3 weeks there weather was nice and lovely and nice & cool the second week. Glad you have made friends. Take care and keep in touch. georgina xx

    658. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      Yes, it is possible to do the transfers via internet banking. I am also “P”-Card user for internet shopping:)

    659. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Brilliant, I never even knew this existed here!!

    660. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best on your birthday!

    661. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      We needed 8 attendees, we got 8 attendees – hooray! Thank you to all for making it happen. If anyone else is interested, we have 4 more places to fill. Let’s get trained 🙂

    662. Fizzie Lizzie 2023 years ago


    663. Debs221 2023 years ago

      Hi, I don’t suppose you live in Paphos? I moved here three months ago and I’m trying to make friends for my 22 month old daughter. Debs

    664. Irene191 2023 years ago

      Yeap, that’s true, all the other supermarkets started to cut the prices, and Carrefour and Orphanides are almost empty 🙂

    665. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Congratulations on your great decision! To tell others about such a challenge is always the hardest, so I guess part of the work is already done 🙂 Getting us involved via your blog is a super idea, you may not have your SW group with you, but maybe we can indeed be a virtual substitute. Starting Tuesday, I shall be keeping my fingers crossed and sending you positive-support-vibes up to Derynia. GO Emma, GO!!

    666. debbie76 2023 years ago

      thanks Linda not got to the tantrums yet just the “carnt be bothered to do homework “stage!! I agree with you ignoring it is best ,and its so hard to bite your tongue ,and not get into argument but i will say he,s a good lad and Im not having much trouble yet!!! any tips on how to fill him up!!!haha he is like a bottom less pit never stops eating not complaing but just jealous that he can eat and eat and eat and look like a beanpole!!! On the pre teen girls my daughter is 11 now and I!m waiting for it like you !I did have a spell of ita while ago put it down to the hormones!but isnt that what we do for the rest of our lives!!! “blame it on the hormones”

    667. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and best wishes!

    668. Happymummy220 2023 years ago

      Hi there,I’m new on this site so I’m just learning how to use it.
      Could anyone recommend a good English nursery School in Nicosia?I have just started looking into nursery schools for my daughter for next year, but I didn’t realise you have to book in advance in order to save a place for your child.
      Any advice on the matter?

    669. Basia 2023 years ago

      I found lower prices when I came on October. Before opening of Lidl. I think it was some kind of preparation to LIDL. Now, the prices are higher and I think they will rise just before Christmas. But I hope they will drop in new year time. I find diary product’s prices very high on Cyprus. And I also find food expensive because Poland (the country which I came from) has one of the lowest prices of food in EU. So that’s why it is harder to accept those prices for me.

    670. Linda20 2023 years ago

      Be positive and have fun, I did slimming world 11 years ago and fell pregnant whilst attending, it was great as I only gained a fraction of the weight second time round! Been in Cyprus eversince and have not really got back to it! So wishing you well!

    671. kittykat 2023 years ago

      Hiya new to the group! Have a 5-year old and pregnant with the second (due in 6 weeks!) Hope to meet mums here in Nicosia. This group is a great idea! xx Kat

    672. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Kittycat & welcome to mums in Nicosia. Well you have come to the pur r fect place he!he! I am a granma & i must say i feel great people dont believe i have a granchild i must get my young genes look from my mum bless her it actually runs in the family all my sisters in england look much younger. When im out with my daughter they think we are sisters NICE younger version ha!ha! well you havent got long my daughter-in-law has her baby anytime now its supposed to be due begining of april but just last the story has changed its due any time maybe they said by the end of the week. take care of yourself kittycat purr!!! luv to meet you some time. georgina xx

    673. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      hiya tonia, did you go to the crafts fair saturday. It was a lovely day i thought the fair was quite good most of the stalls were there due to people thought about weather conditions. They had some lovely cup cakes i bought a few mmmm!.. I am looking to buy some patchwork quilts it would be great if they had some stalls with that kind of handcrafts. But, it was enjoyable worth the visit. Did anyone else go? look forward to hearing from you.

    674. suzyy 2023 years ago

      Hi to all mums!I am new around here. I have little girl 16 months old 🙂 Willing to meet other bored home mums for coffe or anything like that! Located in area with mall of Engomi. By the way … does anyone know any good nursery that takes babyies that age in Nicosia??

    675. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday and all the best!

    676. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best!

    677. suzyy 2023 years ago

      to i ja dolacze 🙂 witam ! ale nas duzo!

    678. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to you and all the best!

    679. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns of the day and best wishes!

    680. Sophialena 2023 years ago

      Yes I finally gave birth to a third angel called Andrea 2.550g with blue eys and brown hair. She’s now 4 months old and fills my cup of love everyday together withy4 year old Elena and 2 year old Sophia. Patience is what I pray for!

    681. Sophialena 2023 years ago

      Another major change in my life is that we’ve moved from Larnaca to Limassol and eventhough I am from Limassol it’s like sarting all over again. Life with 3 kids is indeed THE change in my life and I stuggle daily to balance it all out. We’ve been blessed with good health but everything else is just so difficult to tacke with. Cyprus is definitely not an easy place to live in.

    682. pinkprincess mazmaria 2023 years ago

      hey welcome to all x feel free to post events ect

    683. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Congratulations on having your own section 🙂

    684. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Thanks Emma! 🙂

    685. Vanja 2023 years ago

      You are already a veteran in that department! 😛

    686. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Sorry that the pics came out a bit squashed… I think the size of the pic doesn’t fit in so well with the blog format… If you want to see the original photos just click on the links.

    687. Vanja 2023 years ago

      ok that’s better… I fixed it 🙂

    688. Carrie23 2023 years ago

      hiya! does anyone know of any part time english nurseries in Nicosia?need to take the baby a few days a week
      and also are mummies allowed to spend some time with the baby?

    689. Maria33 2023 years ago

      Hi! Does anyone know of any Antenatal classes in English, preferably in the afternoon as I am still working.

    690. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Thanks for the great advice and support mamas! I will be logging it and storing it for use now and in the future, in my forgetful brain! Its really great to have you guys to chat with x

    691. Flamenco 2023 years ago

      Hi Anastasia, I would like to come tommorow night to the Londa, is there a meeting place for the group as i havent met anyone from the group so wont recognise anybody. Thanks Joanna

    692. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Thats great! i support you there. A hard decision but if your determined to loose. Its difficult when you are eating out with friends but its mind over matter if you want to look good and feel great about yourself. I am on a diet not that i am fat but one thing i did learn. stop keeping weighing yourself each day. I get on the scales once every week. one chocolate every week. 2 glasses of wine the limit. plus exercise, walking, swimming is good if you have a bicycle even better. Not that i have one, but i have a treadmill at home, my daughters a good support so when she goes on my turns next. I want to be a size 12 again. with a flat tummy. he!he! First month the hardest. But, go girl go. You can do it.

    693. rach31 2023 years ago

      After xmas i started walking everyday and was doing great until I came to the uk for five weeks and have put it all back on. I’ve never lost my baby weight (Kyle is now 16 months) so when i get back to Cyprus at the weekend i am going to find some will power (not sure where from) and try again. So perhaps we can help each other out, good luck xx

    694. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best!

    695. Noelia 2023 years ago

      Thank you Carine

    696. cypriotnena 2023 years ago

      Soooo lovely 🙂

    697. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday touuu youuuu!

    698. Michy 2023 years ago

      Sounds cool, can’t wait to read more :o)

    699. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thanks for all your comments – now I know people are reading I’ll HAVE to keep you updated 🙂
      Just about to go shopping so I’m all prepared with plenty of “good” food – beauty of SW is you should never be hungry, if you are you are doing it wrong. There is a huge list of “free” food which you can eat as much of as you like so as long as my cupboard is full of them and not biscuits we’re onto a good start!

    700. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Hi Emsyjo,Weight loss, weight loss, I feel like I have been on a diet ever since I was about 15!!! Looking back at photos then I wasnt even fat!!!
      Well done on your weightloss, it is hard, especially in a place like Cyprus, where you dont really have the support network around you or a class leader you fell your “accountable” to each week for your weight loss!
      You did an amazing job before and you can do it again, its just that your priorities and lifestyle have probably changed a 100% from when you lost weight before!
      Stick at it and dont give yourself a hard time if you do fall off the wagon a little, just get straight back on.
      I personally am following Rosemary Conleys book as its a lot of homecooking and that just works out easier for me and surprisingly, you can get loads of the stuff you need, here!
      Stick at it girl! xxx

    701. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Looks like you had a great time! Congrats to all the new mums, you all look fab xx

    702. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      I loved this article, my 20 month old son has had 2 tantrums to date in public and it was horrible but I did turn my back and ignore him, whilst I waited for the ground to open and willingly take me away!!! It seemed to work, he was fine after a minute but I was nervous wreck for the rest of the day!!! xx Thanks for posting ladies! xx

    703. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Oh noooo, you’re really leaving!! You will be missed! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us all, you have certainly contributed to bringing this site alive, especially when it was just starting off. I always found your blogs and comments highly entertaining, you have a great writing style! Please do log back in from time to time and stay in touch – I am sure the other mums would also love to know how you get on in your new chapter of life.
      As for your car (how DARE you slide your sales pitch into the blog!! – just kidding), and any other items you may wish to sell, I would recommend posting the full details in the forum for everyone to see…hopefully it will increase your chances of finding a buyer even more!

      Hope we get a chance to chat before you go, but I’ll take this opportunity to already wish you and your family all the very best 🙂

    704. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Thanks Carine!!! I have never met you but I feel like I have a Penpal!!! I will miss you guys loads! Thanks for letting me post in the forum and letting me empty my head on the site!
      Hope I can continue to do so!!!!
      Naomi xxx

    705. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Cathy, that is just disgusting. Just think of it SITTING on the loo dont worry i always check my loo when i’m at my flat in proteras as i know they can get in the most unpleasant places but crawling up his bum uuggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    706. elvire 2023 years ago

      hey,is that you?!

    707. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      I like the 3 “S” its true here the drivers are really road hogs. Never indicate half the time they drive and you sure need space….. just the other day i just gave my son a lift to the office and on the way back i decided to take the back turnings and out of no where a car just whizzed out and luck my quick reflexes i had to sway to the left or i would have been in a nasty accident not only that it was an old man driving i sure called him some names let along honked him so loud i was furious.
      You can be the safest driver but, there is always some idiot who doesnt care how they drive. Most of the youngest here get a car drive like a maniac i hope they put tougher tests before they give anyone their licences. I dont mean just the youngest also other ages.

      So ladies remember the 3 “s” let alone you need eyes at the back of your head ha!ha! when driving…….!!!!!

    708. Leoni 2023 years ago

      See there are some good store keepers!!

    709. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the best on your birthday!

    710. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      welcome Kaatherine to mumsincyprus hope you enjoy this fab site and make new friends
      regards georgina

    711. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best!

    712. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Best wishes on your birthday!

    713. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      hi, i’m interested in the Nicosia courses. If possible to be notified. Thanks.

    714. Lubna 2023 years ago

      We put artificial grass two months ago which i was against but my husband convinced me that its better. Its really good, it looks real and you will never worry that it will change colour. You also don’t need to maintain it, water it, or cut it. The kids love it and we always sit and play on it on the afternoon without worrying that something will crawl out of it.

    715. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      That sounds very good, but how do you clean it? Do you use water, or a vacuum cleaner?

    716. Basia 2023 years ago

      Vanja it is great what you do for your daughter. Congratulations! I could do the same. But never had such ideas. But it is never too late. Thanks for motivating me. The first idea is to make a monster or something like that from whole apple. My boys do not eat whole apples I always peel them. Sometimes I treat them as babies. I promise to behave better ;).

    717. Basia 2023 years ago

      It is a shame that we live in much better conditions than many people. I was always taught to take care of food (do not waste it). And I also tell my boys that if you waste food the starving children would not like it. They would feel offended by our behavior. Maybe it sounds old fashioned, but this is the way to make our children sensitive to other people’s condition.

    718. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and best wishes on your birthday!

    719. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday tooo youuuu! All the best.

    720. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Best wishes for a very happy birthday – enjoy!

    721. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday Julia! All the best.

    722. Emma91 2023 years ago

      Hi I am a swedish mum, we moved to Limassol in february, have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, would really like to meet other mums. Emma

    723. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Just wanted to wish you all the best for the move and hope you get settled soon. At least you won’t have to fling yourself at people with kids (I know the feeling!) as there’s tons to do in England – ooh and shopping 🙂 (sorry got on a bit of a tangent as I’m missing my cheap shops!)
      Let us know how it goes,

    724. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Wishing you a happy birthday!

    725. Notseeb 2023 years ago

      what a lovley idea!!!

    726. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the best on your birthday!

    727. Basia 2023 years ago

      Cze?? dziewczyny :). Nie zagl?da?am i nie wiedzia?am, ?e jest nas troszk?. Witajcie, Suzyy, Kasiu i Julciu!

    728. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      test post!

    729. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Yep, we too succumbed to the lure of the Lidl…Went this afternoon, foolishly thinking people had other things to do late on a Saturday – how wrong we were! There must have been hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people there, people who were buying and buying trolley loads of stuff – as if Lidl was not going to be here to stay.We opted for a LookSee visit instead of actually buying anything, the queues at the checkout were far too long. Nice to see some familiar German items (Schogetten, yummy!) and prices really do seem low indeed. Let’s see how much a full week’s worth of shopping will cost compared to other places…

    730. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns, all the best on your birthday!

    731. KellyA 2023 years ago

      Hi Anne-Marie.Your little boy is so cute xx

    732. Emma21 2023 years ago

      That’s a great Valentines present! Sure he’ll love them 🙂

    733. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Thats really nice slowly everyone will join in these events, i am more than willing to take part in helping out, i dont mind even if no one doesn’t mind it to be held at my house in nicosia. I love entertaining. Count me in.. Georgina xx

    734. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      You certainly look a nice bunch of young ladies, smart i must say. Glad you all enjoyed this exciting event specially meeting for the first time exchanging different views of topics and children a experience for all. I hope there will be more events like this with more mums meeting up. Georgina xx

    735. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Mums. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Did anyone do anything exciting? Georgina

    736. Soulla70 2023 years ago

      Hi fellow-mums in Larnaca – what a great website! If any of you want to find out more about the library that I run on Saturday mornings at the American Academy Junior School, let me know. Soulla xxx

    737. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday tuuu yuuu!

    738. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best!

    739. mamma christy advice 2023 years ago

      glad to be among beautiful people and mums!!!!

    740. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to youuuu!

    741. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Im sorry Carine….but this blog has made my day and left me in giggles! thank you.

    742. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thanks Nat, I have posted the event. Sounds like fun!

    743. cleo4 2023 years ago

      I would like to say a big thank you for arranging the first aid course.I felt it was excellent and very helpful.
      It was great to meet other mums too.
      So pleased I attended it.
      Thanks again

    744. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I agree, I’ve always thought cards are important. I love receiving them, especially now we have moved out here, it’s nice to know that we haven’t been forgotten!

    745. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I too gave into the temptation of Lidl yesterday, and I was quite impressed (although there is a chance I could have been persuaded by the free cake at the entrance and the 59c chocolate inside!)
      I had never been to Lidl in the UK, no idea why really I just always stuck to the likes of Asda and Tesco. I think because of the “known brands” Here my shopping had changed anyway, not only am I looking for the bargains much more as we are living to a much stricter budget than before but I hadn’t been buying Heinz etc. anyway.

      I was pleased to see lots of things that I regularly buy at cheaper prices and also things I had not been buying due to their cost. So I will definitely heading there for my weekly shop.

    746. Emma21 2023 years ago

      See the Events section for details of new monthly meet up in Paralimni

    747. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Oh, and nappies…40 for 6.99 although I have yet to discover if they are any good!

    748. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns!

    749. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the best on your birthday!

    750. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Isabelle and a happy birthday!

    751. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Thanks Basia! You should definitely try! Monster Apples sound great! That’s a great idea 🙂
      We made another Muffin Tin on Monday, stop by to check it out 🙂 It was a very quick and simple one since we were pressed for time but it worked and Emma’s face lit up again!

    752. annamariaf1979 2023 years ago

      Thanks Kelly, I think so but I’m biased LOL!!How long have you lived in Cyprus? x

    753. Linda20 2023 years ago

      Advice when selling a car. Do not hand over your registration docs to anyone until you see the money in your hand. As there are some people who find it difficult to give the money they have got for you to you!

    754. KellyA 2023 years ago

      I was under Paralimni hospital and was meant to have had him there but I ended up going into premature labour so I ended up in Nicosia :(Was really gutted about it as I really wanted to have him at Paralimni and I was so far from all my family in Nicosia…..I completley agree though the care is far better here than in the UK, even though they are quite vicious to you in labour here hehehe….but the hospital food was horrible 😀

    755. rach31 2023 years ago

      Wish i could of been there but only got from uk on Saturday, will be interested in next meeting, especially if one of the events were closer to home (Paralimni). x

    756. gilly 2023 years ago

      Best of luck for your move, enjoy life in England (they have real cake there – I’m so jealous) and do keep in touch,

    757. Hot Mama 2023 years ago

      Emysjo and Caketester,I will stay in touch and keep you updated on UK life! I am sure, in no time at all, I will be ranting on about the terrible weather!!!!
      Keep smiling ladies,
      Naomi xxxx

    758. hairsmiths 2023 years ago

      wow thankyou guys xxx job well done and a pleasure to be of service xx pat

    759. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best!

    760. Natasha173 2023 years ago

      Are these lectures in english or greek?

    761. Natasha173 2023 years ago

      Hi zuriel, I was wondering how u found the prenatal classes. I dont speak greek well but was interested in coming do u think if i did i would be able to follow the class?

    762. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      Hi Emma- i noticed you are coming to the baby disco- that is great! Have you checked out the Women of Today Website- you might find some other events that you are interested in :)See you at the baby disco, if not sooner

    763. Tina188 2023 years ago

      Does your husband is Cypriot and does he speak greek with the boys?If not you have to send them to a greek Kindergarten,to learn the language.

    764. nat1 2023 years ago

      yes – I agree with Cleo – thanks so much for organising it – ~I really enjoyed learning all the techniques as a group and was great to meet everyone else on the course

    765. Chanchi 2023 years ago

      Hi everyone!, I am moving over next April and I teach CPR and first aid, though it is on an informal basis so not so stressfull, was the St John’s course free? Hoping to make lots of new friends before I move over. By the way I am not touting for business I like teaching it so could do it for the Mums In Cyprus sometime 😀

    766. Louisa182 2023 years ago

      I was thinking about getting those nappies…Emsyjo please get back and post whether they are any good

    767. Emma21 2023 years ago

      They seem ok, haven’t used them overnight yet as I brought the next size up to usual and they are too big really. Went back this morning and got his normal size. but no nappy related disasters yet!

    768. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday, all the best!

    769. gilly 2023 years ago

      Yeah! Well done! Great news x

    770. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hello again Sophialena, You are certainly a busy mum, love a person who keeps herself occupied so a another little girl to the family, dad is certainly going to be surrounded by young girls!!!! my daughter in law is expecting her second baby anytime now its a boy she will have two boys. The main thing is to be healthy.. Please let me know when the little angel is born keep in touch Georgina..

    771. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Rach, will try to organise the next one soon.

    772. Noelia 2023 years ago

      hi, I invite you to our first mum’s meeting in Nicosia Mar 27 at 3.00pm.It will take place at Outopia Shop where is close to wed Fruit Market.
      Call me for directions. 99453260 Elli

    773. Noelia 2023 years ago

      hi, I invite you to our first mum’s meeting in Nicosia Mar 27 at 3.00pm.It will take place at Outopia Shop where is close to wed Fruit Market.
      Call me for directions. 99453260 Elli

    774. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to you!

    775. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday!

    776. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      All the very best on your birthday!

    777. Eva Stylianou Zumba Instructor Salsera 2023 years ago

      I would love to attend butno weekend course? Someone should recommend it 🙁
      Very hard for a working mother to take 2 days off.

    778. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      Yeah, we love it! My girls and I took out our sheepskin slippers from their (summer) hibernation this morning, because the tiles were too cold to walk barefoot.

    779. Irene191 2023 years ago

      I loved the rain storm! I actually took some pics and posted them on facebook 😀 Is nice and cool outside, now I can start wearing my skinnys 😀

    780. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns on your birthday!

    781. Chanchi 2023 years ago

      Dummies ahhhhh is there anything they can’t do! My daughter gave hers up about 2- 3ys no fuss, my elder son had his (or should I say all five of them) until his first day at big school, there he was dress in uniform and blazer, 2 dummies in his pocket and one in his mouth!! we had to bribe him with a Tracey Island (thunderbirds) he gave them up but didn’t get the T.I (wicked parents)! my other daughter no probs, my other son ( her twin) had a soft doll for years not bothered with dummy ( he grew up and recently came out…he is gay) my youngest son 3yrs only has them for sleep time. So all in all, my childrens speach and teeth are good, no real withdrawal problems….beats breast feeding for years as a comforter!

    782. Chanchi 2023 years ago

      So can’t wait to move over! the weather here in Thessaloniki has been dreadfull and cooler then UK!! we have had to have central heating on for the last 2 weeks!! 🙁

    783. Chanchi 2023 years ago

      You will never be a motherless daughter as long as you hold these thoughts for her, she would be proud of you and upset as she would not want you to feel this way, celebrate her memories and take strength, for whatever reason she has gone the sad truth is that the ones who are left behind suffer the most x x x

    784. Chanchi 2023 years ago

      And……………use half cut lemon to descale your glass shower screens God its brilliant! cut the lemon in half and rub over shower screens, taps, round the basin everywhere then rinse it’s so much cheaper and eco friendly x

    785. Noelia 2023 years ago

      you can cheque Pou Pou i Alepou Nursery is very good

    786. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Great news! and a great read! 🙂 congrats! I definitely want to hear more about that Maternity Wardrobe since I’ll be needing some new clothes very soon! 😛

    787. Emma21 2023 years ago

      That’s great, good luck with your new venture too.

    788. Vanja 2023 years ago

      I like this post… and I so do not agree with the expression “All good things come to those who wait”. I’m more of a “Grab life by the horns” kinda girl and I’m glad you find yourself waiting less….isn’t it great??

    789. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thank you very much Vanja and Emma!

    790. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      Hi Noelia, Thats fanastic news meeting for the first time. a good day saturday count me in i might be a half an late not sure but i will definitely be there. Hows the little one keeping u busy. luv georgina xx

    791. cathy101 2023 years ago

      Well Debbie as you know I have a 24 and 22 year old along with a 13 year old,having gone through all those stages 0f tantrums from the three of them,over infused testosterone moods from my sons, hormonal swings from my daughter ( and me as well )
      National service.University exams, sitting by the window at 5am waiting for them to come home from their night out. (MORE TANTRUMS AGAIN) I can gladly reassure all the younger Mums things slowly start to turn around and the tweenie you put to bed that night and suddenly turned into a monster the next morning. starts to very slowly turn into a human being again and is once again your friend. You feel like your on a roller coaster through that time. Those ‘terrible twos’ days are almost like a picnic. Soon things start to settle
      down and some harmony is restored. For those who have yet to start this stage . Good Luck With The Ride!!

    792. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      Nice one lol 🙂

    793. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns and all the best on your birthday!

    794. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Best wishes on your birthday!

    795. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hope your viewing went well!

    796. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      I would agree with you salsera mum, but the last one we scheduled was on a weekend. The feedback was that since children could not be at nursery/school the mothers could not attend, finding it hard to have someone look after the kids. In the end we had to cancel the course because we could not get the minimum number of participants. That’s why this time, we stayed away from weekends… it’s so hard to find a date suitable to all.

    797. Chanchi 2023 years ago

      Speed in itself does not kill, it is losing control when speeding which can kill. If we are driving at 60 km/h, we are effectively driving at 1 km/minute, or at 16 meters per second, faster than we’d think, no? If we have to hit the brakes at that speed, 16 meters is a lot to cover in a second.

      I’m sorry to have to disagree with you here on this one but SPEED does kill! The impact of being hit at 60mph is fatal compared to the impact at being hit at 30pmh. I do not have the statistics to hand but can provide them, impact at high velocity and mechanism of injury i.e being hit from front end of car at such speeds. Having worked in an A&E department for 15yrs and seen hundreds of RTA’s all I can tell you honestly is that there are speed linits for a reason, if you are on a motorway and the limit is 60-70mph then that is because the public are not allowed to walk on such roadways giving right to cars to travel at such speeds however if you are not then stick to the speed limit, a child has much more chance of survival at being hit at 30mph than 40,50,60mph, the most important thing to remember here is that you are not in the UK, there are no conscienscious driving laws and that most people are a law unto themselves on the roads, drive carefully and drive safetly, and particularly be careful of other drivers. Space is your only chance of survival keep a good distance and you will be prepared for most on coming accidents! Sounds so dramatic, but it is true.

    798. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      Well, according to information obtained from an employee of the Limassol store on Franklin Roosevelt it should be more towards the end of October. Tension is high! Maybe the wive / partner of I. M., the director of operations in Cyprus, who might be on this site could shed some light on this matter 😉

    799. Vanja 2023 years ago

      oh my god this was a good morning read…. i’ve just been cracking up the whole time LOL

    800. gosia 2023 years ago

      Dear Mums in Limassol,I would like to invite you to a free preview Kindermusik class. If you have child (children) ages 0-7, want to spend with them some great time singing, dancing, playing instruments the program is just for you. Have a look at Events for more details. Next free classes on 19th and 20th Feb. I hope to see you all soon.

    801. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Well, it’s only a couple of days in but so far so good! Most importantly I’m feeling quite motivated. Yesterday I went to aqua aerobics on the army base which was fun, and quite exhausting!I’ve also started my wii fit challenge, and today had a nice long walk along the beach path from Pernera to Protaras, although that was more for something to do to amuse a shouty baby than for anything else!

      Dinner’s cooking now and I think I’ve worked up an appetite today as I’m starving! Good dinner though – ham, eggs, SW chips and beans so I can eat plently 🙂

    802. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Bon appetit 🙂

    803. debbie76 2023 years ago

      thanks cathy how true Iv got that to look forward!!! to at least when they are young you know where they are and you still feel that you can protect them at all times!! well just think of the experaince you will have when your time comes to be Nanny Cathy !!!

    804. cathy101 2023 years ago

      Well Debbie things will have gone full circle then, thats something to look forward to

      (though I’m not in such a great hurry) Yes no one really prepared us when that little being burst into
      our lives . There were no instructions when we were handed that tiny parcel saying ‘handle
      with care’ or ‘fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride’. We just have to learn
      by trial and error. No doubt Our children are Our greatest source of joy in life. They can also (at times) be a big disappointment too. We just have to enjoy the positive side of every stage and not set Our expectations too high, then we only have very few disappointments. No matter what. through all the ups and downs we love them to bits, and as my Mum used to say ‘Children are only lent to you’. So lets enjoy them.

    805. cathy101 2023 years ago

      Well I am glad theres someone else who detests those things as much as I do. I’ve been
      here 28 years and I will never get used to them. I am on constant alert for them when the weather gets hotter, yes April seems pretty early. My language deteriorates to foul swear
      words when I encounter a cockroach and I am like a raving banshee running with my mop
      to kill it. They make my flesh crawl.

    806. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy birthday, hope you had a nice one!

    807. Flamenco 2023 years ago

      Would like to attend although would have been better on the weekend as kids at school , maybe most people will have this problem.

    808. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Good to hear from you! Glad you have settled ok, I do envy you having lots of mums groups to go, but we can’t have it all I suppose!
      Keep us updated xx

    809. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday to you!

    810. Irene191 2023 years ago

      …and when he’ll be a big boy and do everything from the above, you’ll wish him baby again :DMy kids are pretty big now, and somethimes I miss those days when all they use to do was to sleep, eat and be carried around 😀
      Enjoy this time, is priceless, and will never return.

      p.s. though julia and bogdan are 6 and 8, they still like teletubbies, fimbles & co 😀

    811. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Many happy returns of the day, hope you have a super time!

    812. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hi Naomi, welcome back once more – always a pleasure to read you 🙂 Thank you very much for your compliments regarding MiC, I am so happy that you still feel ‘at home’ on our site. Pop in whenever you feel like it so that we know how you and your family get on! x

    813. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Happy Birthday touuu youuu!

    814. Emma21 2023 years ago

      I know, I miss the tiny baby days already! When I wrote the post originally I was cheering myself up thinking however hard it was in several years time I’d be wanting to revisit it!

    815. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      This is brilliant Vanja, thank you very much for posting this – and the beautiful pictures! Very user friendly, will give it a try with the boys soon 🙂

    816. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Thank god!

    817. darkp 2023 years ago

      awwwwww;Nice Shot!
      it’waz great meeting Y’al..lovely experiences shared.

    818. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      The next party is in Nicosia 🙂

    819. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Thanks so much for organizing it! It was really great…. I can’t wait for another gathering!

    820. nat1 2023 years ago

      did you know there is a madagascar 2 & 3 ….

    821. Melissa63 2023 years ago

      Sounds great!! How do I get there LOL!!!

    822. ayesha 2023 years ago

      hi i lived in cyprus since ten years and i got three kids and we are leaving very soon to uk as i jsut found about this website i got alot of furniture in excellent condition if any one u looking for house items i got everything my number is 99179466 i don t know how to sell if any of u any shops who buy second hand furniture tvs and etc please let me know

    823. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thanks for arranging it all – Famagusta meet a mum coming up soon 😉

    824. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      i loved watching the Royal Wedding i felt very proud being british and of course i didnt have a flag to wave i just wave a napkin my grandson just laughed it was very emotional event!! even if you love or dont love the royal family but i felt it because it was princess Di son getting married and i’m sure prince william had his emotional feelings not having his mum by his side on this special day and they both looked lovely her dress was beautiful too…. i watched it until the end. georgina xx

    825. Vanja 2023 years ago

      how patronizing… I can’t believe they are actually fighting over that name….

    826. JaneGrey 2023 years ago

      And better yet check how merchant services works for this.

    827. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Hope to see you all tomorrow!

    828. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Hallo Margot, how nice to see you back on MiC! Hope all is well with you. Yes indeed, keeping them together was the right thing to do and the boys do love them and enjoy looking after them. I look forward to your PN. Alles Liebe! Carine

    829. Basia 2023 years ago

      Witaj Krucha! Widz?, ?e jeste? w Pafos. Napisz co? o sobie. Pozdrawiam basia

    830. krucha85 2023 years ago

      Jestem Ania, na Cyprze od stycznia, 24.10 urodzilam zdrowego chlopca i teraz odpoczywam po cc. Tyle na poczatek 🙂

    831. Notseeb 2023 years ago

      Lol! washing powder! will indeed try that! normally leave in oven to soak, maybe forgetting it for a day or two ahha and then scrub it down with “Ttelloui” destroying my nails (if there are any left) ahhah

    832. Veshali 2023 years ago

      Its great for birthday parties too!

    833. Vanja 2023 years ago

      Cao svima! na zalost samo nas je 4… 🙂
      Htela sam da vidim da li bi ste bile zainteresovane da organizujemo mali “play date” sa decom. Vi ste u nikoziji, samo sam ja u larnaci pa bih dosla kod vas.

      Pitam zato sto bi stvarno htela da mi se cerka igra sa decom koja pricaju srpski. Ja sam jedina koja komunicira sa njom na srpskom pa bi volela da upozna i drugu decu koja pricaju kao i ona.

      Sta mislite?

    834. Alaria 2023 years ago

      Ciao a tutti! abito a Limassol e mi piacerebbe fare amicizia con voi 🙂

    835. Veronika240 2023 years ago

      Hello everyone,for those ones who can escape a evening every now and then there is a a Larnaca-Famagusta Cinema Society which just started at the beginning of the year. Movies are shown in an old cinema in Aradippou and they show also alternative movies which you won’t see at the cineplex. It is taking place every thursday at 8:30pm and only 3 Euro for members (10 Euro membership a year) or 5 Euro a movie. It has a real character and you get a tea in the break and all kind of sweets for just 50 cent or 1 Euro.
      Check it out .

    836. nat1 2023 years ago

      ahhh they are v cute xx

    837. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thanks to Sarah & Jackie who made it to the Luna park today.

    838. Notseeb 2023 years ago

      lovley pic!!! troodos mountains maybe??

    839. Notseeb 2023 years ago

      happy birthday laura! x

    840. Tina188 2023 years ago

      I feel so sorry for you with this situation. You can not change them. I heard a similar story several times

    841. Tina188 2023 years ago

      We went there last Friday and my son (6y). ans my daughter(10y.)had a lot of fun, specially at the swings. And my eldest daughter enjoied her coke! we were sitting in the sun and had a relaxed time there. For families with smaller children it is a perfect place to go.

    842. Steph209 2023 years ago

      Hi, my husband would also like to attend so please book a place for him too

    843. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      Hi,sounds great.Can you please give me some directions when coming from Nicosiq?

    844. Miss P 2023 years ago

      Hi Kalimata, I just wanted to say I am also a motherless daughter and I understand totally how you feel. I think no matter how old we are (Im 33) we always want our mothers and on some level remain the little girl we were when we lost them. Im not sure if you lost your mother early or not, but in any case it’s not very useful for someone to say you shouldn’t feel that way. Infact its perfectly normal. There’s a very good book Im reading right now called Motherless Daughters by Hope Edelman which may help validate your feelings. I am looking to start a Motherless daughters group in Cyprus. If anybody is interested please get in touch.

    845. mama09 2023 years ago

      Where is this park? please tell

    846. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      From the motorway you take the turn off to Troodos and drive straight ahead. Turn left after 2nd patrol station, then straight and turn right opposite a flower shop. Look out for green signs directing you to the Polemidia Theatre (in Greek) as the park is next to it – After flower shop turn off it’s the second road on the left, then first right and it’s on your left hand side.Enjoy 🙂

    847. Happy Mama 2023 years ago

      Hello Tina, thanx for that. Yeah I thought I was the only one it had happened to at first but chatting up with my close friends I realised it happens frequently. Something to do with prconceptions, inability to love, God knows. Anw mine came to their senses eventually (when they realised the power I have and what they’d miss out on). But our relationship will never be the same again. What is it with some ppl eh?

    848. Tatev111 2023 years ago

      I feel so sorry myself, and i can assure you that for the whole time i thought i was reading about my in-laws.

    849. Tatev111 2023 years ago

      and thanks for taking the time to write it, it makes it a little easy when one finds out they are not the only ones with 6666666 ones around

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    851. lintonghan 2023 years ago

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    853. lintonghan 2023 years ago

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    854. lintonghan 2023 years ago

      The two girls came up the unlighted stone staircase which led from Maggie’s cave to the door of the parlour. Sophia, foremost, was carrying a large tray, ghd stylersand Constance a small one. Constance, who had nothing on her tray but a teapot, a bowl of steaming and balmy-scented mussels and cockles, and a plate of hot buttered toast, went directly into the parlour on the left. Sophia had in her christian louboutin salearms the entire material and apparatus of a high tea for two, including eggs, jam, and toast (covered with the slop-basin turned upside down), but not including mussels and cockles. She turned to the right, passed alongmonster beats by dre the corridor by the cutting-out room, up two steps into the sheeted and shuttered gloom of the closed shop, up the showroom stairs, through the showroom, and so intomonster beats by dre the bedroom corridor. Experience had proved it easier to make this long detour than to round the difficult corner of the parlour stairs with a large loaded tray. Sophia knocked with the edge of the tray at the door of the principal bedroom. The muffled oratorical sound from within suddenly ceased, and the gucci saledoor was opened by a very tall, very thin, black-bearded man, who looked down at Sophia as if to demand what she meant by such an interruption. But she did not attempt to enter the room. Mr. Critchlow put the tray on a white-clad chest of drawerschanel 2.55 near the door, and then he shut the door, with no ceremony. Mr. Critchlow was John Baines’s oldest and closest friend, though decidedly younger than the draper. He frequently “popped in” to have a word with the invalid; but Thursday afternoon washerve leger bandage his special afternoon, consecrated by him to the service of the sick. From two o’clock precisely till eight o’clock precisely he took charge of John Baines, reigning autocratically over the bedroom. It was known that he would not tolerate invasions, herve leger bandage nor even ambassadorial visits. No! He gave up his weekly holiday to this business of friendship, and he mustchristian louboutin sale be allowed to conduct the business in his own way. Mrs. Baines herself avoided disturbing Mr. Critchlow’s ministrations on her husband. She was glad to do so; for Mr. Baines was never to be left alone under any circumstances?

    855. Katkat 2023 years ago

      Girls, anybody wants to meet? I am mother of 5 months old son? Katarina

    856. Boba 2023 years ago

      Cao svima u grupi:)))) zovem se Bobana i zivim u Aja Napi…bebac nam stize za par meseci,pa kad stigne,pridruzujem se druzenju gde god da se organizujemo:)))))pozdrav

    857. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Mojitos is a nice restaurant, first place that springs to mind but I’ll have a think and see if I can come up with anything else.
      Any other local Mums got any suggestions?

    858. Emma21 2023 years ago if you want a look at their website.

    859. carolynlaw 2023 years ago

      Oooh did it work? Am going to have the same problem on Wednesday morning.have to have my son at school for 7.15am!!!

    860. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thank you very much Vanja, I learnt a lot! This is a subject I have been meaning to look into for a while, your blog has given me very interesting info 🙂

    861. Vanja 2023 years ago

      aww this put a smile on my face…. we get paid in mommy love! 🙂

    862. Happy Mama 2023 years ago

      Hey Tatev thanx,. You are defintely not alone in this. You had me cracking up with that last comment by the way… 🙂

    863. darkp 2023 years ago

      awwwww..Indeed been a Mommy worker is just priceless!Mommy LOve! a secured love..we r the best lovers.thanx for putting this up.

    864. Flamenco 2023 years ago

      Hi to all single mums, I live in Limassol would like to meet and make new freinds, drop me a mail if your interested

    865. sammyj 2023 years ago

      I am still coming too and am poss bringing a friend x

    866. topnik74 2023 years ago

      I’m single mum just moved to Paphos, Kissonerga, if there are any other single mums nearby who would like to chat and maybe meet up for coffees etc would be nice 🙂 Im a single mum and proud 🙂

    867. Jackie125 2023 years ago

      monikoulaaaa 🙂 xXx

    868. Libby 2023 years ago

      Moving to Hawaii in 2 months and looking for cat lover to take my very sweet, 13 year old black/white female cat.

    869. zoopigi 2023 years ago

      baking soda also works well girls 🙂 exactly the same method- boil water together with a teaspoon of baking soda. Work for burned louvi -i know from bitter experience!

    870. sparkle 3 2023 years ago

      That is very interesting and a subject that all parents should be aware of today Vanja well done!! My grandson was watching my daughter on her lap top and he was full of questions.. of course, i told my daughter not to teach him because now days young children learn so quickly and i dont think they should start on a computer especially at such a early age(:) a good subject to look into for us mums.
      Georgina x

    871. Perfectpinkies 2023 years ago

      Hi, i’ve just seen that you’re moving out to Cyprus too. When are you going? We are hoping to move back to the paralimni area in April. So excited now, what area will you be in?

    872. Lubna 2023 years ago

      Congrats, but you need to give us some tips on how you did it… 4 months ago my husband came back from the dr with not good health news and just decided to quit after 24 years of smoking. Its very hard if one stopped smoking … He does not like the smell anymore and nagging all the time so i stop. I am trying to convince myself that I should stop but I always find excuses to postpone taking the decision. So tips please ….

    873. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Update…here we go: It works!! Yes, really! Today was the third day and we managed to be (almost) on time every morning. It’s a huge improvement over last week, but the checklist does need a bit of tweaking…We will add about 10 – 15 minutes to the overall schedule to allow for unforseen/unexpected morning poo-poo sessions and the occasional ‘I don’t want to brush my teeth today’ delay. Other than that I must say that shifting the responsibility over to the kids does work. We gave them a small clock on which they can read the time and compare to our target on the checklist. They are so proud when the moment of ‘WE DID IT’ comes! 🙂

    874. Emma21 2023 years ago

      There are a couple of more people coming who haven’t been able to confirm online so far. If you are coming please let us know so we can make sure we have a big enough table booked!

    875. Emma21 2023 years ago

      Thank you 🙂
      Such a shame that you go to all the effort and then the events get cancelled or end up being so poorly attended, hoping the Famagusta meet will be more worth your while!

    876. IrinaIn 2023 years ago

      If you asking yourself: “Where to find time?” I wrote article to you! Come and check

    877. Basia 2023 years ago

      Gratuluje synka!

    878. Leoni 2023 years ago

      Having been in catering all my life, I can highly recommend the washing powder method!!!

    879. Basia 2023 years ago

      Yes, thanks a lot. I found it on a map. It looks far! I am getting more Cypriot ;). Nicosia seems to be so far!Are you aware of any other nice parks for kids in Limassol area?

    880. shopgirl 2023 years ago

      I am happy to hear that this purser is still on board! We were flying with him last year. Absolutely hilarious – the flight time passed very quickly. After the landing he said: Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain seated until we have reached our final parking position. Our pilots do fly better than they drive 🙂

    881. Lisa224 2023 years ago

      Summer workshop: Magic Fish and Child DevelopmentPlease refer to the Events page.
      Thanks for reading.

    882. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Thanks Lubna, it’s hard, isn’t it?! I guess what did it for us this time opposed to all the other times (pregnancies, breastfeeding etc 🙂 was the REAL desire to stop. Previously we wanted to do it, but never before were convinced that we wanted to do it, or even believe that we were able to do it. So that was the single most important factor. No excuses and believing it, mainly because of and for our children. Plus, we picked the day we went on an airplane to go to our two week holiday. For me, smoking has a lot to do with habit, so by leaving our normal environment for the initial worst period of cravings we hoped to be ‘distracted’ and not focus on the missing cigarettes so much. It did help.
      Good old normal chewing gum, not the nicotine replacement stuff, also helped. Coming back home it was more difficult to resist again, but it was all about constantly reminding ourselves that smoking really isn’t healthy, especially after having smoked half our lives.
      Sorry my answer got a bit long…but I hope it helps a bit. Go on, you can do it too!! I wish you the best. x

    883. Fimona-Maria 2023 years ago

      I agree with Emma. I hope you will have a great night in Famagusta 🙂

    884. m1c17_4dm1n 2023 years ago

      Congratulations Emma, that sounds fantastic. You can be proud of yourself, the first step is always the hardest! Keep at it 🙂