Children’s Flea Market (an MiC and Polemidia Conversation Club event!)

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Date(s) 03/12/2017
Time 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

“To Xani” Christmas Market, The Cookery School Cyprus
To Hani Tis Paramythas, Limassol



Come along on the 3rd December to the wonderfully inviting To Xani Market at The Cookery School, Cyprus – pick up some bargain preloved baby and children’s items while also contributing to a great cause! Stay to have a drink, some delicious market food and maybe to meet some new friends! 🙂

Charity Donations/Collections:
We will also take the following donations by any visitors to the market on this occasion:
• Baby supplies (nappies, wipes, formula, creams, etc.)
• Baby equipment
• Clothes (children’s and adults) – have to be in good condition
• Toiletries and women’s sanitary items (desperately needed)
• Dry foods
• Blankets, duvets, pillows – have to be in good condition
• A “Gift of Love” Box – find out more at the Refugees in Cyprus facebook page.


Children of all ages are invited to sell their toys, books and clothes, as well as handmade crafts and treats at our first ever Children’s Flea Market.

The idea behind it is to teach our children what it means to work to earn money, and to learn to part with material things that we don’t really need. By involving them directly in charitable causes, we also hope to promote a spirit of philanthropy in their minds.

There is no participation fee. However, we ask each participating family to donate a package of nappies or baby formula for the young families at the Kofinou Refugee camp.

In addition, we encourage the children to donate a percentage of their earnings for the Kofinou Refugees (which we will use to buy items such as baby supplies and toiletries etc.).

We encourage that any items not sold by the children during the event then be donated to our collection for the Kofinou Refugees.

If you would like to book a table, please register by Friday, November 24th. Contact Kat (96515498) or Kerstin (99115214) or email:


Aside from promoting the charitable aspect of this event, we see the Flea Market as an educational opportunity to teach our children about handling money and the value of things. With this in mind, we encourage you to discuss and plan the following points with them before the event:
• What do you want to sell? Think not only about what you want to sell, but what others may want to buy. Your items must be in good condition. Or do you want to make something?
• What are reasonable prices? Again, don’t think about what you want to earn, but what someone might be willing to pay. Make sure you have a good range of items & prices; it’s ok to have a few special, more expensive things, but also try to offer more inexpensive items.
• How do you want to present your table top? We will provide only a blank table. Maybe you want to bring a table cloth, some extra decoration, price tags, promotional posters, etc. to create a more inviting and appealing look for your table.
• Do you want to team up with someone? Think about maybe combining your things with a friend. Working together can be fun! Decide if you want to share your earnings at the end.
• Do you want to donate a part of your earnings? To contribute to the charitable idea behind this market, and in the spirit of the holiday season, we encourage you to donate a small amount of your earnings to the Kofinou Refugees. It’s optional but would be greatly appreciated. If you agree, decide how much you want to give; our suggestions is 10-15%.
• How will you handle the money? Try to bring a cash box that already has some money in it (a cash float), in order to have change to give to your first customers. Maybe bring a calculator too, to help you with more complicated calculations during the event.

• Any pre-loved children’s items that are in good condition: toys, books, clothes, baby equipment, such as strollers or larger items (no newly bought things, no adult things)
• Crafts (made by the children)
• Consumables: biscuits, muffins, cupcakes etc. (made by the children)

You can find us on Facebook here:

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