Mindful Parenting/ Raising Free and Powerful Kids

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Date(s) 16/03/2019
Time 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Dance House Lemesos
Andrea Drousioti 17 , Limassol


“If you want to be happy, BE”
– Henry David Thoreau

• How many of you have complaints about your parents and how they parented you?
• How many of you find yourself stuck repeating some of what you once complained about with your own kids?
• How many of you are trying NOT to be your parents?
• How many of you as parents find yourself knowing or suspecting that how you handled something with your kids was not how you would like to have handled it but find yourself blank for answers when the situation shows up?
• How many of you know you love your kids more than anything but sometimes doubt the way you are handling things? What is that like for you?

This seminar is first of all about learning to teach your children to find freedom instead of rebellion by following your own truth, freedom and alignment.
It is about questioning how we learned to parent. We parent on autopilot, adopted the beliefs of our parents and of the society we grew up in. We accepted what is considered norm without ever even challenging it with our own experience.
If we do not become mindful, aware, conscious, we will parent exactly as our parents parented us, raising kids with the same inner and outer conflicts as we have had and still deal with.
This is about having our kids thrive in a confident and grounded way.
Conscious parenting can be the difference between teaching your children to survive life vs. truly en-joy it!

“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach”
– Albert Einstein

We are stuck in a cycle of reacting simply because this is how our mind works. When we are dealing with something difficult we go to survival and just deal with it the way we know, have seen, or decided we should deal with it a long time ago. This is not a response that comes from contemplating the situation; it is an emotional reaction in response to an already existing pattern.

This kind of reacting does not address the needs of the moment. None of these are healing for our children and even worse all of these teach them to begin to react that way themselves.

Yet as we will find out, if at that moment we stop and practice being mindful we can know exactly what to do and we would know that that is what was needed to be done.

This seminar is open anybody that has or is working with kids. The cost is 75 euro per person at the door or 65 euro if you register prior to the event.

To register call Anna at 99.409399.
For more information call Natalie at 99.488091

Event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/387946375127255/

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