The 3 little Pigs and the Wolf Trala-likos the Cousin

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Date(s) 19/05/2018
Time 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Kallithea Cinema Theatre
49a Michail Paridi, Larnaca


After the great success we had on our theatrical play “The Three Pigs & The wolf Lilikos”, “Snow-white & the seven dwarfs” Theatre Vestiario is preparing to launch the sequel that is “The three little pigs and the wolf trala-likos the cousin” number two. We could easily say that it is a continuation of the first but our 3 little friends come back for more funny adventures with the wolf trala-likos who is lilikos’ cousin! The 3 little pigs come back with all their friends, but this time with more fun and determination to give the wolf a hard time. Whatever comes in front of them, they are able to slip away, spreading smiles and laughter to young & old. Fighting together they always manage to keep tralalikos in his toes, despite their size and their big bellies

The Pink PIG AIRLINES airplane descends in the woods of pig town carrying our three friends, with their luggage full of adventures and experiences, which will bring everyone to laughter. With them in the back seat comes tralalikos, liliko’s cousin who wants to give a hard time to our friends.

Who is giving a hard time to whom though? the wolf to the pigs? The pigs to the wolf? Or is it maybe mama pig who is hunting down the wolf who is hunting the pigs?

Despite the mess, the play is full of laughter, suspense and filled with action, between the main roles of our play. The brilliant set give you a sensation of a fairy tale awakening the masterpiece of the Grimm brothers. Responsible for all of this, giving a little touch of modernism, is the script writer Giannis Spanos. Who with his great music and costume designs brings the classic story, known to us all to new dimensions.

(in Greek)

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