The Conscious Parenting Workshop – Nicosia

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Date(s) 18/05/2019
Time 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Little Gems Montessori Nursery
Eantos Street 2, Nicosia


The Conscious Parenting Workshop is happening in Nicosia!

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Details of the workshop:
The one and only workshop of it’s kind in Cyprus – based on the

teachings of the famous Dr. Shefali Tsabary, educator, speaker,

clinical psychologist and author of the books “The Conscious

Parent”, “The Awakened Family” and “Out Of Control”.

A 4-Part Series that will revolutionize the parenting paradigm.

This powerful workshop is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Conscious Parenting and deepen your relationship with your child/ren. It is not a ‘quick fix’. It is a wake-up call for those who KNOW deep down that our children are so in the thick of it and our only hope is to strip ourselves of the conditioning of hundreds of years on how to raise a child and start anew! The concepts in the workshop are actually not new. They are ancient. They are wise. They are true. and they will guide you to your authentic self and support you towards a peaceful, respectful and beautiful, deep relationship with your child/ren.

No longer can we ignore the demise of our existence. No longer can we wave a hand and say ‘it’s not up to me’ to change the world! For if you have a child or you are contemplating starting a family, then you ARE actually having a hand in creating our world so it is in your and your family’s best interest that you become AWAKENED to how you can make your world a better place!

Does this sound like you?
– Are you longing for a deeper connection to your children and yourself?

– Are you tired of reading parenting books by the dozen and failing to apply the teachings successfully?

– Are your children displaying behaviour that is concerning you and leaving you feeling lost as to how to ‘control’ and manage them?

– Are you just barely staying afloat with your parenting role and wish you could do better but don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

– Do you beat yourself up about your own inappropriate handling of challenging situations with your child/ren?

– Are you fed up with having to use bribes, rewards, coaxing and lying to ‘get’ your children to do what you want?

This workshop will start you on the journey to an enlightened parenting adventure – one which will seem so familiar to you because it is one where you are parenting with your heart and soul, seeing your child in their truest essence, accepting them and guiding them (not leading them) to be who they were born to be. A child that is living this way is truly a joyous sight to see. They are healthy. Confident. Compassionate. Emotionally Intelligent…. and so much more.

So, if you know it is time to be the parent your child needs you to be… JOIN ME ON THIS INCREDIBLE JOURNEY OF PARENTING CONSCIOUSLY. FOR OUR CHILDREN. FOR OUR WORLD.

Marianne Williamson says ‘There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.’
The time is NOW!

What others had to say about the Conscious Parenting Workshop:

“The Conscious Parenting Workshop Series was one of the best gifts to myself this year – it came just at the right time, when I felt like I needed that little bit of extra help to get back on track. In a nutshell, the series of four workshops brought me closer to ‘home’ each time. Alexia and Carola were superb coaches, and were able to convey the necessary detail in a very down-to-earth, pragmatic fashion. Above all, I had fun and hadn’t laughed so much in a long time!’ – Nafsika Cunningham – Yoga Instructor and mother of two children (6yrs & 4yrs)

“During the past year I was feeling depressed, as if I was losing myself and I was very troubled. I was searching for something to guide me and put me in the right path a more positive one. During the Conscious Parenting Workshop I had the opportunity to express my concerns and fears and to learn ways to overcome them and use them in my favor. I saw it as a challenge and it boosted my self-confidence, made me feel so alive and positive. It was a unique and amazing experience. It helped me to learn more about myself and set priorities in my life. I could not wait for the next part to come as I was already seeing changes in my mood and the way I was seeing myself and other people, more positive and optimistic. The workshop was so powerful that i found myself within the next month clearing all negative thoughts and emotions that had stuck in me and begun making healthier ones. I feel more open, communicate better, balanced and calmer ever since and a happier person. And i have seen improvement in managing stress. When I started the workshop I thought ‘this is it!’ I could no longer run away from the problem. I could see it and it was time to face it. I also had a small chat with my anxiety and told her off! I haven’t felt it again. It was amazing. I feel much stronger now. I began setting small goals for myself and making plans again. And finally I see that good things are coming my way. Thank you so much I feel blessed!” – Katerina

“Everything happens at the right moment. Attending the workshops was a very rewarding decision as it “happened” at a time when a series of sad events and personal losses made me question all my decisions to date. With commitment and great coaching skills, Alexia and Carola guided me on a sincere journey of self-discovery and re-assessment , at the end of which I felt prepared and happy to let the future unfold, “armed” with a completely different outlook on how to deal with the various challenges we came across. I very much enjoyed the beautifully crafted combination of useful information, engaging and stimulating discussions, creative games and very effective tools and techniques which have now become part of my routine. The things I’ve learned, shared and experienced during the seminar have positively impacted so many areas of my life! Improved awareness; self-discipline; ability and knowledge of how to get rid of bad habits; a general fresh way to handle thoughts and emotions and most of all, knowing how to stay true to myself at all times. Thank you for such a beautiful and empowering experience and for being so committed to improve other people’s lives! I look forward to the next seminar!” – Irina Taran – Mother of one child (11yrs)

*By purchasing your ticket you secure your seat and commit yourself for all 4 parts of the workshop series as per dates described herein.

Part 1: 18th May 2019
Part 2. 25th May 2019
Part 3. 1st June 2019
Part 4: 8th June 2019

The basics of conscious parenting
How does mindfulness fit in?
How does kindness fit in?
The Iceberg
What about discipline?
Traditional vs. Conscious parenting
Connecting vs. Disconnecting words
How do we become more conscious as parents ?
Questions to ask yourself

Creating awareness
The myths of parenting
Questions to ask yourself
Kindness to others and the environment

Containment and boundary-making
Kindness to your child

Kindness to yourself
Think back to where you were when we began
What have you learned?
What resonated?
What did you find the most helpful?
Where do we go from here?

Join me on this incredible, heart-filled adventure that will bring you closer to your children and very possibly to your higher self.

In the meantime, I salute you, wherever you may be on your current path! And I truly hope to see you at the Workshop!

Always with love
Alexia Vlahos Kolokasides

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