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Cyprus is famed for its love for children and all things family, so it remains a mystery why the basic rules of road safety with regards to a child traveling in a car are continuously being ignored.
What can be more important than ensuring your offspring’s safety?

We have all witnessed the child standing in the front between front seat and windscreen, the child standing in the rear between the two back seats, the child kneeling on the back seat waving at the cars behind, the child sitting on mummy’s lap…and all of the above without the seat belt.

Supported by the Ministry of Communication & Works, the Ministry of Justice & Public Order as well as the Police Headquarters and Department of Traffic, there is one company which has been exercising its Social Responsibility Commitment since 2006: ExxonMobil/Esso Cyprus.
As part of their efforts to educate and raise awareness to the importance of seat belts they have been offering free child safety seats to newborns every month. The company chooses a specific date every month, publishes it, and if your baby is born on that date you are entitled to a free child safety seat!

In my opinion this laudable scheme is under-advertised. Frequently, when the subject of children and car safety comes up, I have noticed that very few mothers are aware of Esso’s great initiative.

So here’s my contribution to spreading the word. The winning dates for child safety seats for 2013 are:
January 13
February 22
March 30
April 18
May has yet to be announced.

Should these dates apply to you go ahead and call 22393101 to claim your free child safety seat!
Yep, you read it here first 🙂

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  1. Christina K 2021 years ago

    I was lucky enough to win car seats for both my children via Esso’s initiative. They were born 3 years apart and I could not believe it when my daughters birthday also came up. A bit of luck for a change. Now they are both safe in the back thanks to Esso.

  2. Little Angels 2021 years ago

    I have to agree entirely with you. Just yesterday I saw a car drive past with a lady in the front passenger seat with a toddler standing on her lap bouncing up and down. She obviously doted on the child by the way they were interacting, so why then was she not doing the safe, responsible thing and securing her child in a car seat? It’s such a scary thought that there are many others driving around like this.
    Great information about the free car seat scheme, I will definitely be passing this information on.

  3. m1c17_4dm1n 2021 years ago

    Thank you for your feedback and for helping to spread the word!

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