Five steps to 1000€ Euros

Ever wondered what 1000€ in cash look like? I sure did, for about a year or so, ever since I started putting my 5€ bills aside. And today, I am delighted to say, I finally got to feast my eyes upon this most pleasant of sights 😊

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment, and getting there wasn’t even hard. While in essence 5€ isn’t little, you won’t feel it missing as much as you would (probably) miss a 50€ or even a 20€ bill.

All you need is consistency, determination, patience and roughly a year – although that probably depends on your shopping frequency and use of cash in your transactions. You could do it faster, or it could take you longer. You could even cheat and ask everyone you meet if they have a fiver on them and trade it for change!

Either way, here’s my recipe:

Step 1: Whenever you receive a 5€ note in change, put it in a different area of your wallet, so that you are not tempted to use it next time you need to pay for something

Step 2: As soon as you get home, remove that 5€ bill (if you’re having a lucky day you may have more than one!), and place it in your designated hideaway or piggy-bank

Step 3: Every time you have collected 20 bills, remove those 100€ from your hideaway and put them somewhere more secure – in the safe if you have one

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 ten times

Step 5: Celebrate, then take it to the bank, or spend!

Whatever the reason you saved this money, congratulations! You’ve done it!

You know what they say…the first Million is the hardest 💰

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