Giving up your children not because you don’t love them, because you have to.

Here is a message from a dear friend of ours, Danae Pirou, who has set-up this fundraising campaign after seeing the plight of these children on a recent trip to South America. Danae has so far been using her personal funds and time to contribute to this cause and will continue to do so when she visits Venezuela next month.

Any and all donations to help Danae set-up a more formal programme in this village would be greatly appreciated.

With as little as €10, you could help feed a child for a whole month!

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As some of you know I’ve been to Colombia a few times recently, and, like anyone else who has been there knows, it is a truly beautiful, magical place. On my second trip to Colombia I bought a Spanish newspaper to read on the plane and a tiny article caught my eye. It spoke about an orphanage in Venezuela, next to Colombia, that is sadly closing its doors on children as it is full to the brim and unable to take any more children in due to the economic crisis that has been going on there since 2014.

The situation in Venezuela right now is disastrous. Due to high inflation rates the cost of living is extortionate and even people who have work are struggling to afford basics like bread and milk.

Poverty-stricken parents are being forced to place their children in orphanages or worse still, abandon them on the streets if they can’t find somewhere for them to stay. Children are literally starving, poverty is at its highest and child mortality rates are heartbreaking high.

Since learning more about the situation I managed to get in touch with a Colombian lady called Vera who lives in Venezuela, who is a seamstress by trade and also works for a religious organization called New Canaan International Assemblies of God.

The organisation is helping to feed the starving children and their families once a week. They commenced with around 50 children and now they have over 90. Vera also crosses over to Colombia on a monthly basis to obtain expired medication to help the sick. I asked Vera how much it costs to feed a child daily for 1 month and she informed me it costs around €10.

I have already sent some funds over to help the Venezuelan children of this village to ensure they are fed once a day rather than once a week, but without your help and support this will soon end and they will have to revert to feeding the children once a week again. We have also recently come up with some great ideas of giving out seeds and showing people how to plant and grow their own fruit and vegetables, this will be rolled out next month hopefully.

Please kindly donate whatever you can to this cause. I am visiting Vera and the children in July, to help out further and see what progress is being made and I know that with your help, we can save a few lives, for the children of the future. You can follow the campaign’s progress and donate directly through our GoGetFunding page here.

You can read more about the current crisis in Venezuela here:…

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for any help you can offer this project, by sharing this post or by pledging an amount as small as €10 to feed one child for a month.

Danae Pirou






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