Going Back to Work after Having a Baby: When, Why and How?

Having a baby is one of the hardest and most special things in one’s life. Welcoming a newborn into the family makes everything so much different and gives your existence a new meaning. Suddenly, you’re not just you anymore, but also a mom, which means you’re responsible for someone else’s life as well. That’s the pressure and burden new moms have to deal with daily, which is why they need time to adapt to this new role. Therefore, extending maternity leave is quite normal and expected as returning back to work after having a baby can be quite challenging. Here are a few ways to deal with this transition and make it as smooth and natural as possible.

Take your time

First of all, you need to accept the new changes in your life. Besides having a baby and managing all the responsibilities that come with it, you’ve also probably found yourself in a new state of mind, unable to digest everything at once. And don’t forget – that’s quite all right! Take your time and process everything slowly and rationally. Learn how to take care of your newborn, how to dress and put them to sleep, but, on the other hand, don’t forget about yourself either. Make the most of your free time and try to do your daily work and chores while your baby’s asleep. Of course, having someone to help you in this process is vital, so learn how to trust your partner with more responsibilities and take time for yourself.

Relax and recuperate

Pregnancy is something completely different from everything you’ve experienced so far and it’s probably taken a toll on you, both mentally and physically. That’s why you need to relax and recuperate, especially if you’ve dealt with a painful or long labor. Your newborn will surely disrupt your sleeping pattern and make you exhausted, and you should find some time to relax and recharge your batteries. Only when you’re fully rested and awake can you function properly and take care of your baby, which is why you need to rest as much as possible. Again, a helpful partner you can rely on makes all the difference, so work out a schedule and get enough sleep.

Going back to work

Depending on your position, you may not have to come back to work for a full year after you’ve had a baby. Women at certain positions usually have the freedom to plan their comeback whenever they want, and this is an opportunity you should take. Moreover, if you’re self-employed or working part-time, you can also choose when you wish to come back to work, so take more time if you want to. Finally, no matter what your employers ask you to do, don’t go back to the office until you’re physically and emotionally ready for that step. Leaving their babies at home can be hard for some mothers and they need to approach this matter carefully.

Take a new turn

Being such a big event in your life, having a baby also gives you a chance to try something new and change careers. A number of women are forbidden to leave the house during pregnancy, which is why they spend their time reading, sleeping and binge-watching their favorite TV shows. However, others use this as an opportunity to explore something new and expand their horizons. They take online courses and try to learn about interior decorating and home improvement, only to find out they’re highly interested in this and wish to explore it further. That’s why some of them don’t return to their previous jobs, but look for a position in this exciting new field, realizing how life-changing their decision to take these courses turned out to be.

Transition and adaptation

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, your life becomes a roller coaster and there are constantly new things coming your way. In order to deal with them without stress, you have to plan ahead and learn how to adapt to changes. Going back to working after having a baby doesn’t have to be hard if you leave your newborn in your partner’s capable hands and find a job that you can do without feeling exhausted night after night.

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