Happy Breakfast

We’ve enjoyed coffee mornings, playdate afternoons and girls’ night out, so for last Wednesday’s Meet-a-Mum event on May 15th we thought we would try a breakfast date for a change. Good choice if I may say so myself!

As mums we are all early risers anyway, whether for the school run or for baby feeding, so it seemed a logical time to invite for a get-together and indeed, by mid-morning there were 9 ½ of us, plus 3 toddlers and 2 babies.

As always with these gatherings, the multicultural aspect was truly fantastic. Only in Cyprus can you get 5 nationalities in such a small group of people! The conversation was accordingly interesting, with life stories being told, experiences shared and parenting tips traded – plenty of those to go around, as between us we had 14 kids! It was great to see some familiar faces again and superb to meet new ones.

The venue was brilliant, we all liked the Milkbar very much. It was my first visit there and it will certainly not be the last. They have a yummy breakfast card with original dishes such as Eggs Benedicte and Smoked Salmon Bagel on their menu, and at very reasonable prices, too. There was enough space for the prams and pushchairs and the atmosphere, service and quality of food truly recommendable. Perfect for a meet up.

Check out this nice coffee set up, loved the small milk bottle!


Meet-a-Mum events will be coming to a town near you soon again, so let us know your venue suggestions 🙂


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