How I am NOT keeping sane with three kids

Hey mamas.

So in this week’s blog post I talk honestly about what life is like with three kids. A seven year old, a toddler and a baby. I would love to hear from you and your honest accounts about how parenting has pushed you to your limits. I’ve come to the conclusion that talking about everything, the good, the bad and the ugly can be very therapeutic.

much love


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  1. m1c17_4dm1n 1 year ago

    Eleni mas, I salute you – for your honesty, strength and stamina! Thank you for having the guts to say/write it as it is and for sharing your emotions with us. Enough of these ‘perfect parenting world’ Instagram, Pinterest and other social media posts that make so many new mums feel insecure, incompetent and inadequate.

    Whether we have one, two, three or even four children, there are times where we totally control our day, and there are times where the day totally controls us – that’s life.

    Hang in there, stay true to yourself and make sure you get some rest. I know it’s easier said than done, but please do try. I strongly believe that crying is a great coping mechanism and provides much-needed relief from built-up stress, but there is a limit to how much pressure we can take. I love that you are raising awareness about the fact that it’s not all rosy every day!

    As you correctly said, it’s a phase and will pass. Best wishes for all the patience you will need!! Big hug xx Carine

    1. georgies-mummy 1 year ago

      The perfect social media parenting life is exactly why I wrote this. More and more women are finding the strength to be honest about their take on parenting and motherhood and it’s so refreshing. I am lucky in that I have my little ‘village’ to help me along the way and whenever possible I do make sure I get some rest in whichever form that may come according to the day and circumstances. thank you carine for your lovely message and kind words. it means alot.

  2. m1c17_4dm1n 1 year ago

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