How to…dress when you’re pregnant

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! This is the beginning of a new journey, not just for you, but also for your fashion sense. A changing body doesn’t mean you can’t still follow the latest trends. There are no rules about what to wear during those 9 months, as long as you and your belly are comfortable!

Here are some tips to help you buy the right clothes during your pregnancy:


Shop in intervals – think about your changing wardrobe needs every couple of weeks, don’t get carried away wanting to buy the whole lot at the beginning of your pregnancy
Be patient – don’t buy expensive maternity jeans in your first trimester, you will be surprised at how big you and your belly will grow
Think big – it’s not just your bust and bump that get larger, bottoms, thighs, arms, ankles and feet expand, too
Love nature – cotton, linen, silk and viscose are best for everyday wear as they minimize hormone-induced hot flushes
Layer for leisure – combine comfy, large tank tops and vests with shirts you already own, you can keep those unbuttoned for a casual look
Smarten up – mix high street maternity items with more expensive special garments as it will enhance your style
Elongate – your trousers will make you look taller and slimmer if they reach down to the floor even when you are wearing your highest heels
Accessorise – a smart belt, bag, shoes and funky jewellery will enhance any look


Experiment – now is not the time to try something bold you have never gone for, think of your comfort zone in these hormonal times
Ruffle up – shirts with cuffs, wristbands or elastic gatherings on arms, hips or the waist are extremely unflattering
Be old fashioned – loose, tent-like shapes are not a maternity solutions as they will simply make you look bigger than you are
Multibutton – stay away from fussy fastenings on trousers, your weak bladder will be grateful
Be cheap – it will be worth investing in some decent key pieces such as jeans, tops and evening dresses
Be shy – this is the time to accentuate your gorgeous maternity curves and your changing breast will give you a décolleté to be proud of
Forget the lingerie – maternity underwear should be comfortable first, but also sexy. Mums are women too!
Miss out – you will feel more put together and fashionable if you indulge yourself a little and get a manicure, pedicure and a fabulous haircut


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