How to Raise Creative Geniuses

Why are some people creative geniuses? Are we born with it? Can creativity be taught?

The My Book Heroes team has written this Guest Blog to try to answer some of these questions…

These are some of the questions that led Dr. George Land and NASA to create a highly specialised test that measures creativity. The test was designed to challenge the participants ability to create new and innovative ideas to certain

The participants were 1.600 kids aged 4-5 years old and the results were… well… let’s use the word
“astounding” to describe it:

1. A staggering 98% of the participants ranked on the genius level in terms of creative

2. Five years later the same 1,600 kids were tested again but this time the percentage dropped
to 32% and to a 12% low when the same kids tested at age 15.

3. What followed was another test made on adults 25 + and which resulted to a low 2%.

It is important to note that the results were replicated more multiple times. The study confirms what we all suspected at least once in our lifetime: That our educational system suppresses creativity. But because reformations take time, the next best thing we can do as parents is to fill in this blank of our educational system and help our kids maintain and evolve their innate ability for creativity so they can
carry it with them into adulthood as well.

3 tips to raise creative kids

Understanding and Acceptance of a Simple but Important Fact

It all starts with understanding and acceptance that everything around us was invented and created by
other humans, that everything is susceptible to change or evolution and that every time it starts with an

What we as parents can do to help our kids understand and accept early on, is to show our kids that side
of life that school doesn’t; let your kids find inspiration where they feel engaged to. Let your kids know about the inventions, the ideas and the things you like and admire the most in the world- explain them your whys and don’t think twice to talk to them about the era, the civilisation or the people involved; then ask them to do the same with the world around them and make sure that they ask
you good questions – by doing this systematically through the years we are teaching our kids to think in
value while schools mostly teach us to learn and remember..

Nature or Nurture?

As Rimbaud placed it – ‘Genius is the recovery of childhood at will’

Creativity comes naturally with our birth and it needs to be developed and cultivated primary by our

But as the study of Dr. Land and NASA confirms, if we stop nurturing the creativity we were naturally born with, the creativity will most likely stop nurturing us before we even get into our adult lives. In other words the childhood of our children is a golden opportunity for us parents as well to nurture our innate creativity further and either give it a boost or wake it up.

What we can do as parents is to engage ourselves into consistent quality time with our kids where we all together need to think of alternative ways to make things happen! By placing our kids in new situations or new environments and circumstances where normal things must
be figured out in alternative ways and with equal parts of emphasis on inner monologue and on dialogue and collaboration (always under our wise and proactive supervision as adults and parents) we help BOTH the kids and ourselves to think in new creative ways which leads to the development of new pathways; or neuron connections in our brains and so we literally developing our creativity skills!
So yes, creativity is equal parts nature and nurture.

Create/Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s not as much about healthy eating and exercising (even though that scientifically both are equally and much needed to maintain or even enhance your mentality and so your ability to be creative) as it is about the emotional environment.
Here, the parent is the sole leader!

We need to embrace an environment where we judge less and we try to understand more. Everything around us and everything that happens or happened or will happen it only does so to be understood. No matter how you feel, focus and try not to let your reaction on the events of life be judging but a form of understanding instead. Judging is not nice in general and for a variety of reasons but it becomes dangerous when it comes to mentality and creativity because a habit and an attitude/atmosphere of judging creates the so called bias in the psycho-synthesis of the individual and bias is but a jail to the mind that won’t easily go away and won’t let creativity grow and flourish.

And last but not least, here at MyBook Heroes we know that reading books is a huge contributor to creativity! How can you use books to inspire further? Every time you read a book, go ahead and ask your children:

– What are some other alternative endings to our stories?
– What other ways could the Impossible Possible Team use to solve problems?
– What are some other great ideas for books?

Engage them and guide them to understand that their opinion matters and that everything in this world and change for the best!

We are the creators of our lives!

We owe it to ourselves to teach our kids ‘otherWise’

Join our incredible movement of remarkable books!

We deliver confidence to kids worldwide.

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