How To… reduce your plastic use, step 03: START A REVOLUTION!

Continuing with our series on how to reduce our everyday plastic use, we wanted to introduce the idea of… Starting a Revolution!

Plastic Attack!

We can pressure manufacturers and shops in to using less packaging by simply not buying foods and products with excessive packaging! Small movements around the world, like this one in Bristol, have started cropping up everywhere and people are taking a stand against excessive use of packaging in their local stores.

You could even consider organising your own “Plastic Attack” with your friends to demonstrate at your local shop to take more responsibility over how they package and sell their food:

What else can I do?

  • Invest in some reusable produce bags or make your own, like these ones here. You just need some net/tulle and basic sewing skills: they can be washed and reused for years.
  • Buy only loose fruit and veg. Better still, shop local from small farms and cooperatives at your district’s weekly farmer’s market – all areas in Cyprus have at least one per week if not more.
  • Until you buy/make your own produce bags, use the paper bags that most shops provide for loose lentils and pulses – these can be reused a number of times and paper can be recycled more easily.
  • Buy eggs that come in carton boxes… or reuse your plastic eggs cartons and shop at local stores/fruiterias/bio-shops and markets that sell loose eggs. You’ll probably find that these eggs are more likely to also be organic or free-range and taste a lot better as well!
  • Buy in bulk/refillable packages as much as you can. Seeds, nuts, dried pulses and beans can easily be bought this way and you can buy larger refills of toiletries and household cleaning products. You can consider switching over to washing powder that comes in cardboard packaging rather than liquid clothes wash… or go back to using good old soap bars rather than liquid soap at home!
  • Consider making your own toiletries and cleaning products! There are plenty of ideas online using Castile soap and readily available ingredients such as lemons, vinegar and baking soda.
  • Switch over to shampoo bars rather than bottles and see what a difference it makes – they last a lot longer as well as being better for your skin and hair.
  • Bu less ready-made food and take-aways… You’ll probably find that you’ll be eating alot healthier this way also!
  • Make a deal with your local Ψησταριά (cooking house) or favourite take-away to let you bring your own containers to fill with their food.
  • Make a conscious use to buy consumables that have minimal packaging; paper or cardboard packaging or at least packaging that can easily be recycled.

Next week, we’ll be choosing a plastic product that you can find an easy non-plastic or reusable alternative for…

Until then, think about how you can campaign for less packaging from shops that you buy from and online… We can vote with our feet and our wallets!

Let’s start a revolution and take back the control of what we buy and consume!


Please use these social media tags when sharing posts about reducing plastic use and help spread the word that change is needed.

It starts from home!

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