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Hi everyone!

If you’re a regular FB user you may have noticed that our favourite Social Media channel has changed its algorithms somewhat… Changes that are a positive move towards reconnecting you with your friends and family, by pushing personal posts over business pages, but ones that also change how often you’ll see our posts. That is, unless we are able or willing to pay to have each and every post boosted. That doesn’t feel very authentic to us – we’re really proud of each and every organic like we have achieved on our page but it also means that you are less likely to see all of our posts.

We know from your feedback and the views we’ve been getting on our page over the last year that you like the articles and news we post, along with the videos, the funnies and the competitions. Therefore, to ensure that you keep up to date with what’s happening in your local area and to keep you connected with the Mums in Cyprus community, you can do the following things:

You can make sure that you have “liked” and “followed” our FB page: and if you would like to see our posts in your newsfeed more often, you can add our page to your “see first” list on your FB settings. You can also “share” our posts to make sure that they get seen by your friends and family that may also find them interesting.

You can also connect with us on Twitter:

And on Instagram:

If you’re still using Google+, you can also find us on there:

We’ve also recently launched a Mums in Cyprus YouTube channel that you can subscribe to:

And most importantly, you can sign-up as a member of the Mums in Cyprus community over on our website (if you haven’t done so already) because, to be honest, that’s where all the really good stuff is. This includes a members-only zone with a Job Board, access to regular competitions and the opportunity to connect with other parents in your local area/language or special interest group, along with regular MiC Weekly Roundups straight to your inbox.

And last but not least, we’d love to get the chance to connect with each and every one of you personally on one of our Meet-a-Mum events; Mums2Be & Baby Day expos; our Children’s Flea Markets or by bumping in to at the supermarket/playground/football field… because, afterall, the Mums in Cyprus community is made for mums, by mums… it’s you, us and all the other fabulous mums and dads on this island that we call home.

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