I have a Crush on Candy

I have recently gotten myself a nice little tablet, nothing fancy shmancy, but great for being a bit more mobile with regards to business, social media, mails and MIC website updating etc.

No, I do not have a smartphone to do all that on. Screen too small.

And yes, I am old-fashioned, still believing that a phone is for phoning.

So, now that I have this tablet, the word ‘app’ has taken on a whole new meaning and I have discovered amazing apps to read news, apps to find interesting stuff online, and apps to organise myself and my time better. Great!

And then I discovered game apps…

Candy Crush anyone? This game is absolutely awesome! My guilty pleasure. I find myself almost addicted to this thing, needing my morning and evening fix of at least one or two levels. But (see above: old-fashioned) means that I do have a Facebook account (I don’t believe in their privacy settings) which would enable me to buy more lives or ask my friends for new lives, I do not get extra hammers or boosters stuff, with the result that after about 4 months, I am still only on level 56.

Sharing my new-found enthusiasm in a conversation the other day, someone sheepishly looked at me, admitting to her semi-addiction and saying she was on level 172.

Wow? Well, turns out that was nothing, as another conversation unveiled another addiction and admission: someone else has even made it to level 4hundredandsomething!!!

What is it with this game? Is it the super use of colours and the great font? It can’t be the music, I always turn it off, finding it rather repetitive. Is it the strategic thinking required? The feeling if achievement when we succeed to crack yet another level without the use of guns and not having to leave any dead bodies behind? Maybe.

I know for me it also provides some (oh, the overused term of) ‘me-time’. My head is filled with a gazillion things every day, often I find it hard to concentrate on a full length book in the short spare time that I do have, and Candy Crush is proving to be the perfect head-clearer remedy for 15 minutes.

So, how about you? Time to confess! Candy Crushers Anonymous, unite! I’d love to hear your views 🙂


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