Celebrated 50 days after Orthodox Easter, to mark the descent of the flaming Holy Spirit to the Apostles, Kataklysmos (a.k.a. The Day of the Holy Spirit and The Flood Festival) usually coincides with the time that Schools break for Summer and everyone heads to the beach!

As it often seems with a lot of religious festivals, this one is also believed to have its roots, at least in Cyprus, with an ancient festival in honour of Aproditi and Adonis. Even more fitting then to get those clothes off and have your first swim of the summer if you haven’t already!

The whole day revolving around water may have something to do with the purifying significance it has in most cultures and religions but if any of you know, please comment below… I’d be very interested to learn more about it!

Popular traditions mark Kataklysmos as the day to get wet – water bombs, water guns, beach games – whatever takes your fancy!

All towns have a Panayiri – a collection of stalls selling traditional foods (such as shoushoukos – palouze (thickened pressed grape juice) repeatedly dipped over almonds/walnuts and hung to dry in long sausage shaped sweets… Loukoumades (greek dough balls fried and dipped in sweet honey syrup)… Traditional baskets, tin ware and pottery… Games and a lot of stalls selling, if I am totally honest… tat. But the sweets are good – try them if you haven’t done so – Shoushoukos is a very nice sugar-free sweet that my kids love to snack on.

Larnaca holds the biggest of all the islandwide events, with a three day celebration involving concerts, poetry and dance performances, fireworks, the lot: Go to our Events Page for more information But each town celebrates Kataklymos in a different way.

Wherever you are, make sure to join in the fun and get wet! Even if a lot of us have no idea why we’re doing it!?! Have fun everybody!

Kat x

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