The MiC Testing Team

Product and/or Service Testers

Here at the Mums in Cyprus team we love to offer our endorsement to a product or service that we personally recommend or would use ourselves.

Over the past few years the local market has evolved considerably from the time when our own (and our regular testers’) children were little, and because time flies, we haven’t had a chance to try some of the fantastic Mum and Baby products and services that have since become available.

So, we thought, what better way to judge the best products on the market than to ask some new Mamas from our MiC community to test them out for us and share their opinions with the rest of our community!

Being a Product Tester for Mums in Cyprus means that you get to try and keep the products that you test and review and then honestly tell us what you think of them.

How do I join the MiC Testing Team?

We always have various Mum and Child products available for testing throughout the year and contact registered testers directly. To join our MiC Testing Team, you can register here.

We also put out a call out on our social media channels. Make sure to Like and Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for regular updates of Product Tester calls, our MiC Member Offers, and our Competitions.

To register as a MiC Tester, we ask for some basic details, like your age, age of your child(ren), city you live in and contact details. We use these details to judge suitable applicants to test & review a specific product for us.

For any Product Testing call, we have criteria that need to be fulfilled to best fit the product to be tested, i.e., specific age of child; pregnancy/nursing stage of mother etc. You will need to fill these criteria in order to test and review the product – everything else would not be fair product testing 🙂

What Products need testing?

Products for testing and reviewing are only ever those that we, the MiC Team, fully endorse. Please rest assured that product suitability and safety is taken in to account at all times.

What does a MiC Product Tester need to do?

After being selected, all you need to do is read and accept our Product Testing Terms and Conditions that we will send to you via email. You will then be sent the product to test and review. Simple! Doing a review is easy and not only are you helping the rest of the MiC community learn more about the best new and existing products available locally, you will also get to keep the product as a complimentary gift (provided you fulfill the terms and conditions we asked you to accept before testing the product for us).

This usually requires completing a simple feedback form via email, sending us some photos of the product in use, and you giving us permission to share your review publicly on our social media pages. We also ask that you share your review on your own social media pages, using the specific hashtags for that product/theme that we provide to you.

Although we would love for everyone to get the chance to test and review MiC-endorsed products and services, we cannot guarantee that you will all be selected – thanks for understanding!

When will I be chosen?

If you don’t hear from us after a specific call, unfortunately on this occasion you have not been selected but don’t worry, there will be other opportunities at a later date!

Remember, the MiC Testing Team is only open to MiC Members. If you are not a member of Mums in Cyprus, you can join now here.

To join our MiC Testing Team, please fill in this simple Registration Form to be put on our database of potential testers.

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