MiC Product of the Week: DOULTON® Ceramic Water Filters

You probably will have noticed us talking a lot about Karma Water recently in our newsletters and How To guides, such as this one here, about ensuring the water we are drinking is safe.

For this week’s MiC Product of the Week, we’d like to tell you more about Doulton® ceramic water filters, manufactured in the UK and stocked exclusively at Karma WaterShops across Cyprus.

Doulton® ceramic counter-top filters are long-lasting, a breeze to install and uninstall yourself and just as importantly, they are low-cost – making them an ideal water filtration solution for your home.

The Doulton® long-life ceramic filter candles are easy to clean, use and maintain and they have an anti-bacterial matrix integrated, which inhibits bacterial growth on the filter. Unique to Doulton® filter elements, a micro-biological sealing mechanism gives unrivalled protection and the activated carbon block is very effective at removing chlorine, parasites and contaminants from water.

Luckily for you, Karma Water is offering our members the chance to win TWO of these in our #WednesdayWin draw!

As an exclusive gift to MiC members, Karma Water is giving us:

– 1 HCS counter-top water filter Stainless Steel Housing Ceramic Doulton®*;

– 1 HCP counter-top water filter Plastic Housing Ceramic Doulton®*;

– plus, a third member has the chance to win a 40% discount voucher on their choice of either the Ceramic or the Stainless Steel Doulton® counter-top water filters*!!!

Go to our members-only #WednesdayWin section for more details on how to enter the draw… but do it quick; the competition closes on Wednesday 13th June and the winners will be drawn by the following day!


You can find these Doulton® ceramic filters in all of the Karma WaterShop branches across Cyprus.

You can find out more about Karma Water on their website (readable in Greek, English and Russian); their Facebook and Twitter pages.

They also have a useful blog with articles in all three languages: https://www.karmawatercy.com/blog


*DOULTON® Ceramic Water Filters require a simple DIY installation. Should you have any difficulties however, Karma Water is happy to send one of their technicians over to your house which would incur a small charge x


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