MiC’s Weekly Roundup #313!

NEWS: 5th Mums2Be & Baby Day on Sunday 29th October 2017!

5th Mums2Be & Baby Day

We’re now inviting applications for our 5th Mums2Be & Baby Day to be held at the Londa Hotel on Sunday 29th October! Do you run your own business, locally or from your home – selling products and/or providing services relevant to pregnant and new mums, babies or toddlers? Our event is the perfect place to advertise your company and make new contacts! Click here: http://bit.ly/2wTWij3 to complete your application form to request a table at our event. Deadline for applications is Friday 29th September and we will be confirming registrations by Monday 2nd October!


Penelope Magoulianiti

Penelope Magoulianiti has got a great Vlog, in English, over on the site for you today on why you don’t need to sacrifice your health and happiness for your To-Do List. Next week in this series, the same video in Greek will be published for our Greek-speakers! http://bit.ly/2xYVtUT

Georgie’s Mummy has some useful tips on lunchbox containers for your little ones and offers some links to places where you can buy them locally: http://bit.ly/2gWvIwB

Tracey's Blog

Tracey has written a fab blog on “Getting your kids to help you around the house” – it’s never too late (or early) to start! http://bit.ly/2fdyg9L

If you missed it last week, check out MAM Baby’s informative article on: Learning to Eat – Baby’s First Foods – http://bit.ly/2w69uxO


The Cyprus Samaritans have announced that the training for the Listening Volunteers for this season will be starting on Saturday 7th October for four consecutive Sundays (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th October 2017) at their premises, in Limassol and Paphos, depending on the number of participants. The training is FREE and will start at around 9:15am and finish in the afternoon. Tea and coffee will be provided but you’ll have to bring your own lunch.

Should you be interested, contact cherry@logosnet.cy.net and please tell them that you heard of this training via CIWOT/Mums in Cyprus. 

CIWOT stands for Cyprus International Women of Today and is a charitable organization that has three main purposes: Community Service, Personal Growth and Friendship. Find out more about CIWOT on their website: http://ciwot.org/


Polemidia Conversation Club

Are you new to the island? Or have lived here for a while but it’s still “all Greek to you”? If you’re ready to give it a go, as a beginner or to improve your already existing skills, then come join us at the POLEMIDIA CONVERSATION CLUB! We offer more than just Greek lessons – we have grown into a community, where you can also socialize, network and make new friends. And your little ones are welcome too!

Lessons begin September 11th but you can join anytime. Our new beginner group will start at the end of September. Sign up now! Click here for more info: http://bit.ly/2vZAKTx


Member Forum

Alex in Nicosia is wondering if there are any German speaking playgroups in Nicosia for two-year olds, as the Goethe Institute only runs them for three years olds and upwards: http://bit.ly/2xf8LOZ

Stefy in Limassol is still having a hard time working out the difference in prices between different kindergartens and would like some recommendations. If you can offer her some help, please click here: http://bit.ly/2wIufkA


A warm welcome to newly joined member Susie. Drop by and say ‘hi’: http://bit.ly/Xr2uJ8

See you online… it’s where we all get together!

Kali evdomada,

Carine and Kat x

Penelope Magoulianiti


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