MiC’s Weekly Roundup #333! February 20, 2018


We hope you all enjoyed the final Carnival celebrations this weekend and had a nice ‘Clean Monday’ yesterday? The countdown to Easter is now on… and the welcome start of Spring! Make sure to make the most of the good weather in February and March, before it starts getting hot again in the lead-up to Summer!


MiC is so proud to support this upcoming Young Adults’ Conference (YAC) on the weekend of the 24th and 25th March. A first of its kind in Cyprus – the YAC has been created to give young adults an opportunity to learn new assets, nurture those they already have and enable them to flourish during their transition through adolescence.

This will be an annual event in Cyprus, with follow-up mentorship opportunities throughout the year for participating young adults. If you have a 13-18 year old, click here: http://cyprusyac.com/ to find out more about this amazing initiative. Registrations are now open; your teenager can apply online on the website: http://cyprusyac.com/application/

Want to sponsor this event? Yes? Then you can find out more here: http://cyprusyac.com/become-a-sponsor/

TOP TIPS on… how to set up your own business #3

Carine’s Top Tip #3 in Greek – “Προσδιορίστε τον πελάτη σας, προσαρμόστε τις προσπάθειες μάρκετινγκ ανάλογα” is now up on the site and you can find it here: http://bit.ly/HowToSetUpYourOwnBusiness-TopTip3-Greek

You can find the rest of the series in the “How To” section of “Guides” in our MiC Magazine: http://bit.ly/MiCHowTo


Penelope is back with another of her popular Video Blogs: Do you allow your past to define your life today? You can watch it online here: http://bit.ly/JugglersTaskList-VideoBlog6


We’d like to extend a heartfelt Congratulations to longstanding MiC member and contributior Eleni from the “Georgie’s Mummy” blog. She gave birth to her third son on Valentine’s Day last week! Welcome to the world little one and well done Eleni!

Last week, before giving birth, Eleni uploaded a new blog post with the low-down on what gifts new mamas and their babies really want! http://bit.ly/2okib5N



Calling all budding actors aged 8 to 11 years old! Greenroom Casting has asked us for help in looking for boys or girls to star in a toy advert. A small fee will be paid for their time. Email: info@greenroom.com.cy for more information.


Welcoming new member Eric to the MiC community! Eric and his wife would like to set up a group with other pregnant Mums/couples in the Limassol area to go through their pregnancy/parental leaves together – by meeting up on weekly/monthly basis to bond, talk and let the kids play together as they grow. Connect with them here: http://bit.ly/MothersGroup-Limassol


A warm welcome to newly joined members Ellie3007, RitastaHjd28, Julisa and Christiana10. Drop by and say “Hi”.

Also welcoming Ellie3007 to the Nicosia Mums, Moving to Cyprus and the Korean Speaking Mums Groups. Ritasta also joined the Nicosia Mums and the English Speaking Mums Groups.

Do you want to connect with other Mums in your local area? Then click here: http://bit.ly/MiCGroups to join one of our 53 town/language/special interest groups for free!

See you online… it’s where we all get together!

Kali evdomada!

Carine and Kat x



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