MiC’s Weekly Roundup #340! On Summer, Stress Relief and Something Special 🔆🎁

Welcome back to school!

Who’s more happy about the return to routine… children or parents? 🙂

We hope you had a wonderful break and look forward to bringing you all the exciting and new, fun stuff that’s happening right here at MiC and across the island.

In this week’s MiC Roundup which you can find online here, we have a selection of the hottest events coming up this week; a call for entries to this year’s Summer 2018 promotional guide; a sneak-peak to our MiC Marketplace – coming soon!; and our latest MiC Product of the Week and #WednesdayWin competition from MAM Baby. Read it all here.

You can find the latest issues of our MiC Magazine in our archive here.

See you online… it’s where we all get together!

Kali evdomada!

Carine and Kat x


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