MiC’s Weekly Roundup #341! On Drinking Clean, Being Green and Screen Free! 💧🌳 🌿

Good morning all!

In this week’s roundup you can find out more about:

Screen Free Week Cyprus – a celebration encouraging families to unplug from ENTERTAINMENT screens and explore ways to spend time together;

LOTS of green events this week – from Dragon Boating for girls and women to an island wide clean-up and Cyprus’ first ever GreenFest… see our choice of the hottest three events coming up this week;

Penelope’s latest Juggler’s Tip #7 in Greek: «Αφησε το περπάτημα τη συνήθεια που σε βοηθά να απαλλαγείς από το στρές, όχι το φαγητό!»

Our latest #WednesdayWin from MAM Baby – don’t miss out – get your entries in to the draw before this Wednesday 25th;

and more…

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You can find past issues of our MiC Magazine in our archive here.

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Kali evdomada!

Carine and Kat x


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