MiC’s Weekly Roundup #348! On the Underwear Rule and Starting a Revolution 🎽 🔜

Feeling revolutionary? Great! You’re reading the right newsletter. Especially if you’re feeling lucky, too 🙂 And what’s that about the big school break being only days away? You have no idea what to do with your kids? No worries! You’re definitely reading the right newsletter! Here’s that link to our latest summer guide edition in the FULL WEEKLY ROUNDUP ONLINE  >> HERE. Enjoy! 

Let’s start a revolution! Continuing with our series, we’d like to encourage you to revolutionise your buying habits and campaign for less packaging by voting with your wallets. How? Take a look here >>


Last chance to win! Just a few days left to enter our latest #WednesdayWin draw for one of these *FAB* counter-top DOULTON® Ceramic Water Filters! The draw closes this Wednesday 13 at 17:00!


Nipples for bottles? All your questions answered on the best ways to clean and sterilise your baby feeding equipment! Read more about it in this and other “How To” guides from MAM Baby here >>


#TalkPants About one in five children falls victim to abuse. You can help prevent this happening to your child. Teach your child the underwear rule>>


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Kali evdomada!

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