Mother’s Day Edition – Essential Health and Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Every year, the second Sunday of May is reserved for raising awareness of incredible achievements of moms around the world. Some families even commemorate the occasion by giving gifts to their moms and mother figures, or collecting donations for research in the fields of female-related illnesses like breast cancer. And although this day represents wonderful appreciation of everything motherhood involves and stands for, every mom deserves to take excellent care of herself any day of the week. Being a mom will always be an integral part of your identity, but including self-care as an essential segment of your life will contribute to your family life and help you become an even more nurturing, caring woman. Here are a few ideas on how you can take better care of yourself, stay in good shape and safeguard your health. 

Every sip matters

Since parenthood never allows for a day off, you most likely don’t pay attention to how much water you drink every day. Keep a bottle full of water close by, so that you don’t forget to take a sip every now and then. Dehydration can lead to headaches and low energy levels, and it can impact your immune system, so it’s crucial to always drink plenty of water.

Plan your nutrition

Just like you spend hours preparing healthy home-cooked meals for your family and reminding everyone to eat their fruits and veggies, don’t forget to include all the essential vitamins and minerals in your own diet. If you do not have enough time for daily meal prepping, you can use weekends to spend a few extra hours making several days’ worth of nutritious lunches and shopping at your local market for fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure a versatile diet.

Practice mindfulness

It might seem like you already have enough on your plate, and that another activity can only disrupt your life, but even as little as ten minutes a day of mindful meditation or simple breathing exercises can soothe your mind. In time, you will become able to calm your rushing thoughts, increase your focus and productivity, and it will help you have a balanced, positive outlook on life.

Ditch the processed sugar

In addition to lean protein and healthy fats, carbs are the third macronutrient essential to your diet, and the single most important source of energy for your body. Our meals need to contain plenty of healthy carbs to sustain daily physical and mental challenges. However, reaching for a candy bar full of processed sugars will make your blood sugar levels skyrocket and quickly plummet, giving you a boost of short-lived energy and wreaking havoc on your health. Instead, grab an orange, a banana or a few carrot sticks, and your body will greatly appreciate it.

Get moving

Just like you encourage your kids to stay active and practice sports, why not lead by example? If you don’t have the time to go to a gym, a practical way to incorporate regular exercise into your routine is to work out at home. available exercise machines online, you can take your pick and ensure several powerful cardio sessions that will keep you fit, increase your strength and help you stay resilient to illness and injury. And don’t be surprised if your kids follow your lead and start exercising with you from time to time!

Get regular check-ups

You might feel incredibly healthy, follow all of the abovementioned advice and handle your responsibilities masterfully, but your body can still suffer due to all the physical and psychological stress. As a mom, you probably take your kids to the dentist all the time and have their blood work done at least once a year. Your body needs the same amount of care, so make sure to follow through with those yearly visits to your gynecologist, dentist and your family doctor. If you can’t keep track of all those appointments, it’s high time you got that planner and posted reminders on the fridge every now and then.

Supplement with care

Moms that spend most of their days with their kids, working and taking care of their homes sometimes forget to stick to their diet plan. In those situations, it’s useful to have a prepared protein shake or a multivitamin smoothie to replenish your body. While regular workouts and a healthy nutrition plan will likely be more than enough to keep your body strong and vital, you can sometimes benefit from a vitamin or a mineral supplement that you find difficult to include in your regular diet. Of course, it’s best to consult a professional before you make that decision on your own.

As simple as it may seem, self-care is an acquired set of skills and habits that every mom should nurture and cherish. Tend to your own needs, love yourself, take good care of your health, and you will become an even better role model to your kids, and a shining example of why we celebrate Mother’s Day with so much pride and joy.

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