Why we need to tell out kids about tricky people and not strangers

Hey mamas.

Today on the blog I’ve posted an article on stranger danger…and how we’re not doing it right. What we should be telling our kids instead is about tricky people.

Read all about it on the blog and please let me know what you think. Comment on the blog, here or on FB.

Peace and love

eleni x

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  1. kat206 1 year ago

    Thanks Eleni for this great article. It’s a topic that I’ve struggled with a lot in my parenting – finding the right balance between instilling a healthy fear in my kids vs going too far and making them fearful of every adult they meet! This article covers some really good ground: in explaining to kids that danger can just as easily come from people that they know, or from charming and ‘nice’ strangers – and how important it is for them to be aware of the rights/wrong way of any adult interacting with them, through teaching them body awareness etc. Thanks a lot… am going to put some of this in to practice later with another chat to my kids! 🙂 x

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