On Menstrual Cups and Being a Mum

One of the facts of life is that our bodies change as we get older, and when we become a mum, some of those changes can be in-your-face uncomfortable. Menstruation is no exception. Having a baby transforms your life in so many ways, and that includes the way you deal with your period.

For every mother, the postpartum menstrual experience can be different. And not too long after the delivery, many mums are surprised to find that their go-to feminine hygiene products now cause them pain or discomfort, or they just don’t work as well as they used to.

Some mothers discover that their traditional tools of the trade, while they technically still work and are not uncomfortable, are simply no longer appealing. Something about using a product laced with dozens of harmful toxins, including dioxins, pesticides, insecticides and known carcinogens, no longer feels right after going through the life-changing experience of bringing a new soul into the world.

So how do you get the job done effectively, comfortably, and naturally each month, especially post-birth?

How about giving the menstrual cup a try?

By now, you’ve probably heard about these alternative feminine hygiene products. After all, it’s 2019, and even big brand names like Tampax have jumped into the fray.

Many new menstrual cup users find them more comfortable and hygienic than the disposable options – the traditional tampons and pads. Period cups are particularly enjoyed by those with a heavy flow as the capacity of a cup can be of more than four regular absorbency tampons. Many users can actually go on a full working day without needing to empty their period cup.

So why are menstrual cups gaining so much popularity?

Convenience and Comfort

While these might look big, especially when compared to a tampon, you will be surprised to find that once you’ve got the hang of the insertion and removal, the level of comfort is fantastic!

While many tampons users feel the tampon at every move, these little period cups are harder to feel once inside the body. Many menstrual cup brands recommend placing the cup in a visible place of the bathroom at the end of the cycle, because it is indeed so comfortable that there have been cases with people forgetting to remove the cup once their period ended. Take that, tampons…

Plus, because these cups are made of silicon, they can easily be folded in various ways, which gives you many options for smooth insertion. Just be prepared to give it some time before you get the hang of it.

Once inside the body, the period cup can be worn continuously for many hours, during the day as well as the night. Leaking also hasn’t been an issue, which is a big plus if you are running after a feisty toddler, and since they don’t actually absorb your flow they don’t leave you feeling dried out, either.

A Much Healthier Alternative 

Commercial hygiene products in Europe are not regulated, and that’s a bit scary given that we’re putting them inside or next to such a delicate part of our bodies. Aside from the known toxins found in traditional feminine hygiene products, tampons in particular often leave behind fibres which can cause severe allergies in some of us.

Menstrual cups, on the other hand, are generally made of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone that can be easily sterilized with boiling hot water.

Better for the Environment

Over the past few years, we have really come to a higher level of eco-awareness here in Cyprus, and that’s a good thing. Every day that goes by, it seems like more companies and individuals are embracing the importance of caring for the environment. If you are looking for ways to cut down on plastic waste, then here is one. Replacing your disposables with reusables is an easy way to contribute to a cleaner country and a cleaner world.

Better for the Wallet

The average woman uses about 12,000 to 17,000 tampons and pads throughout her life. I’m not going to do the math, but that adds up to a lot of money each year. Given that a menstrual cup is reusable for long years, you’d only need about 4 or 5 cups in a lifetime to keep your menstruation under control. Just like that, you have one less thing to think about, and you can save some money, too.

Buy a Menstrual Cup in Cyprus

And the big news is…. that we finally have a proper menstrual cup based right here in Cyprus.  The Green Rays Cup comes in 3 sizes aiming to fit every individual situation.

Bonus: this product comes in a discreet organic cotton storage pouch that you can take along without the packaging screaming, “period product onboard!”

If you want to find out more about the Green Rays Cup head over to their website, and if you are ready to take the plunge, you can find it in stores across the island.

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