The real deal

Once in a while you experience true customer service – the kind of service with a difference. Service with whistles and bells. Service with true added value. Unforgettable service.

I came across it once before here in Cyprus and yesterday, I finally found it again. And funny enough, just 200m down the road from the first one.

After my recent ‘don’t sneeze and drive’ episode I obviously needed some TLC for my damaged rim and flat tyre. I chose our neighbourhood tyre repair service shop and was met with smiles, friendliness and helpfulness galore. After determining that neither rim nor tyre were salvageable (yes, outch!) they searched high and low to get me a replacement rim, but in the end we had to order the spare part in.

Once it arrived though, not only had I enjoyed the continuous use of my car thanks to the provisional spare wheel lent to me for an entire week, but they installed the new rim right away, mounted a second hand tyre (in mint condition may I add) and only wanted to charge me €10 for everything! Of course I had already paid dearly for the spare part at the supplier separately, but still, only €10 was really not a lot.

When I mentioned that I appreciated their service and honest price policy, especially considering that I was a female customer – usually prime rip-off-targets at most mechanics’ – the manager rightly answered that in these difficult times the only way to survive was to offer decent, honest customer service. He informed me about their new call-out repair service, meaning if you have a flat somewhere in Limassol during opening hours you can call them and they come to you, either with a spare, or to temporarily repair your damaged one on the spot, or to simply assist you with changing your tyre. For sure faster than waiting for your contracted road assistance (if you have one). So there you go: my recommendation and thumbs up to Dionysios & Andreas Auto Tyres Services Ltd on Agia Fylaxeos Str. He’s even on YouTube!

And no, he did not pay me for the endorsement, here at MiC we just looove great service. There have been enough negatives said about our little island, we should put the spotlight on positives too 🙂 

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