The Return of the Blogging Mojo

Welcome back, dear Reader, to Diary of a Cyprus Mum! Yes, it has been a while since my last blog post, and so much has happened since then – good and bad.

Let’s just say that Life Happened.

Fast forward to 2017 and last month, one fine morning, it hit me. Out of nowhere, clearer than ever before: I had to reclaim my long-lost blogging mojo. After being stuck somewhere between good intentions and actually doing something about it, it kind-of fell from the sky yesterday in form of a(nother) flat tyre.

Okay, so the tyre and the mojo didn’t really fall from the sky, but it was so blaringly obvious that I had no choice. This was it, the blog post trigger I had been waiting for.

Some of you may remember that I am a flat magnet, and as my car is a (very loyal, wonderful) 7 seater, it has no spare tyre (genius car design, right?)…you can imagine the hassle:

4 wheels – 1 wheel x 0 spare = tow truck.

Rewind to yesterday, picture the scene: I drive to Paphos airport with our two boys to pick up my in-laws. We park in the parking lot, get out of the car and hear the hisssssssssing sound. Unmistakable and very observable: the air exiting the front right tyre, courtesy of a huge nail sticking out. Of course, the one nail in the entire Paphos airport had found MY car.

Some of you may remember that I don’t really believe in coincidences and tadaaaa: two of my husband’s friend just happen to be on the same flight, walking out of the arrival gate just as I am welcoming my in-laws, scratching my brain, trying to find a solution to the challenge that had presented itself to me on this lovely Sunday noon.

To cut a long story short, my parents in-law hitch a ride in one friend’s car, while my kids hop into the back seat of the other friend’s car. I mean seriously, dear Reader, coincidence or what?

I go back to the parking lot, drive the car out of the parking area and into the road (can you hear the flop, flop, badop, bladaplop?), turn on the hazard lights, open my door and start reading the newspaper I’d picked up, ready to wait for my friends from Rescueline.

In the 45 minutes that I am there at least 50 cars pass me by. Do you think anyone stops to see if I need help? Bingo! Exactly one car! And yes, it is a good looking guy!! I mean seriously, dear Reader, coincidence or what?

Ok, jokes aside, I reassure him that help is on its way (what a shame) and go back to reading. Rescueline arrives, and guess what? We know each other from my last flat!! Car strapped onto his pick up platform, me strapped into the front seat in the driver’s cabin, and off we go direction Limassol.

Anyway, all is back in order now, tyre fixed, car happy, in-laws happy and me happy.

Welcome back, dear Reader, to Diary of a Cyprus Mum!

p.s. Fingers crossed it won’t be a while before the next post 🙂



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