The tooth that fairy forgot

Yesterday evening our son lost his second upper front tooth. He is now sporting a brand new gaping double hole in his luminous smile that fits three straws at once (yes, we tested it!)

Before going to sleep he meticulously placed the lost tooth under his pillow in preparation for the tooth fairy, firm in his belief that she would know to pass by his bed on her busy night schedule. She has always been so efficient in the past, and all his earnings are collected in a specially designated piggy bank.

This morning he woke to lift the pillow and oh shock and horror, no coins! I immediately broke out in a cold sweat from the feelings of guilt. How could we have forgotten to tell the tooth fairy? My mind was racing: she must have been so busy, she will come later this morning, maybe she didn’t find the house this time, maybe she ran out of coins? Our son‘s disappointment was monumental.

We needed to fix this major mishap grigora grigora, and we needed to keep it real. The toothfairy is still expected for her initial visit to our second son’s pillow in the coming months, and the last thing we wanted is to have two disappointed little boys losing their faith in her magic.

Well, my husband saved the day. He shortly left the room, only to return announcing he would check under the bed to see if the coins had fallen behind the headboard. What a great idea! And oh what a surprise! They had fallen! There were the coins in his hand, safely retrieved from under a pair of shorts that was also found under the bed. Phew.

Silly toothfairy, you better be more careful next time!

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