The water cat

Who said cats don’t like water? Our Jerry has recently developed a bizarre obsession for water in all its forms even though she has been in our family for a little over a year now and never showed any signs of that before.

When we flush a toilet she appears out of nowhere, props her paws on the seat and puts her head into the bowl and under the rim in order to investigate where the water comes from. Really. Almost every time. She even walks along the seat, occasionally squatting, and we are expecting her to use the toilet instead of her litter box any day now.

Washing up has become an interesting activity, too. She darts onto the sink, positions herself next to the me and tries to get her paws and face involved in the wetting process. I have tried to try to give her the sponge in case she wanted to clean the dishes in my place, but have not yet succeeded at that.

The boys’ bath time is another attraction for Jerry, much to the joy of both our sons. This cat can move mountains of soap bubbles with her paws from left to right, always managing to miraculously keep her balance on the narrow side of the tub. Amazing.

Lucky us though, she actually still dislikes being water sprayed from our cat-deterrent-weapon-of-choice, the spray bottle. It comes into force when Jerry thinks she needs to join us for meals at our table or go for a walk on our bookshelves.

Will it last though? At the rate she’s changing, she may bring us the bottle for a refreshing spritz soon!

Stay tuned.

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