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What does a day entail?

Do you really want me to drag you through that?

About the time you think you will get to sit down, you may notice that one of your children wiped their dirty hands on the couch, or a pile of ants have appeared under the sink, or the laundry buzzer goes off, or all three at once.

Maybe you’re glad to finally be home after a three-hour play gym session of NOISE NOISE NOISE. You deserve to relax. After what you’ve endured, you should finally be able to put your feet up.

Walking through the door gives a sense of relief, until you realize the little one’s diaper needs changing. The other one calls you from the toilet also needing your assistance.

Your brain is going very fast prioritizing who to help first, how to get the milk from the car, and how to feed and bath them before bed. And it’s already nearly bed time.

And what about that sitting down part? After the urgent tasks are done, the little one is on the loose creating more and more work for you. You must get cartoons on ASAP, so you can at least get the groceries inside.

Finally, both kids are content, but then you remember that they didn’t drink enough water the whole afternoon and they were playing HARD. Get them water, then bring in the groceries.

Maybe this is your chance to relax, but they didn’t eat their chicken nuggets earlier. Should have gone with the pizza. Or maybe just leave it tonight? You imagine them waking up asking for a bowl of cereal, and so you turn on the oven, and begin to cut some fruit to get SOME vitamins into their growing bodies.

Sitting down is feeling far away, but getting closer. Going to skip the bath tonight. Tummies full, teeth brushed, stories read, and now they are fast asleep, which is the pay off you deserve for wearing them out.

And NOW you finally get to sit down. Your tummy growls and it’s time to feed yourself, and you decide to just skip it and go for the wine.


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