Time to say goodbye!

By MiC Carine
Time to say goodbye

Dear fellow Mums in Cyprus,

Hopefully you and your families have been keeping physically and mentally healthy despite the pandemic, various lockdowns, and the seemingly never-ending rollercoaster of emotions this coronavirus has taken us on.

Depending on circumstances, attitude and choices in life, these past 17 months have been unsettling, very scary, and extremely difficult for some. For others, this involuntary departure out of our comfort zones has had a wonderful, most liberating, and highly inspirational impact.

Here at Mums in Cyprus’ home we’ve also been evaluating our priorities, but not because of the pandemic.

A little over 11 years have passed since I first started MiC in January 2010 around my blog ‘Diary of a Cyprus Mum’, and up until the end of 2019 the website and its social media platforms were an integral part of my life.

Created at a time when Cyprus’ internet was still in its infancy and Facebook wasn’t even a thing here, our platform was truly a lifeline for hundreds of first-time mums seeking much needed advice on anything and everything related to birth, babies and parenting on our little island.

Our community flourished online and offline, and personal friendships formed among our members. The annual, much-anticipated, Mums2Be & Baby Day expo event was held every October at the Londa Hotel here in Limassol, and professional connections were made.

Those very fulfilling and most enriching years were possible because of YOUR enthusiasm, engagement, and love for Mums in Cyprus, and I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you for that!

Words can hardly express my deep appreciation to my fellow MiCster Kat Mackay, who joined me as Content Manager along the way. In the three years we spent together at the helm we redesigned the website, added a Marketplace, expanded the social media platforms, involved third-party contributors and managed successful marketing campaigns for our clients. Collaborating with Kat was wonderful and I will always cherish the deep friendship that grew from it.

Looking back to the beginning, my children were 3 and 4 years old when I started MiC, so I had a personal motivation, interest and involvement at the time. I had answers to find during my new journey through motherhood, which led me to creating the site in the first place. There were stories to tell and knowledge to share.

Fast forward 11 years and now that my boys have grown into wonderful teenagers, I feel disconnected from the needs of new mums. Cyprus has changed a lot, times have changed even more, and I no longer have the inside scoop on the latest advice books to read, amazing products to buy, fantastic places to go with your babies and wonderful things to do with your toddlers.

My interests shifted, and throughout 2019 I found myself wanting to spend my time building a more sustainable business. Something that would enable me to continue using my skillset and take me away from sitting at a computer. Something that I could see myself still doing 10 years from now, and allow me to continue to add brightness to people’s lives.

I am so happy to say that I found it in my new venture 'Floral Image Cyprus', a flower subscription service for businesses and homes. A large collection of incredibly real-looking, life-like flower arrangements that can be rented on a monthly basis, so that the beauty of a vase of flowers can be enjoyed beyond the average 3-5 day lifespan. Refreshed monthly, there’s no water, no maintenance, no hassle. Let me know if you’re interested, I will gladly drop by and present our flowers!

Since launching in March 2020 – exactly one week prior to the first lockdown (yes, bad timing!) – it has been an amazing adventure, and despite the circumstances, thankfully also quite a success.

I now love my days among flowers, enjoying the client contact and having a great time adding colour and happiness to hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms and every business and home joining Floral Image.

And so the time has come to say goodbye to 'Mums in Cyprus' …as much as I hate to admit it!

It has been an absolute pleasure to see how many various online community creations we have inspired along the way. There are now online specialist groups for specific baby related topics, parenting networks in every town and countless offline playgroup meetings. I wish every single one of these groups all the best!

With the goodbye comes a choice: close down the site, the social media channels and ultimately the brand too, or hand the baton over to one of you lovely readers? Should you, or someone you know, be interested in obtaining the Mums in Cyprus and Mums2Be & Baby Day rights, logos, website and/or social media platforms, please get in touch. It would be a shame to just switch it all off.

On a personal note, and glancing back to the start of this post, whatever the emotions and experiences you’re going through since March 2020, I truly wish you all the best.

Thank you for being part of Mums in Cyprus over the years!

Much love, Carine xx