Greek Kids Club

For children 6-10 years 
We invite all children who want to improve their Greek language skills to join our Greek Kids Club!

Children at English-speaking schools often need more practice in spoken Greek to apply what they learn in class and to really integrate within different Cypriot communities – whether they are learning it as a foreign language or as a native speaker.
They need a place where they can build confidence in using age-appropriate language and learn more everyday vocabulary. 
Our goal is to help primary school students develop their Greek conversation and general comprehension abilities. Our sessions are centered around:

  • interactive group activities
  • individual homework help
  • exploration of topics that are of specific interest to the children

Each session is 1.15 hours and depending on the needs with homework, we will always have at least 30 minutes of “fun time” where only Greek is spoken. For example with board games, reading stories, role plays, outdoor games etc. 

____________________________________________Children will improve their Greek skills by connecting with the language in a peer environment and learning in a relaxed educational setting. 

Our Teacher
Our Greek teacher, Rena Georgiou, will be leading the Greek Kids Club. She has been with the Polemidia Conversation Club since 2014 and has a lot of experience teaching and tutoring children of all ages in Greek language.  

Day & Time
Tuesday 3:30-4:45 p.m.

40 EUR/month (30 EUR for siblings)

Contact Kerstin at 99115214


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