Top Tips on…how to set up your own business #2

#2 Determine your niche, check out the competition.

Thinking about selling ice cubes, but there are already two other companies offering them? Then find out all you can about these companies and decide whether their ice cubes are any good. How is their service, do they sell online, or do they have a shop in town? Do they offer take away and/or delivery?
There will always be competitors around. Whatever they do, do it better!

Find your niche. Answer a specific need that is out there and answer it. If no one else is offering what you are selling, and your business idea is truly great, you will be copied. Remember, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, however you need to make sure that you always remain ahead of everyone else.
To be successful in what you want to do, make your product or service unique and offer the best possible service.

How about ice cubes made from coffee?

Think different. Don’t be another fish in the ocean.

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